Get Free Battle Points and Diamonds for Mobile Legends On The Easiest Way

If you are into mobile games, then you will appreciate this article because it is all about one unique and great mobile game called Mobile Legends. There are a lot of people who love playing video games, but because of their work they just don’t have the opportunity to play, with mobile games, this can change easily. To play mobile games, you really don’t need to have a PC setup that is a few thousand dollars’ worth, you can buy almost any smartphone and start playing these games. Of course, the better your phone is the better the game quality will be.

If you want to find out more information about Mobile Legends and learn some helpful tips, then we suggest you read this article. We have specially designed this article to be educational, so everyone can understand how it works and how to use some cheats that will help you become the best.

Why Do You Need a Hack for Mobile Legends?

Some people will refuse to use a hack for the game they are playing because they think it is not fair towards other players who are not using it and some are afraid to get banned from the game. Well, all of that is a possibility, but there are too many people who are using cheats anyway, so you won’t make a huge impact. In some games in order to be the best you just have no other option but to use cheats. The second thing is that you don’t always get banned for using a cheat. This happens mostly if you are using a cheat that was poorly made. However, if you are using a quality written cheat code, then the developers won’t be able to see that you are cheating, and you can get away with it pretty easy. Cheats are mostly there to help you progress faster through a game.

Mobile Legends-hack

About Mobile Legends Cheat Tool

If you are interested in using the Mobile Legends cheat tool, then keep reading this text to get all the necessary information about it. First of all, what you need to know about this cheat tool is that it won’t necessarily make you stronger, but it will help you progress by providing you with valuable resources that you can use to upgrade your characters. Unlike most cheat tools and hacks that you can find for this game, our cheat tool is designed differently, and it won’t require any installation at all.

That is one of the main reasons why it is very hard for the developers to see this hack. All you need to do choose the resources that you want and type in the generator the amount that you need and simply follow the steps. In no time, you should have those resources on your account and you can start using them. Generating resources is very important in a game such as this because they allow you to progress through the game and become stronger.
Land of Dawn


One of the major things that separate this cheat tool from the rest of the available software that you can find on the internet is that this one is highly reliable, and you can be 100% sure that you will get the resources that you generate. More importantly, you won’t get into any trouble using this generator because the game won’t recognize this generator as a cheat tool, especially because it doesn’t require any installation.

Mobile Legends Hack


One of the many reasons why we strongly recommend you use this cheat tool is because it is fast, and you will get the results immediately. You won’t have to wait a few days or weeks for those resources to show up on your account, everything happens immediately when you press generate.


Because this is a cheat tool for a very popular game that is constantly improving, this cheat tool needs to be updated also constantly. If this tool wasn’t updated, then it won’t work with the newer version of the game. This cheat tool always stays up to date, so you won’t have any problems.

Online Based

When it comes to most cheat tools they are all pieces of software that you have to first download to your computer or mobile device and then install. In these cases, you never know what you are downloading or installing, it can be a virus. However, this is an online based cheat tool that you don’t need to install.


The most important thing with hacks and cheat tools that are actually not allowed to be used is security because if you don’t have any security, your account will be permanently banned from that game. That is the last thing you want, that’s why this cheat tool offers high-security levels.

Mobile Legends Guide

If you are new to the world of mobile games, and you are looking for a great game to start on, then we can strongly recommend that you start with Mobile Legends. The reason why we suggest this game is simply because it is a very versatile game that offers various benefits to the players and more importantly it is a fun game to play in your free time. When you download the game, you should read our mobile legends beginner guide where you can learn everything about the game and how to start playing like a pro.

About Mobile Legends

Game Mechanics

The mechanics of the game are quite simple to understand, and we believe that you won’t have a hard time adjusting to them. If you ever played the computer game such as LoL or Dota, then you will already know what the goal of the game is. In case you don’t know, then let us explain it to you step by step. Every team consists of 5 players and their goal is to defeat the other team by destroying their base.

The Game Modes

There are various types of game modes in Mobile Legends and you can choose whichever you like the most. The first mode is the classic where you can best learn all the skills and mechanics of the game, then the ranked mode where you are fighting for something more than just a win, you are fighting for your rank. In the ranked mode, players are separated according to their rank and then teamed. You will never get a higher rank player to play against a rookie. You also have Vs. AI game mode that allows you to try out or practice your skills against AI. The custom game mode is also fun if you have a lot of friends who play, and you want to create one big party.

Mobile Legends Modes

The Controls

Many people are not playing video games on their phones because they think it is very hard to use the controls. When in reality they are quite easy to use, and you need just a few days to get used to them. It is just like anything else, you have to practice it in order to master it, without practice you cannot use the controls flawlessly. All the controls are displayed on the screen of your phone and you are using them with your fingers.

Preparation Button


Emblems are a big part of this mobile game and if you want to become the best player and carry your team to victory, then you will have to put a lot of time and effort into these emblems. If you are not using the right emblems for your champion, then you can be the reason why your team lost the game. The mobile legends emblem can change the entire course of the game and if someone knows what they are doing, and have all the right emblems, they can wipe an entire team out. For more information, you better read the description that each emblem has.

Battle Spells

The battle spells are the spells that each player has on their hero. Each hero has different abilities that they can use in the battle against other players. Not every hero will have damaging spells, in order to win, you have to put together a team that has a tank, support, assassin, mage and a marksman. Of course, you can try out having more tanks or more damage dealing heroes, but usually, those combinations are not the best for the win. These battle spells are used to either damage the opponents, heal allies or tank the spells of the enemies.


The equipment or the gear as some people are calling it is also very crucial for the win. If a player refuses to upgrade their gear during the game, then there is a very high chance they will lose because they are much weaker. If you don’t know what to buy, then try searching for some mobile legends builds to find out what are the best builds. There are a lot of different items in this game and these mobile legends items are designed to allow players to customize their heroes and make them more powerful in order to defeat their opponents.

The Squad

Mobile Legends teamIf you want to have a team that is winning, then you have to create a squad where you are playing with people that you like. It is very similar to playing with your friends, however, you can create a squad from people that you met in-game. The purpose of having a squad rather than a group of people that were randomly created is to work together and talk to each other in order to win. If you know what the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates are, then you can put them in a position where they can play their best.

Heroes and Their Roles

Once you start playing this unique game, you will realize that there are some basic heroes that are available for you to play with them. However, something that you might not realize straight up is that each hero has a specific role where they can dominate. Some heroes are made to be a tank in the team and their job is to take as much damage as possible and save the carries.


As previously mentioned, tanks are a class of heroes that are designed to sacrifice themselves for the win. In some team fights, if the tank doesn’t do his job, the damage dealing heroes such as Marksman’s will die, and they will lose the game. It is not easy to be a tank, some people think they will just have to stay there and take the damage, but you have to learn the skills of this tank hero in order to use its full potential. In some cases, tanks are the ones that are carrying their team to the victory and not the damage dealing ones.

Mobile Legends Tank


Fighter heroes are designed to be both tanky and to deal damage at the same time. Not a lot of heroes are able to be two things at the same time. The reason why fighters are good for a winning team is that they are very adaptable and if the situation calls for a damage dealer, the fighter can be that. Of course, the fighter isn’t as tanky as a real tank hero, and it won’t deal as much damage as a mage or marksman, but because it is adaptable it can be highly valuable to the team.


Just like any assassin in other games, here the hero assassin is also responsible for assassinating opponents with a quick combo. Other heroes are not capable of dealing so much damage in such little time-frame. The opponents are not even ready to hit back, and they are already dead from the hands of the assassin. They are always lurking in the jungle searching for the next victim and they can easily be the carry who will secure the win for their team. If you don’t succeed in killing your target as an assassin, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble.


If you like playing heroes that have a big range and can cast spells on their opponents, then the mage hero is made just for you. Mages have the advantage of having far more range than any other hero and if the player knows how to take advantage of that it can be a very big problem for the opponents. The one bad thing about mages is that they are quite easy to kill because they don’t have any support watching over them and if an assassin comes, they can be destroyed in a few seconds. However, a good mage will never let an assassin get close to them.

Mobile Legends Mage


If you are a type of a player who loves dealing a lot of damage to your opponents, then you should definitely pick up a marksman hero because they are designed just for pure damage. Of course, there lies their weakens also, they don’t have a lot of health and they usually cannot escape an assassin on their own, but because of that, they have a hero that is dedicated to protecting them called support. As a marksman, your job will be to carry your team to victory even if the odds are against you if you have the skills you can win almost any game.


If you don’t want to deal damage, or you just don’t have the speed and skills to be a carry, then the right role for you is a support hero because they are responsible for keeping the rest of the team alive. There are spells such as heals, shields that will help you protect your teammates, but if you are not fast enough, the enemy can assassinate your carry and then you will find yourself in a lot of trouble. Support heroes usually don’t have any damage that can scare the enemies away, that’s why you always have to stay with your team.


Will I get a penalty for going AFK?

When it comes to getting punished for being AFK, there is a lot of things that are not clear. First of all, you need to know that the developers cannot know if you are AFK while in the game and they will not take any action against you. However, after the game, your teammates are most likely to report you for refusing to play or just being AFK and the result will be some type of penalty that you cannot avoid.

I abandoned a game, will I get a penalty for that?

Unlike being AFK in the game, leaving the game will most definitely get you a penalty that you will have to deal with. The game recognizes that you have left the match mid-game and if you don’t return you will be punished with a penalty. Depending on which time this happens to you, you will face a different penalty. If this wants your first time and you regularly leave your games, then you can expect even to get a ban for a few days or weeks.

My teammate feeds the enemy on purpose. What can I do?

Nobody likes to play with feeders on their team, but unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that you can do to stop them immediately. However, once the game is over, you have the option to report players from your team and you need to select the player who was feeding on purpose and write a short note of what happened. The people who work for the game, will take a look at the report and act accordingly. Most likely the player will get a penalty.

How to continue the old game progress on the other device?

If you have played Mobile Legends on one smartphone, but you just upgraded to a new phone, and you want to continue playing, this is what you need to do. It is very important that you know the username and the password of your account because those are the key to moving to a different device. Sometimes, if you forget the password, you can use the Email to change the password. Then you just log into your old account and everything should the same.

How to retrieve lost account?

In case you somehow lose your account, or someone hacks into your account and changes your username and password, there is something that you can do to get it back. It isn’t hard, and anyone can do it, you just have to follow this procedure. When logging in, choose a forgotten password option and you will get an Email with a link that will allow you to change your password. We suggest using a different password this time.

Are mobile legends the same as League of Legends?

There are a lot of people who are playing the popular game League of Legends and they get confused all the time about is it the same game or not. Well, we have the answer, these two are separate games and they are not the same. They are just based on the same game type. When you start playing, you will realize that the heroes, items, map are all different and unique. However, the mechanic of the game is very similar.


If you are really searching for a new mobile game, then you should definitely check out the Mobile Legends because it is a very cool and fun game that you can play with your friends. The best thing about this game is that you can play it on your mobile, which means that you can play it wherever you are, you just need a solid internet connection.

This game offers a variety of fun and unique game modes that you can choose from. If you don’t want to compete, you can choose the classic mode, but if you are more a competing type of a player, then the ranked game mode is for you. We hope you will have a blast playing this game.

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