5 Major Changes on Steam We Want to See in 2017

Steam has proven time and time again that it deserves to be on the list of best gaming platforms for PC. There is no doubt about this. Sheer numbers of active monthly users that go above 125 millionare enough to define it as one of the best platforms for gaming on PC. However, times change and what was once popular now isn’t as much. The main problem with games, in general, is that the developers don’t know what the consumers, gamers, want to see in games. That link of communication simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Despite the fact that there are surveys and platforms that allow gamers to provide feedback on games, the developers keep failing at delivering what we want to see. It’s as simple as that. But what does that have to do with Steam you may ask? Well, those exact gaming platforms are a part of the problem. And if they don’t change their features they will, gradually, lose their users. So for the sake of future gaming, the success of gaming platforms and everything that is holy here is a list of changes that gamers want to see on Steam in 2017.

Over-complex menus

Having lots of features is one thing, and Steam is known for providing tons of features. But piling them up in a menu that isn’t as functional as they thought isn’t the answer. If Steam has problems with an excess of ideas and accepting every single though on their brainstorm sessions as valid and worthy of being transformed into an idea, then they need to find a way to sort them.


There are several issues with the menu on Steam. Not only that it’s too complex, but it can also misguide user. It’s great that they have a tutorial for every feature they release on Steam, but making those features less complex would only benefit Valve.

Major bugs and crashes

There are games that work just fine on steam, but there are however games that will simply refuse to perform as they should. These crashes occasionally occur, every once in a while, but it can ruin the overall online multiplayer experience that Valve is so desperately trying to promote with each game released on their platform.

There are also various fixes that they need to apply to their features as there are more reports with each day about various bugs and errors. The biggest problem here is that when the problem occurs the Steam instructs users to solve their problem. This isn’t only irritating, but irresponsible and offensive. If people are paying for their services, they shouldn’t be forced to solve problems caused by their features.

Steam wallet issues

There was a lot of discussion and complaints regarding Steam’s wallet system. There were complaints that funds were removed, that the account froze, or that the funds are simply missing. These problems need to disappear if Valve is to continue to earn through Steam.

There were rumors about the appearance of free steam wallet codes, which there were apps and games that didn’t exist on steam, yet they were able to earn via Steam’s card trading system. Is any of these allegations are true, it will greatly affect the reputation that Steam has been building over the years. One issue, in particular, makes the public worried about investing in steam.

It’s the disappearance of funds from their Steam wallet. Although little is known about the origin of the problem, Steam’s is trying to resolve these cases and refund the customers. But is this enough? In some cases, customers with these issues don’t get a response in days after it happens.

Restriction on features

Steam is a great gaming platform. It features many popular games and has ever more awesome features. But not allowing users to have access to those features only because they haven’t purchased anything is absurd. Users that have games on their profile on Steam, acquired as a gift or otherwise acquired via other sources, will not have access to most features on Steam. And this is not only unfair towards those new users, but also disrespectful.

Just because they haven’t spent money on Steam doesn’t mean that they won’t. Also, the games they have on their profile were paid with money, and the fact that they were a gift shouldn’t allow Steam to label those users as stingy. It will not only make those potential customers and also members of their gaming community disappointed, but it might just make them erase the account and stop using Steam.

Valve isn’t actually experiencing financial problems, as they could easily spend the money that they’ve earned so far for a decade without significantly diminishing the budget. So there is no need to restrict users from using any features only because they didn’t spend money on Steam so far.

Better personalization of suggested games

We live in the age of digital information where good word travels fast and bad even faster. What’s important is that we need to filter these data and focus on things that matter. Steam has a unique system for personalizing your list of suggested games. Every browser collects data from its users, major corporations then buy this information and use it in advertising and marketing.

This is no secret, everyone that knows even a little about internet security is familiar with how cookies work. So if companies pay obtaining people’s interest, why aren’t they using it as they should? The main reason for collecting such data about searches topics and products is to offer more products and topics that are similar.


So if the goal is a financial gain for companies, and more personalized search results and suggestions for customers why aren’t the customers getting their part of the bargain? Steam really needs to work on making game suggestions more precise and accurate, relative to the user’s previous choices. Without this being fixed, the public will ask questions about the real purpose of collecting data about their interests via search results.

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