How to Get Steam Wallet Codes For Free – 3 Easy Methods That Work

PC Gamers enjoy the best experience with amazing peripherals, hardware and most importantly Steam. With free Steam wallet codes, you can open your gateway to heavenly gaming as it allows you to purchase every last title you love.

There is no need to wait for Summer or Winter sale, save money to buy that newly launched AAA title.

While there are many gaming platforms like Electronic Arts’ Origin, Ubisoft’s UPlay, Steam is the numero uno platform to get every game that makes it tough to find working steam codes.

The constant demand and players scrambling to find these codes make them harder to find. Be it a top tier title, a new indie or a game that’s still in its beta access, everything is available and it not only works on Windows PCs but many games are compatible with Macintosh systems.

For dedicated gaming PC setups connected to a HDTV, there is an option to go with Steam OS. Such level of customization makes it popular like no other PC gaming platform.

What are steam wallet codes?

What are steam wallet codes

Steam wallet codes are offered by Valve, the original developers of the system to enable players to maintain a digital balance or gift them to friends/ family.

Instead of having to enter your credit card or debit card details every time into the payment gateway, the cash that you plan to spend can be purchased as a code and later redeemed in your country’s denomination.

It is very similar to Steam Gift Cards, another service offered by the company to buy working steam codes physically and redeem them online.

How to get a working steam wallet code?

working steam wallet code

  • You can purchase them from major retail stores around the globe.
  • Most codes don’t have regional restrictions except for few issued in Southeast Asia which can be redeemed only in the specific region.
  • They are available in variety of denominations like $20, $50, 50 Euros and 50 GBP. The currency varies based on the region where they are purchased.
  • Steam Wallet Codes once added to your digital wallet will be converted into your respective denomination irrespective of where they were purchased.
  • A popup window will show how much you will get in conversion in case you are trying to use a code from a different region.


Method 1 – Points 2 Shop

  • Points2Shop is a popular service that encourages you to do “fun” tasks which involves filling up forms, downloading new apps, sharing ads on your social media sites, completing surveys and many more.
  • The website promises to send you those codes without using a steam wallet code generator but it’s not as simple as it sounds.
  • You have to keep working a lot. When we say lot, we really mean tons of hours and months spent in filling up forms, cluttering your phone with apps and so on.
  • Earning the least $20 steam code might take a month or even more. Most top titles are $60 and you will never be able to reach your goal of buying two or more of them unless you spend at least 6 months doing redundant boring tasks.


Method 2 – Steam Wallet Generator – Why they don’t work as promised?

Steam Wallet Generator

  • Almost every steam code generator online promises to give you multiple denomination codes that legitimately work but they don’t because they aren’t as real as they claim.
  • The codes are random numbers generated by bots and the probability of finding a genuine code is like 1 in 1000 or it could be much higher.
  • Users are always forced to download a file which can be a harmful malware or keylogger. It could even be a ransomware application in disguise.
  • Steam has strict regulation guidelines and unless the steam wallet code generator you use is genuine, it won’t work.


Method 3 – Legitimate Giveaway

Legitimate Giveaway

  • There’s a lot of difference between an infinite code generator and a legitimate giveaway programs.
  • The website houses a specific amount of keys ready to be given away for enthusiastic gamers like you. It is not a never ending source but a limited time offer that you can make use of.
  • The service is perfectly legitimate and it requires you to actually put in some effort but unlike Points2Shop that requires months, this solution may take a week or even less.
  • Every time a user (that is you!) visits the website – it delivers a unique code.
  • The link is found on the top of the website. Copy and paste it anywhere you like – Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram or even your own blog or Youtube video.
  • Whenever a user, your friend or someone who is interested clicks on it, you earn $1 in your account.
  • When you reach the minimum $20, $50 or $100 threshold in your Steam Wallet card, you are eligible to get that code without spending a dime. Sounds easy and clean right? It is!


Avid PC Gamers know the passion and fun moments many titles offer. Your search for free Steam wallet codes ends with this legitimate program designed to work without a flaw.

While there are so many promising solutions out there, majority of them don’t work because it’s not possible to give out $50 codes for free. If you like to know how to get a free steam wallet code, you are in the right spot.

Start sharing the link and soon you will be busy shopping – not just you but your friends too if they start a chain to share unique link to gain those codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get steam wallet codes for free?

By following the unique link provided to you, you can get steam wallet codes for free and enjoy unlimited game purchases.

How do steam wallet codes work?

Get the $20, $50 or codes for any denomination. Redeem in your Steam account and it will be added to your Steam wallet to make game purchases.

Where are steam codes sold?

They are sold in retail stores, online stores around the globe by official partners. Codes can also be got for free through websites, giveaways and by completing surveys but they don’t guarantee that they work.

How to Redeem Steam Wallet codes?

Enter the code in your Steam software. It will instantly be converted into your country’s currency and added to your Wallet. The money can be used only within the ecosystem and cannot be transferred to a bank account.

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