With No Steering Wheel or Driver’s Seat, Here are 12 Things You Didn’t Know about Google Self-Driving Cars 2016

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The revolution has started in urban mobility and it’s going to happen much faster than you think.

Google’s Self-Driving cars are no secret. They have been officially there since 2008, but recently, Google unveiled a new prototype of these cars that comes with no steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedal (You guessed it right, no driver’s seat either).Of course, I meant it needs no driver as the software and sensors do all the driving.Google points out that 1.2 million people lose their lives due to traffic-related incidents world-wide, and more than 90 percent of these accidents are due to human error.With the self-driving car, it aims to step up road safety and transform mobility for millions of people.Also See: FREE System Mechanic Download with Activation Key Giveaway

12 Things You Didn’t Know about Google Self-Driving Cars 2014

Well, here I have listed some interesting facts about Google Self-Driving cars 2014 prototype that are sure to make you go – Awww!

1. Built from the Scratch

You must have seen the Google self-driving cars previously. They were basically self-driving systems mounted onto traditional cars likes Toyota Prius & Lexus SUVs. However, Google made this new 2014 prototype right from the scratch.

This gave Google a lot of freedom to design every part of the car for safety and reliability.

2. The Inspiration of Design

For designing something like this, it requires no less than great inspiration.

The people at Google working on this project took inspiration from various interesting things around the globe. To name a few, it was fashionable dresses, the Nest thermostat, and the TRON movie lightcycle as well.

3. The Smiley Goofy Face

Don’t you see the car is different from usual ones? Can you see a face in the car? Well, take a good look and you will see that Smiley Goofy Face.

This cute design minimizes fear about the risks of self-driving vehicles. Well, I feel with Google involved, there is hardly anything to fear.

Just look at that goofy smile! Aila!

4. Between Two Seats

No, they are not back seats and yeah, they are not front seats either!

They are just 2 comfortable seats sure to relax you on the go. The car comes equipped with cup holders and seat belts, pretty basic as of now!

5. A Smart screen

This was so very required for a car like this!

A small, smart screen right in front of the passengers, showing the weather, the current speed and a small countdown animation to launch.

Ready, steady, go..

6. The Eyes And Ears

For doing a work which previously only a human could do would at least require two of his important parts – the Eyes and Ears!

Well, the Google self driving car makes use of spinning laser scanners and sensors which act as its eyes and ears. They give the navigational software system of the car a 360-degree view which also minimizes blind spots.


7. For now, it’s 25 Kmph

Yeah, the number might not look all that cool right now. I understand that its way below your expectations, but remember that it is still in the nascent stage.

The low speed is mainly to reduce crash impact, in case if it happens! But I am sure as the testing progresses, you will see much faster ones!

8. The Big Red button

The car has redundant systems, a “fault-tolerant architecture” as Google calls it, for both steering and braking,

But if the primary systems fail, there is a big red emergency stop button that passengers can hit anytime.

9. Safety Comes First

The front of the car is made to be kind to pedestrians. It has a foam bumper that would not gravely hurt pedestrians in case of accidental collisions.

Also, the windshield is made up of special plastic instead of shatterable glass. This is designed to absorb energy from an impact with a person’s body.

10. No Accidents till Date

The new car is the next evolution of Google’s self-driving cars since 2008 which have clocked up over 700,000 miles of testing on public roads.

It also includes over 1,000 miles of driving in the most complex situations and cities like San Francisco’s hills and busy streets.

And guess what! Not a single accident till date due to hardware or software failure!

11. Could this be its Ancestor?

Some have been saying that the car pretty much looks like a Tata Nano from India!

Hmm, call it inspiration!

12. Roll Out

Google plans to build 100 to 200 of these prototypes, and work towards safety approval by the end of the year.

The future’s coming a lot faster than we thought.

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Last Thoughts

Frankly, I didn’t expect this to be so early. I am really looking forward to see where this takes all of us!

I guess, 10 years from now, urban transportation will be transformed and the productivity of large cities will greatly improve.

The future of urban mobility belongs to autonomous vehicles that you saw today. What Say?

A Ride in the Google Self-Driving Car

The Story Behind Google Cars

Credits: Google


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