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Fans of Marvel universe rejoice. There is a new popular game on Android and iPhone, and it features various Marvel heroes. If you loved Mortal Combat X, and adored Injustice now you have a similar game that you can play on your phone. Apparently, the game works on the same principle as the PC versions mentioned above. The only difference is that it’s set in the Marvel universe, so every known character will be there at your disposal to play with. What is it that this game has to offer to comic book fans and gamers and why is it beneficial to use Marvel Contest of Champions hack? Let’s find out.

Why Do You Need a Hack for Marvel Contest of Champions?

This is not just any game that we’re mentioning here but a game with Marvel heroes, so naturally, they have to be amazing in every fighting aspect. Being that it’s a fighting game in which you collect heroes across the Marvel universe, a lot is expected from each character and their abilities. Because every hero that you acquire in this game needs to be trained to be representative and befit their comic version you’ll need to invest a lot of time in their progression.


And playing with a low-level Spiderman in your team or any other powerful character simply ruins the fun. This is exactly why you need Marvel Contest of Champions hacking tool. With this amazing app, you can enjoy playing the game as it was intended from the start. This means that you’ll skip boring progression system and hop right into the action where all your champions are tough as nails.

About Marvel Contest of Champions Hacking App

Now that you know why you need a hack tool to play Marvel Contest of Champions, you wondering why this particular hack tool, right? There are many hack tools for this game, but this one is special and unique. It’s becoming quite popular and the more you know about it, the more confidence you’ll build until you’re 100 percent sure that there isn’t a better hack tool for this game.

In Marvel’s game, you’ll progress faster with this tool and enjoy playing familiar characters from Marvel universe right from the start of your adventure. Using this tool you can even skip the tutorial, although it’s advisable that you learn the basics first. The best thing about this tool is that you can use it as many times as you want. Meaning that if you’re into developing your skills and characters trough a progression system, you can get energy and health packs so that you never leave the battle.

contest-of-champions-hackThe game features a familiar energy-to-fight system, where players need a specific amount of energy to enter each battle. More importantly, you’ll need an exotic material called ISO-8 to trail and level up your favorite heroes. With Marvel Contest of Champions, you can generate this item as well. So you’re playing the game as you want it with this tool. You can get every item immediately after using the tool. Otherwise, you would need to finish battles to get experience and ISO-8. This important resource is allowing you to boost your power, offensive and defensive abilities of each hero in your team.

Online Based

The Marvel Contest of Heroes hack tool is completely online based. The developers of this software value your time, so they created an online service software that provides everything you need on the spot! This means no download and no installation is required.


Judging by the reaction of users as well as statistics of speed measuring software, this tool provides the fastest service out there. Once you connect your account to the tool, it takes minutes to upload resources, characters or whatever you need in the game.


There isn’t a feature that is more important than the one that guarantees security. With this tool, you’ll be free to use it whenever you want, without worrying that you’ll get a malicious file on your phone, or that the hack tool will trigger security measures in the game.


Because there are countless Marvel heroes in this game, the developers of this hack tool made the database of this hack tool as large as the one in the game. Meaning that you’ll never get the same character or power item as it’s constantly updated.

About the Game

The game was developed and released by Kabam on December 10, 2014. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices so no matter what phone you have, except Blackberry, you can download and enjoy playing the game. Kabam was acquired by NetMarble Games but not before they were able to develop and release this gem. No matter if you’re a Marvel or DC fan, you can’t ignore the fact that this is a pretty decent fighting mobile game.

It has all the elements that a great mobile game should have, and the most important thing is that it’s completely free. However, if you don’t have a habit of trying the games just because everyone thinks it’s great, here is a little something about the game itself to help you decide your mind and get the game.

Progression System and Character Development

The game offers a relatively linear gameplay, so you won’t be able to choose which path you take while conquering the floating islands in aparallel universe. What game does offer is a variety of ways to level up and upgrade your characters. Almost all Marvel heroes will be here, so all you need to do is pick your favorite one and invest your time and energy into their development. There is level progression and star progression, the higher the count, the more powerful your characters will get.

There is a catch, however. To level up, you’ll need an exotic item called ISO-8. Fans of Marvel universe will know what this is about. So every time you finish a battle, you’ll get experience, crystal shards and possibly ISO-8. Isotope 8, ISO-8, in short, is a material of great potential; it was an important element for winning the battle between S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and the syndicate, which was led by Doctor Doom at that at the moment.


But enough with Marvel facts, let’s focus on the progression system. Each character is unique, so you’ll have to manage your team and choose the best heroes for specific quests. So the more you know about each hero, the better he will perform against specific villains as explained on their site.

Does it Resemble Injustice?

The game does have some elements from Mortal Combat X and Injustice series,but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both game tiles are extremely popular, so why shouldn’t this game borrow some of the key elements of their combat system and progression system as well. What Marvel Contest of Champions does provide is authentic comic book style storytelling.


From the moment you start the game and start learning the basics, you’ll feel as if you’re reading an interactive comic book. Familiar catchphrases are there, jokes, characters and everything. So if you haven’t tried the game yet, but consider yourself a big fan of Marvel comic books, games and movies, you should head to your gaming market and download the game. Being that it’s free, you don’t need to think about the expenses!


How do I level up my character?

Isotope 8 is the most important resource regarding character development in Marvel Contest of Champions. To level up, your character hit their icon and upgrade, then use the available ISO-8 to advance through levels.

Lost my account, what to do?

Contact the developers or their technical support; there is also an option of resetting your password if this is the only problem you’re experiencing. If you have a more complex account related problem ahead of you, try sending a direct email to developers of the game.

How to get more resources?

The game features a unique progression system where after each battle you win a certain amount of crystal shards. There are also events that give special bonuses to your existing rewards. The better you are in battle, the more powerful items you’ll get at the end of the match.

Can I start over with the same account?

Unfortunately, your progress is directly tied to your account detail. Meaning that your account details hold your progress in an online cloud storage database. Once you delete your account, you can create another and start the game from the beginning. You can also revisit past events and battles in the game.


The game is extremely fun to play and no matter if you’re a fan of DC or Marvel Universe, console or PC gamer, you can’t ignore the fact that the game has some quality to it. Since it was released in 2014, the game became incredibly successful and popular, especially among the younger audience. If you haven’t tried any combat based mobile game before, now is your time to start and begin your adventure in Marvel universe.

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