Best Upcoming Indie Games on Steam in 2017

It has become well known that Valve’s games platform represents the biggest games market in the world. With more than 7000 thousand available games, Steam is a gigantic undertaking that has no competition on the market today. This number of games increases rapidly every year since Valve introduced “Steam Greenlight” service. Namely, this allows less well known and smaller studios to make and distribute their games via Steam and its gaming community. This way indie studios have a bigger chance of success and recognition as they are avoiding having to go through publishers in order to get to market.

We have prepared a great read for those looking forward to new indie games so here is a list of the most promising indie games coming to Steam this year.

Osiris: New Dawn


One of the two games that centre around building a space colony, Osiris: New Dawn will simulate your stay in a hostile environment where everything works against you. Luckily there is co-op for you and your friends to jump in and explore the gorgeous terrain the game offers.

Players will have to work together to build their colony from the ground up while defending from the indigenous alien species at the same time. Other players can also come and attack you and your team and destroy all you worked hard to build. Being a simulation, there are all sorts of details wannabe colonist will have to take care of in order to successes in their quest to conquer in hostile worlds.



This marvellous game offers a peculiar sort of gameplay mechanics that will keep you glued to the screen. You will assume the role of a landlord in charge of all your tenants. What can be interesting about that, you may ask? Well, this landlord pretender is monitoring and reporting all activity that happens in his block of buildings. The regime requires constant monitoring and so you shall provide it with all the information necessary. Enforcing punishment for all those who dare to plot against is what regime will do and you will be its right hand.

All of this will guide you through the unravelling story so be aware of your choices and choose whether you will work for the oppressive regime or help the citizens avoid the law. For those feeling mischievous, there is the third possibility of actively sabotaging your tenants and planting evidence to get them in trouble with the law.



This stealth action game revives some of the classics of the genre – Tenchu series comes first to mind. You play the role of an undead ninja assassin who uses shadows to move around and take out enemies. There is a nice story to go along all of the action and it guides the players to the answer what is Aragami’s quest. Teleporting around the levels is a great game mechanic which allows the players to complete missions without taking out or alarming a single enemy. The game rewards you based on how you complete the levels.

This shadow ninja can become invisible by staying in the shadows, materialise weapons from thin air and even call a shadow dragon to infiltrate among enemies. A fresh concept that will guarantee hours of fun. There is co-op included so call on your friends to join in on the fun.



Absolver is an online multiplayer based combat RPG which introduces a great backstory to modern brawler game mechanic. The game guides you through the ruins of the long-gone Adal Empire where you have awoken with traces of memories and a weird mask on your face. You are, naturally, chosen by the Guides who gave you a purpose of becoming one of the elite Absolvers units. During your adventure, you will encounter other players who are like you on a quest and of course fight with them in order to level up and gain new gear and weapons.

This is a tried and tested formula that has a unique story twist and offers gorgeous graphics style too. The story is elegantly woven into online mechanics so that players can choose if their want to pursue it or decide if they want to go into Online arenas to fight other players. For those who prefer to explore the world, there is a vast choice of PvE dungeons to venture and clear out with friends.



From the amount of attention and hype it gained over the time it’s been in Early Access program on Steam, RimWorld proved to be one of the best games currently scheduled for release. This colony management based sim has been getting so much positive feedback that one would easily mistake it for a big studio production. This standout Indie gaming success offers players with an opportunity to manage colonists and help them survive on the surface of a hostile new world.

A great mechanics was developed for RimWorld in which a complexity of player choices defines the events that happen as the game progresses. The story follows the choices in perfect accord and leaves for some of the greatest moments in gaming storytelling. Do not get charmed by its colourful aesthetics – this game can be brutal and nerve wrecking. The choices players make while managing their colonies can at times, to put it mildly, come back in the form of the most brutal consequences. It takes a great story dependent mechanic and turns it into an amazing overall experience. The feedback from the Early Access players is a testament to how indie studio made the game can be so great.

This year is already started with some of the best Indie game releases. There are many impressive AAA indie games announced for release so hold on to your wallets folks. The great thing about Indie game studios is that they still offer impressive quality without the price premium. For those of you who already spent their budget, we suggest using free steam wallet codes to snag the games you’ve set your sights on. A really great way to get games without spending cash. Or even better – spending cash on some games and using steam wallet codes to get some more games, for free, too.

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