How to Use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats and Hacking Tool?

Since Disney bought rights from George Lucas, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the Star Wars franchise. Both movies and games felt different all of the sudden but not necessarily in a bad way, despite what many LucasArts fans will say. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a role-playing mobile game published by Electronic Arts for Android and iPhone.

It features all the characters from Star Wars universe, so fans of this franchise have a lot to be excited for. Like most mobile games of this sort, there is a progression system that requires hours of playing until you have top players in your possession. As always there is an easier way to acquire top heroes.

Why You Need to Hack Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Because Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features so many familiar characters, players would need to spend countless hours playing the game before they can acquire them all. At the start of your adventure, you’ll get only a few basic heroes. They will be inferior in battle, so naturally, you’ll need to invest time and effort into training them.

Star Wars GOH Cheats

Every hero has a rank; this rank determines how efficient they are at deflecting, evading as well as successfully landing a hit on the enemy players. Higher ranked heroes generally perform better in battle against other players. But in order to train them, you’ll need to go through countless battles.

However, there is an easier way to build ranks, one of which is using a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. Not only that you’ll be able to get more powerful heroes from the start, but you’ll also unlock the ability to train them even further.

About Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack Tool

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack tool is a simple software that allows you full access to some of the best character in the game. When it comes to mobile games of this sort and your proficiency in battle, it’s all about how powerful your heroes are. Getting legendary characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Darth Nihilus, Mace Windu or any other character from Star Wars franchise, can be extremely difficult without cheats.

Using cheat & hack tool enables you a fair start. This way you don’t have to spend hours of playing the game, leveling up characters that should have an advantage in power from the start due to their fame.

What’s great about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack & cheats tool is that it allows players to experience the game as its intended. Having a simple Stormtrooper in your squad that is the same level as a powerful character like Darth Revan or any other similar hero, can ruin the experience.

star wars galaxy of heroes hack

Every Star Wars fan knows how powerful each character is in this franchise. So by diminishing their power, only to make a progression system possible, the developers actually made this game less interesting. But as always, there are fixes that allow players to enjoy playing these games as they should be played. With cheats and hacks, you can play as your favorite Jedi and Sith character without having to level them up from the start.

So what are the features of this hack tool that separate it from the other similar software out there?

Online Based

The fact that this hack tool is completely online based makes it easier for use and more popular than any other out there. Everything you need to do is visit their site and use the hack tool. No download or installment is required.


The developers of this tool made sure that it’s 100% safe to use before it was ready for release. Due to so many hack tools that guarantee safety, it’s impossible to spot one that’s actually secure and safe to use. The only guarantee that this hack tool provides is a positive feedback from thousands of satisfied customers.


Because this hack tool is completely online based, it also performs much faster than any other downloadable hack tool that requires installment. Everything is performed on the spot, and once you start the process, it takes only a couple of minutes until you get your top ranked Star Wars heroes.


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack tool uses a unique coding system that makes acquiring duplicate heroes impossible. For this system to work, the software updates the database of available characters on a daily basis. This way the possibility of getting the same hero twice is down to zero percent, at the same time, this is the feature that separates this hack tool from the rest.

About The Game

Almost every Star Wars game that we’ve seen on a console or a PC became extremely successful prior to its release. Being that the original Star Wars saga dates back to 1980’s, the developers of each Star Wars modern game had plenty of material to work with. Not only that LucasArts presented us with a unique universe, but they’ve also left enough room for every developer to expand that galaxy and every story in it.


After the success of the first trilogy, George Lucas decided to expand that story and go even beyond those events by creating the prequels trilogy. By the time all three prequels were released, we’ve had games such as Star Wars K.O.T.O.R and its sequel that made quite an example of how Star Wars games should be made.

What made these games so great is the vast universe that they featured, but also the depth of characters in it. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes represents a simplified version of one of the most exemplary LucasArts games. So how good is it exactly, and how well did the developers present this hugely popular universe?

Character Development

Even a remote fan of Star Wars saga knows exactly how powerful each character is as well as the basic difference between the Jedi and Sith. In this game, you don’t get characters that are as powerful as they are in the actual Star Wars saga. Instead, you unlock them and then upgrade them, equip them with gear and train them. This is how you become more efficient in battle.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to start from the bottom. This means that at the start of your Star Wars adventure you’ll have only a couple of essential characters. As you progress and win battles, you’ll unlock access to more powerful characters like Count Dooku, Darth Revan, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jin, Darth Vader and many other.


Every single character is fully upgradable. So you’ll be able to increase their star rating as well as level. The main resource in this game is credit. You’ll buy new gear, upgrade items, unlock new abilities and much more if you get your hand on more of these credits.

Important Tips for Beginners

There are a couple of things to mention about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, so if you are new to this game pay close attention to these advice as they’ll surely elevate your play.

Did you know that you can scroll the main menu and get access to additional features and battles? Although more advanced players are well aware of this fact, newcomers may not know this. There is no indication that the most of the menus are scrollable.

begginers advice

Spend resources only on characters that you’re going to use. There is no need to spend credits on various upgrades, training, and gear on each character. Pick your top five or ten characters that you’re going to use and then start spending your resources on upgrading and training them. This way you’ll save a lot of credits for later on.

Pay attention to daily challenges. Most of the challenges in this game become available during the weekend. If you spending your weekend at home, playing these challenges might be a good way to get resources in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


Can I play across different devices?

Yes, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes links your progress as it’s updated on Google Play and Game Center every time you play it.

What are mods?

Mods are special upgrades that enhance abilities, powers and stats on your characters.

How to use mods?

Simply head to your character’s inventory and click on their gear. Once you’ve selected a gear or ability that you want to mod-up simply click on the mod that you want to use.

Can I start over?

You cannot restart your game in any way. You progress is directly tied to your profile. You can start a new game by creating a new account.

How do I unlock more characters?

Each advanced character is unlockable only if you fulfill certain requirements. Some are obtained during battles, other via events, and some can be purchased with credits.

I’ve lost my account. Is all my progress lost?

If you’ve lost your login info or password, you can contact Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes support center.
In case you’ve lost your device on which you were playing, or experiences a game crash that erased all you progress, you can contact customer support and request for a refund or data recovery.


There are many Star Wars games, but one is certain, no other game has this much characters. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features every popular character from the original Star Wars trilogy, the prequels, Star Wars K.O.T.O.R and K.O.T.O.R sequel, as well as from TV series like Close Wars and Star Wars Rogues. If you’re wondering whether this game is worth of your time, head to Google play if on Android, or Game Center if on iPhone and download the game. It won’t cost you a dime to try it out.

With so many characters and so many levels to achieve, items to unlock and gear to purchase, you’ll never get enough of playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Before you start, make sure to read a couple of guides and get the basics of leveling up. The progression system may look simple, but once you try it, you’ll think differently about it.

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