Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guide for Beginners

There’s a new Star Wars game, and fans of this franchise can finally enjoy playing it on their mobile devices. It may not be what the fans expect to see from another edition of Star Wars game, but all the elements are there even if it does focus on a turn-based combat. So what is Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes?

Released on November 24, 2015, by electronic arts, this mobile game features almost every character that appeared in Star Wars games, movies, and TV shows. The gameplay is focused on turn-based combat, where you complete battles and unlock heroes. Besides unlocking characters, players can also upgrade items, level up their heroes as well as train them.

There is more than one game mode so that players can switch to various matches, complete challenges, and events. If all this sounds to complex, or if you didn’t explore every aspect of this game yet, here is a quick guide that will help you get around in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

Main menu and hidden screens

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was released for Android and iOS devices. This being said it’s only natural to assume that swiping your screen is something that you would remember when playing this game. However, many players never notice that almost every other menu, skill list, and ability screen, has another hidden section within.

So the first thing that you should do, after completing the tutorial, is to explore every menu and find those hidden sections. The first screen that you’ll be presented with, holds characters, allies, inbox and achievement icons on the left as well as shipments and light side battles next to them.

On the right, there are squad arenas, data cards, dark side battles and active events. Along with the stats at the top of the screen that indicate your level, power, energy, and resources, this should be everything that a main many should provide.

So nothing’s hidden, right? Actually, if you swipe to the right, you discover a new menu that hides galactic war panel and shards shop. In the same way, if you swipe to the left from the main menu, you’ll discover a whole new area which allows you to enter mod battles, cantina, as well as change a couple of mods and acquire shipments.

As if this wasn’t enough, EA decided to hide a couple of more powers in the skills list of every major character. There is no indicator that you can swipe left nor right, but it doesn’t cost you to try now does it? So be sure to check every section and every corner, every menu and every skill and item list if you want to have full access to features in this game.

Unlocking characters and acquiring hero cards

The main goal in this game is acquiring powerful heroes that will aid you in your future battles. Having powerful heroes in your arsenal is important, but upgrading their powers and skills, training them and unlocking new abilities is far more important than adding to sheer numbers of heroes in your inventory.

You need to learn when to spend resources and when to save them for later. Naturally, you’ll think that every battle requires you to upgrade your skills before entering, right? There are a couple of easy battles that and game modes that you can play that won’t spend your resources nor your time.


Head to daily event section and try to win some of the most powerful characters. You won’t need to use Star Wars galaxy of hero cheats, or any other software for generating resources,to get advanced heroes and cards.

Now the first thing that you should avoid is getting tricked into spending all your resources before even starting the first chapter. There are a lot of tempting offers, packs that will unlock numerous heroes, but try to avoid those until you’re level 30 or higher.

This way you’ll save your initial credits and progress faster by buying essential upgrades that will help you level up faster. Once you’re above level 30, you can consider buying chromium card packs. And being that they cost quite an amount of credits and shards, you should start saving from the start.

Cantina battles and challenges

A cantina is a place where you can find some of the most interesting characters. All you need to do is invest shards and energy into every battle. You’ll also have to win the battle naturally. There are around eight cantina battles in each tier.

As you progress, the battles will be more complicated and harder to complete, but also more rewarding. There are eight tiers of Cantina battles, and by the time you’re fighting bosses on the final tier you’ll have most of the characters in your inventory.

Mod challenges allow you to get your hands on unique item enhancements. They will significantly add to their effectiveness, but they are not easy to acquire. Once you tap on the mod challenge find a challenge that you know you can complete within the given time, otherwise don’t bother as you’ll be wasting your time and resources for nothing.

You’ll get a reward only if you complete the challenge that you’ve entered. There is no pat on the back here for trying. Challenges are basically the same as mod challenges with a couple of exceptions. They have a longer time limit, and there are easier ones than mod challenge battles.

You can also win important items, characters, power ups, resources and much more. It all depends on the difficulty of the challenge and invested resource that is required to enter.

The higher the bar is for entering, the more rewarding the battle will be. So check these challenges each day and try to pick your battles to avoid overspending resources at the beginning of your galactic adventure.

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