How to Find War Robots Cheats and Hack that Works?

War Robots, previously known as Walking War Robots, is another popular MMO game available at Google Play. It was released in 2014 by a Russian game developer team Pixonic and became quite popular due to its exciting PvP type of battle. As most of the popular phone games, War Robots has an in-game currency that allows players to purchase new war machines, upgrades and much more.

As you progress in this game, you’ll get rewards in gold and silver. After each battle, you’re rewarded with a decent amount of resources, and this is a well-known fact. What is less familiar, is that there are much easier ways of earning gold and silver in War Robots.

Why do You Need Cheats for War Robots?

War Robots has become quite popular from the time it was released, and it’s all because it’s unique style of gameplay. Players battle each other in team-based combat. Acquiring resources, just like in any similar game, is the main goal here. The amount of resources that players get after each battle is determined by how much they contributed to achieving victory. Everything counts here, including the damage done, damage received, captured points, etc.

War Robots gold shop

There are many factors that determine how much gold or silver you’ll get after a battle. However, there’s a method to earn resources without spending hours on battling players online. With War Robot cheats, you’ll be able to get as many resources as you want. But that’s not all. You’ll also unlock access to premium upgrades, new war machines and much more. So if you’re still wondering why you need cheats, simply look at your progress now and the amount of resources you’ve acquired so far.

About War Robots Hack Tool

War Robots allows you to purchase in-game currency as well. As gold and silver are main resources that dictate which gear you’ll have and how well your war machine will perform in battle, you can spend hundreds of dollars purchasing in-game currency. But why would you spend real money when you can use hack tool? By using War Robots hack tool, you’ll have access to unlimited resources and elevate your game without spending a dime.


Let’s face it; you will need more and more gold as you upgrade each tier of upgrades. Knowing this, you can assume that once you start spending money on buying these upgrades, there’s a pretty decent chance that you won’t know when to stop. Luckily you won’t have to worry about getting lured into purchasing in-game resources when there’s a perfectly functioning hack tool. It’s incredibly easy to use, and by what their clients have to say, generating gold was never easier with any other software of this sort.

Features are the best guarantee of how well a hack tool performs. And with so many features and satisfied clients, War Robots hack tool can easily be recognized as one of the best hack tools for this game. So what is it that makes this particular hack tool stand out among others?

Online Based

War Robots hack tool is completely online based software. This means that you won’t need to download or install anything. Everything is performed on the spot. It’s incredibly easy to use as all you need to do is visit their website and follow the steps.


Developers of this hack tool made sure that it’s safe to use and that the user’s data is secured. The fact that it doesn’t require any download or installments of additional software guarantees that it’s 100 % safe to use and that your data is secured.


You’d be surprised how fast War Robots hack tool is at providing in-game resources to its users. Due to its unique responsive web design, this hack tool is able of generating thousands of in-game cheats and resources per minute. This allows you to have a quick and easy access to cheats and hacks.


Because each cheat code is unique, the developing team made sure that this software’s database is frequently updated. This means that whenever a user acquires a cheat code, software’s database is renewed almost instantly. It also guarantees that your code will be completely valid and ready to use once you’ve acquired it.

Watch How To Get Free Gold & Silver

About The Game

War Robots was developed and released by Pixonic, a Russian game developing team with headquarters in Moscow. The game was first released in April 14, 2014, for Android and iOS devices. It became surprisingly popular due to its simple yet immersive gameplay. But what is it about this game that attracts thousands of players to battle each other in their war machines?

It’s a simple match based MMO game in which progression is achievable only by battling and defeating other players in the arena. It sounds pretty basic, right? But there is more to this game that that.

Immersive Gameplay

One of the biggest attributes that War Robots has is its immersive gameplay. No other Android or iOS game has managed to attract such vast numbers of people to play it at such short notice. Once you start playing this game, you won’t be able to stop for quite some time. The concept of its gameplay is fairly simple, yet highly addictive.

war robots cheats

You’ll start with a basic model of a highly advanced war machine equipped with state of the art weapons and gadgets. As you compete with other players and advance through ranks, you’ll unlock various models, weapon upgrades, perks and much more. And this is exactly what makes this game stand out among other.

Progression System

The progression system is more complex than in any other game on iPhone or Android device. Players are able to achieve different ranks, levels, and perks. All of this is achievable only trough combat in arenas with real players. Every level or rank that you achieve will have several benefits and perks that go along with increasing your base damage and general stats. So with each level earned you’ll also have other benefits that can change the course of the battle.

progression system

Once you get the hang of PvP combat in this game, you’ll start leveling up incredibly fast. After a player reaches level 20, they’ll unlock the option to purchase a hangar. Hangars can, naturally, store more war robots so you can choose a different war machine each time your step into the battlefield.

Real-Time PvP Battles in an MMO mode

Everyone that has played an MMO type of a game before can agree with the fact that they can be quite fun to play. However, most of these games are intended to be played on a PC or a console. There are only a couple of games that succeeded at implementing MMO mode on a mobile device with such success as this one.


The concept is simple. Players battle each other in various arenas, where the main goal is to capture and hold control points and win the match. Each team consists of six war machines. You can also add a couple of more NPC’s on your team if you have the gold for it. Although underappreciated, and often considered as unfair, this strategic move can determine the course of a battle.


There are a lot of questions regarding the game mechanics, items, upgrades, in-game currency uses, for which players still don’t have the answer. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions and answers that will surely help you understand the core mechanics of gameplay in this incredibly popular mobile game.

How to add friends and start a team fight?

Before you start a match, look up in the top right corner and tap on the team fight button. From there simply pick players with whom you’d like to play your next match and invite them. Don’t start the match before they’ve accepted your invite. Otherwise you’ll be alone in the arena without your squad mates.

How do I sell robots?

Head to your hangar and tap on the change robot button. From there simply pick the robot that you want to sell and hit that trash bin icon. Depending on the class and level of your war robot, you’ll be able to sell them for more or less gold.

How do I sell weapons?

Just like with robots in your hangar, you can sell any weapon that you have in your inventory as well. Start by heading to the hangar, and selecting the equip button. From there, pick the weapon that you want to sell and hit that trash bin icon once again.


Although War Robots is a mobile game that was released almost three years ago, it is still able to attract hundreds of players on a daily basis. Because game developers invested so much time and effort in its creation, the game basically sells itself. In the history of mobile gaming, only a few other games were able to become so popular in such short period.

The gameplay is immersive and challenging, but no matter how much time you’re willing to spend playing this game, you won’t get far unless you have enough resources. There are several ways to get silver and gold in this game, but only one method is beneficial to your finances. By using War Robots cheat and hack tool, you’ll be able to play with your friends and beat them without spending a surmountable amount of money on buying in-game resources. Gold is the main resource in this game, and it does allow you to progress faster than other players, but this doesn’t mean that you should spend your savings on buying in-game resources.

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