It’s a Suitcase. No, it’s a Scooter. No, Wait! What is it?

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Tired of dragging your luggage through busy streets?

Well, why do you want to drag it when you can take a ride on it and even honk your way through!Now, this a story straight from old Hollywood movies.No, not Star Wars but those old cow-boy style movies where uncles invented some cool things like the one you will be reading in the article today!Well, lets finish reading this story in 2 minutes with the new Q & A approach.Ready? Go..

Suitcase Scooter


1. What is it?

A Suitcase which can turn into Scooter when ever you want it to.

2. Who made it?

A Chinese man called He Liangcai.

micro-luggage-ml0005-9a63. Is he some kind of Scientist or Superman?

No, he is a Farmer. It took him 10 years to make it. He had previously won a prize at a US-based inventors awards ceremony in 1999 for the invention of an innovative car safety system.

4. How many Kilometers every Liter?

No, it doesn’t run on petrol. It is powered by a battery that can take you as far as 50-60 Kms for every recharge.

 5. Can my whole Family travel in it?

Yes, if there are only two of in your family.

6. What are the other Features in it?

1.  GPS navigation

2. Burglar alarm.

3. Loud horn

4. Throttle, breaks, lights

5. Three wheels &

That is it! Are you expecting some kind of rocket propulsion?

7. How do I ride it?

Like this:

chinese scooter cum suitcase

8. What about Speed?

20 Km per hour (unless you put some NOS cylinders)

9. Why made it?

Liangcai forgot his suitcase while on his way in US to collect the prize. That is when he got the idea of making a Suitcase Scooter.

10. Can I Buy one?

Really? Did you ask so?

Last Thoughts

Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions.

Good to see a farmer coming up with such innovative idea.

He has also shown some great patience! 10 years is no less time!

So as a reader you can take away 2 things from his invention – Hard work and patience! It works!



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