10 Useful Spotify Tips for Beginners

Spotify is the most popular music centred service in the world. When you want to listen to your favourite tunes and performers – this is where you go. The great thing about Spotify is that it includes so many songs and artists so that anyone can find a genre that they listen to.

We’ve collected some of the best tips for its users. These will change your use of the popular music service for the better. Read on to find out how you can improve your Spotify experience.

Improving the search function for better results

You’ve probably used to search your favourite tracks so many times already. However, if you want more detailed results you can enter additional details and refine it. For instance, entering the year (“artist: year” or “album: year”) when an album of the performer first came out returns a cleaner and more focused results. You will only see the list of a song from the years you’ve specified.


This is convenient as it reduces clutter and gives you access only to the album from a specific time period. Very useful when you are searching for an artist who has an impressive discography. This also works for input of other criteria. If you would like to look for a specific genre – you can also input “year: genre” and you will only see the results you are interested in.

Exploring new tracks and artists

“Discover weekly” playlist is a great feature which will mix up your music collection and also introduce you to new genres. This is great for exploration of new albums and lesser known performers. Sure, you could stick to your own playlists and yet there is so much great content out there.

So, why not venture into the unknown and give a chance to artists you’ve never heard of before. You have a chance to experience new content at the beginning of each week. Spotify creates a new playlist which is related to music that you are listening to.

Beside your known artists, the playlist will include similar genres and mix it up with albums and performers unknown to you. This way you will have a nice combination of old and new that will introduce freshness to your listening sessions.

Bring your own music

The vast amount of content found on Spotify is satisfying however when you want to bring your music along there is a simple way of doing so. When you listen to albums that aren’t found on the network you can easily import them for added convenience. Spotify allows you to import your own MP3 files and add them to your custom playlists.


To do so you can find the upload feature in the “Preferences” menu under “Local Files” option. Simply click the “Add Source” button and start adding your favourite tunes. Whenever you’d like to access the uploaded content, simply return to “Local Files” category found in the left pane of the interface.

Turn to using the radio

There is nothing better for your daily commute than listening music to enjoy and pass the time. Yet, you can introduce some randomness to the content you are listening with ease. Using the radio feature, you can still keep to your genres. The only difference will be in the randomness of the artists who are performing.

This will be a great experience for easy listening on days you feel like you don’t know what to listen to. You can customise the radio station experience and make it your own. Pick the artists, tracks, genre or even playlists that you’re interested in hearing. Spotify will do the rest so you can enjoy and experience a new way of listening to music.

Create playlists easier and faster

After you find the tracks you want to listen to – you can select them to make a playlist. Simply mark all the tracks you like and after you are done with selection hold it and choose the “Save to” from the context menu. After that, a “New Playlist” popup will appear so go on and select that one too and you’re done.

Following people on Spotify

You can follow your friends or even strangers and see if you have similar taste in music. This will allow you to find new albums and tracks that might be great for making your own new playlists.


Using the “Find friends” in the right panel of the interface you can connect and share content with your pals. If you use Facebook, there is a way of connecting it with Spotify to make the search of your friends on the service even easier.

Making playlists with friends

Why not make playlists with your friends before going out on a trip with them? Spotify makes this a fun experience that will bring all of your buddies together. Simply create your customised playlist and bring up the context menu to click on the “Collaborative Playlist”. You will then see the share button which you can forward to your friends. This way they will combine their playlists with yours.

Sync music with your mobile device

When you want to listen to your tunes on the go there is a way to do so even without an internet connection. Spotify premium allows you to bring your music offline for times when you won’t have net access on your phone or your tablet. It is very easy to get free Spotify Premium in case you don’t already have one. Make sure to choose the app for your operating system and you’re ready to go. Go here for Android, here for Apple iOS and for Windows Phone check this link out.

Creating playlists for your workouts

Spotify has a cool feature called interactive playlists which will feel great during your exercises. You can find the “Interactive playlist” option in the “Browse” screen while using the mobile app for your device.


Seeing your favorite artists perform live

The Songkick will help you find out when the artist you’re listening to are performing in a location near you. Go to the “Concerts” option found in the “Browse” menu to find out if your favourite band is playing in a town near you. The service offers both a free ad-supported access and a premium one that includes more benefits for its users.

Mostly designed as an on-the-go music platform, Spotify is available on almost all smart devices. Honestly, we can’t imagine our daily life without this great music platform and this guide makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

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