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Are you into playing PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds on your mobile device? If you are, you are in for some good news cause PUBG has gone mobile and is now available for your mobile device. Official PUBG mobile will offer you new and interesting challenges, you will be required to scavenge and locate your own weapons and invest all your efforts in a final showdown to prove your ferocity against all other players in your way. Find your supplies, locate vehicles to make your gameplay easier and do everything you can to defeat all players who dare to stand in your way. The play zone shrinks as you progress but the battleground is extremely rich in details so think of your tactics real hard because every mistake you make could cost you to lose everything. Amazing graphics will make your gameplay even more enjoyable if that is even possible. The adventure awaits.


The necessary updates are on their way but before that, PUBG continues to be the number one in the gaming industry. This dominant force has PUBG items all over the net ready for the players and one of those items is a hack that will make your PUBG mobile experience more controllable. In order to personalize the controls, you need such a hack to make your mobile version of the game more comfortable. This hack makes the whole gameplay easier, allowing the players to avoid general discomfort and hand cramps, especially after a long game session on their devices. A hack includes a piece of tape and a bubblegum wrapper. Combined together, they will serve as a trigger for shooting or punching. Because of it, the gameplay gets more comfortable.

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About PUBG Mobile Cheat Tool

By using this cheat tool, you’ll be able to generate endless XP and battle points and add them to your account. Mobile cheat tool is one of the new PUBG items and the best thing about it is it doesn’t require any installation since the cheat tool isn’t an app that requires such a process. Instead, you simply need to choose your wanted and preferable resources that are needed to generate the XP and the battle points. After you do that, follow a few simple steps and you’ll get what you want. To use this tool is free, secure and safe from any viruses. You will be required to make a decision on how many battle points and cash you need.

PUBG Mobile Generator

After you finish the selection of the amount, you can choose from the list, click the Generate button and you will be asked to type in your Username. Then, select the platform you play on and enjoy. So, the steps are very simple, find the PUBG links, go to mobile cheat tool, enter your username and choose the platform, select your resources and press generate. Receive your XP and Battle points for free and boost your game experience by the double. you can generate endless XP and battle points for free and the tool is absolutely safe to use while being compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices.

Online Based

This violent and exciting mobile shooter is online based meaning there is no need to download and install it on your device. Instead, just find a link and type in your username and you are good to go. It is a good way to spend some time while having fun.


As an online based multiplayer shooter, this is a rather fast-paced game that will provide you with a lot of good action. Just what a game like this is supposed to do. Amazing graphics, interesting battleground map and a lot of challenges. The fun never ends with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground mobile.


PUBG gets regularly updated to make sure it is safe and virus protected and that all its features are up to date at all times. It supports over 500 mobile devices and each version gets even more optimized. The content gets richer and there are always new features awaiting you.


You can rest assured that PUBG mobile is absolutely free of any viruses and safe to use. The developers have applied numerous safety precautions to prevent any hack attacks or viruses from spoiling your fun. Before it is released, each version of the game gets checked multiple times for safety.

PUBG Mobile Hack

About the Game

PUBG is all about beating the competition where you will be required to develop tactics and skills in order to beat all that stand in your way. It is a classic multiplayer shooter where you and 99 other players will check your might in a challenge against each other. All hundred of you will parachute to an isolated island where you will have to scavenge around to acquire the vehicles and weapons in order to fight your way until the end. All across the area, there are equipment and tools and as you scroll around, you will encounter your enemies.

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The Basics Of Gameplay

If you are new to PUBG, here is what you need to know in brief. Your main aim isn’t only to be the best and kill them all but to become the one that takes it all and be the last man standing. You need to outlive everyone else by finding the tools, equipment, vehicles and weapons. Do it before anyone else and victory is yours. So, the main aim is to stay alive as long as you possibly can.

Controls And Experience

Your game experience depends on the controls so the more you mess with them, the better experience you’ll have. Although you’ll need some time to adjust, once you pass that, the gameplay will be a walk in a park. To move use WASD, left mouse is for shooting, right mouse is for aiming, hold Shift to run and Spacebar is for jumping. These are the main controls but there are more such as C for crouching. If you crouch, you’ll be slow but less visible. If you need to prone, hit Z. These essential controls are crucial for your survival. Once you handle the basic controls, you can learn how to become much faster in order to increase your efficiency.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay

Choose Where To Land Very Carefully

It is important that you play smart from the moment you jump. If you choose where you are going to land, it might help you to win the game more easier. Once you jump out of a plane, you will fly over the island. That is where you can choose to hit the combat or be far from the battle. The most recommended would be to avoid engaging other players right away. Choose smart to gain leverage over other players.

Hide And Peek

It would be smart to avoid conflicts as much as you can. Remember, the main game goal is not to kill everyone, although you can if you want to, but to be the last man standing. So, the best PUBG strategy would be to hide and peek and wait for a perfect moment to strike while being unnoticed by the other players. You can minimize the risk by doing so and you get enough time to find triumph crate contents.

Keep An Eye On The Map

PUBG Mobile MapKeeping an eye on the map at all times will provide you with the outfit you need to survive. There are buildings all over the map containing body armour such as vests and helmets, various pieces of equipment for storing gear and painkillers, energy drinks and the best weapons in PUBG. There are upgrades in three levels so make sure to look around because there are lots of interesting items if you pick the best places to land in PUBG.


How Long Does A Season Last For?

Each season lasts about one month. The developers are working on saving history system so that the players don’t lose their progress with each new season. The leaderboard system will be updated and backed up at the end of each passing month. These resets are necessary to implement the necessary upgrades and new ranking algorithms before the game gets fully launched. Data from all previous seasons will be saved so there is no need to worry about any data being lost.

Will Leaving A Match Affect My Rating And Statistics?

If you leave your match, your game crashes or some other situation happens, your rating will not be affected by any means. However, the statistics will change with the new reset so those will get affected. If you leave a game in a proper manner, your data will be saved.

How Do I Play Solo In Duo Or Squad Mode?

Each game mode, solo, duo or squad, are completely independent. That means that solo cannot be matched with duo. Solo is a classic game mode where you need to kill everyone. Duo is when you are paired up with a partner to survive and Squads is playing in a team.

How Do It Differentiate A Real-life Player From A Bot?

You can easily differentiate a real-life player from a bot simply because of the fact that bots do not engage each other. They spawn with gear most of the time, they don’t drive or enter buildings or jump with parachutes. So all you need is an eye for small details and the difference is there. The bots’ names are quite different from real players and you can tell who is real and who is a bot judging by the name.

What Are Silver Fragments?

Silver fragments are the game money you use to buy anything you need, from clothes to gear, equipment and weapons. You can use them for buying, exchange them or even duplicate your game money. If you’re looking for the best guns in PUBG mobile, use silver fragments to buy some.


PUBG Mobile has versatile controls, automatically adjusting aim assist and a gameplay that will provide the player with a lot of excitement and thrill. Although it has some imperfections, which game doesn’t, it is a good game with a lot of plots where the main goal is to remain alive and on top of your game over the competition. If you decide to play, it will not be a waste of your time. The better you get, the more you will like it. It is essential to keep an eye on your PUBG loot map and handle all controls comfortably in order to get the most out of your gaming experience. Compared to the original, PUBG Mobile follows closely behind.

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