Mass Effect 2 is Now Free on Origin

On the house is the name of EA Games campaign which rewards gamers with awesome games each month, for free. This true blockbuster is a sequel to the original Mass Effect. This second game is still being regarded as the best one from the space saga trilogy. If you never experienced a Mass Effect game – you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. Mass Effect series pushed RPG storytelling to new heights and set the quality standards very high.

This is a standard version of the game so no additional content of DLCs is included. However, you still get the epic story of the space themed masterpiece which gained so much acclaim. Since the Mass Effect Andromeda is soon to be released, this freebie could be a perfect opportunity to revisit and relive the story of commander Shepard and his crew. The sequel follows events from the original and expands on the theme even further. In case you have the save game from the first game your choices extend and still have consequences in the sequel.

Having a cinema-like experience truly makes Mass Effect games stand out from anything else in the gaming industry. It isn’t surprising at all give that Bioware was the company that created it. The story returns to the galaxy under the threat of complete annihilation and our protagonist commander Shepard and the rest of the crew of their iconic ship Normandy.

Be the hero of the story you create

The alien threat known as the Reapers is expanding throughout the universe and destroying anything in its path. Faced with the threat of extinction of all life forms, our crew must find a way to prevent imminent disaster. During the main story, players explore worlds and meet up with interesting characters which can even join the crew of Normandy and help with, what at times seems like a losing war. Great dialogue and the gorgeous graphics is what sets Mass Effect games from the rest. Gameplay is polished even more and the immersion that small details create is simply unparalleled. Each decision you make in the game alters it and changes it to reflect your choices. Both good and bad.

Head on to the Origin page for Mass Effect 2 and download your free copy. This is assuming that you already have a registered account. If not – then you need to sign up and of course, install Origin client on your PC.

To do this you just need to click on the “Add to my library” button and you’re all set to venture into a quest across the galaxy. As with all other free games from the “On the house” program, you will get to keep it in your collection permanently. This is a limited time offer so hurry and snag your free copy ASAP.

For those who experienced the full trilogy already, this can be a great reminder to play it again before Mass Effect Andromeda gets released on March 21. We can’t wait to see where the story takes us next and which new worlds we will get to explore.

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