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Are you into online games? Do you prefer something that will test your gaming abilities, or you are a laid back person who loves games without hustle?

No many social-building games can spike your interest and provide you with a real motivation to play. When we are on social media and browsing through timelines, we often skip boring game ads and requests. There are a couple of reasons why people tend to avoid them.

They usually have demands, such as, build your zoo or cuddly animals, or earn money while playing, which never happens. But, that not the case with My Singing Monster. This might be the first social/building game that challenges your abilities and makes your play further.

It directs tasks to you have to complete a couple of missions before you add another monster tenant to a quiet island. We are convinced that not only, but your kids will enjoy playing this game.

Why Do You Need a Hack for My Singing Monsters?

The plot revolves around a bunch of monsters who are placed on a silent island, and it’s your mission to fix that silence immediately. You will get a couple of singing monsters with the help of the in-game tutorial, and then you are left to assemble the rest of the band.

The first few monsters are purchased from the store, but the real fun starts when you have to combine and breed your animal and make a band. The characters in the game are all cute and adorable, and each of them brings a unique voice or an instrument to the silent island.

My Singing Monsters- Hack

Every time you breed a monster and put its new house, he quickly adapts to this environment, but also adds a personal touch, by singing, drumming or stomping. It doesn’t matter how complete the melody already sounds, the new tenant always contributes and offers a new dimension to the act.

On the other hand, when you’ve had enough of their music, you can always mute the monster.

About My Singing Monsters Hack Tool

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About the Game

In My Singing Monster game, people are introduced to a world of primarily populated odd animals, and you need to gather, breed and control them. The monster will sing, murmur, shriek, and shout for you and in return, you will observe their amusing behavior.

In this case, a player creates a world full of music, and each of monsters will have its own unique identity. You have an option to explore the sounds and tunes and create a particular symphony. Breed them, observe them while they sing and you will be compensated with immense joy.

My Singing Monsters- about the game

Players have a chance to create their paradise, while they breed animals. This game is excellent for kids as well because it will give them something to look forward to every time they start playing. Over the course of the game, you will add monsters and enlarge your band, while each of them sings them or plays their tune.

Game Goals

One of the first goals, you will encounter when you start playing is to stop the silence on the silent island. All the monsters are located on the silent island, and you must engage them to begin paying instruments of sing songs.

The next objective is to enlarge your band so that they can create beautiful music. Usually, you have to purchase monsters within the app, but there are a variety of tasks you have to complete to get a hold of animals. The bigger band you have, the better your orchestra of Symphony will be.

Game Resources


When it comes to this game, you can explore many recourses, which will make My Singing monster interesting to play. Purchase diamonds and used them to buy monsters, or buy coins, which help you improve the exterior of the island.

Even though, if you think it’s nearly impossible to play the game without making a purchase, then you are wrong. With a bit of patience, you can earn money, gain monsters, and buy food without spending a penny.

Monster Basics

When a monster is fully incubated in a nursery the thought cloud (H) will appear with a broken eggshell, above the egg. You should use a though could to grab a monster and place it on the island (I). You can also turn it around so that it could face right or left side.

Each time you choose a monster to feed it, mute or unmute it, collect coins, sell it or move it. When you move an animal, drag it to change the position the then confirm the action. You should create as many monsters as you want and mute an animal to remove a sound or play another tune.

How to Make Monsters Happy?

MySingingMonsters-HappyOnce you enter the monster info page, you should find a small section that indicates the monster’s happiness level. Then place four of monster’s likes within two spaces of it to increase the happiness to a maximum. When using the unit three, you can put a monster’s like anywhere on the island, and this action will still make your animal happy.

It is crucial to attend to their happiness level because the happier they are, the better the songs and tunes they will produce.

How to Breed Monsters?

Here is the my singing monsters breeding guide, which can help you more monsters to build a bigger orchestra.

First of all, you can buy one-element monsters such as the Noggin and Tweedle from the store. Save the diamonds to purchase more demanding and complex animals, but if you want to save money, you can breed them as well.

Some monsters are only available are rare wins on nursery scratch card. You should select the breeding structure to choose two level monsters or animals with a higher ranking for breeding.

Also, you can use my singing monsters combinations to produce more characters for this game.


My Singing Monsters IslandsWhen you start with a game, it will begin with a plant island, which is game-generated. But, this shouldn’t limit your playing abilities, and you can purchase any island you want. To buy an island, you should select the map icon on the main screen.

This allows you to visit other islands and purchase more. You will notice the greyed out area; those are the places you can’t get by. The different island features various new elements or element combinations.

In this case, monsters will have more space. Keep in mind when you reach the Ethereal Island because shards replace coins as the primary currency.


How do I feed my monster, and what is the benefit?

Within the app, bakeries are used to create food. They can make the various amount of food in exchange for the coins. However, the medium and substantial bakery upgrades let you produce more food than a small bakery. You may also buy food from the currency store or win it as a prize.

How do I rename my monster?

Renaming your monster is a smooth action. All you have to do is to their info menu and click the green box above the animal’s portrait. This is how you will be able to input a new name. You can any name you like.

Why can't I add a newly hatched monster to the island?

Each monster takes up a specific number of beds, which are organized in the island’s Castle. The number of beds an animal takes can be found in his bio in the info section. If you are trying to add a new animal which requires more accommodation than the Castle can provide, then you will have to upgrade the Castle.

How does the Memory Game work?

To use a memory card, you have to select it from the Castle menu, and it’s only free for daily use. To play the game, you have to choose the four monsters and then tap the play button. The character will perform the musical note that you will have to repeat.

Why can't I sell a monster on my island?

If you want to sell a monster, but the monster’s menu is greyed out, then likely that’s the only monster you have. Developers made the game in such a way that you can’t sell the last beast on an island.


If you are in need of a light and none- challenging game, then My Singing Monster will be the right choice for you. It is easy to play, doesn’t require much attention and even your kids can enjoy it. This is one of those games that aren’t invasive, and you will have a great time with it.

However, it’s highly addictive. We spend one month playing it, and we can’t stop. It the first thing we check when we get up in the morning and the last thing we do when we go to bed. This is a reliable indicator that game is excellent age groups.

If you still haven’t tried it, then you have nothing to lose, only a beautiful tune that monsters make.

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