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Why Antivirus or Security Suite is the backbone of your PC?

It was in the year 2010, I still remember that day when everything was going great. I had a fantastic evening with friends and returned back home at night!It is my habit to switch on the computer and check for a few emails and tech advancements just before I sleep everyday.But that day, my laptop didn’t switch on.  Without much worries, thinking the battery must have drained, I put it on charge. After 30 mins, I again tried to switch it on but then, the result was same, it didn’t switch on.I called up a few friends and tried all kinds of things to switch it on, but nothing to cheer!Security Suite

The next day, I took it to the nearest HP service center and explained them the problem. They told me to collect the laptop the next day.

The next day when I went there, my laptop was ready! I was very happy to see it running.

I asked the tech support guy what had happened to it?

He said, the laptop was infected with some kind of viruse. So, they had to completely format the system and install the Windows again.

This sent jitters inside me! Without a second thought the service center guys had formatted my laptop.

I had lost more than 500GB of data within a day. I had stored all my critical files, project files, personal photos, videos and even passwords to various sites in it.

Can you imagine my situation? Frankly, I was dumbstruck!

I wanted to know why it had happened? What mistakes I had made? Because, if this happens again, then I am all lost.

Hence, I started analyzing my laptop. I read a lot about viruses, malware and how hackers hack into one’s PC. I even learnt  – How to to protect computers from hackers and cyber criminals?

Then, I was able to pinpoint where I went wrong.

And do you know my first mistake?

Using a cracked antivirus software! Yes, a cracked antivirus! Can you get dumber than that?

The hacker was able to hack into my laptop using the antivirus software which I thought was protecting it. I had many such cracked softwares which I installed to save a few bucks.

But, at the end, I paid the price for it.

Security Suite ssAfter a good 6 months, I had read to much of it and thought no one else should face a situation like me again.  That is when the idea of “Technojourney”  was born.

Today, after 3 years of starting it, thousands have thanked me for what I have done. Every day, I get more than 20 mails just thanking me for the help articles that can be found on

The happiness I get in reading such mails from my dear readers is worth millions to me. You can’t carry money along with you to the death bed but only the great memories. I am fortunate enough to have them! All credits to you. My readers.



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