How to Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

Security of online identity should be of top priority to anyone who is constantly connecting to various online services. We see an increasing number of hacking attempts not only focused on companies but towards individuals too. Identity theft is a criminal felony that usually occurs when abreach of personal data occurs. There are means and ways to be safe while surfing the net.


Of course, some steps are required in order to secure your online accounts. For instance, having an insecure password for one website can mean that other ones that you use are also in jeopardy of being compromised. Even though this guide focuses on keeping your Instagram account safe, you can also use it to help secure other online accounts too. Read on to find out what is the best way to protect your online presence.

Choose a strong password for complete security

We know that for some people it can be difficult to remember all those different passwords in use. This is, however, not an excuse to use simple and easy to guess terms that keep your online banking service protected from intruders. Using common terms usually spells disaster and allows hackers to gain access to your private information much easier.

The point of having a secure login password is to prevent any possibility of a guessed breach. Do not use simple phrases.Nor should your Instagram password be same as the one for Facebook or any other site that you use, for that matter. The common words are the first ones that get guessed. There are countless of instances where people use words such as “love”, “god” and even “123456” as their only login password.

You can guess how that affected their online security since you are reading here about it. So, why not combine letters with various characters? Using a longer string of characters – at least eight – will drastically increase the security of all your online logins. We suggest using an online password generator that will create a random set of characters.


In case you find it hard to remember so many random codes, you can use one of many online password management services. Most of them include a password generator too. They are also a great place to store your online logins for different website safe and in one place. Since most of such services work on all mobile platforms they represent a good way of keeping your login details safe from unauthorised access.

In case you didn’t know, writing down your passwords and keeping them on a piece of paper or in a text file on your hard drive is a really bad practice. Either you memorise them all or simply keep them in an encrypted form. Also, make sure to enable two-factor authentication for your Instagram account. Some other websites support this feature too. Make sure to use it when possible.

This means that you will receive texts on your phone each time someone else tries to loginto your account from an unauthorised device. No one except you will be able to gain access this way. Anything less than all these steps will potentially leave your online identity completely exposed.

Location tags on picture can leave you exposed

This “vulnerability” is, in fact, a frequent cause of theft. When you snap your photos and leave location tags for your Instagram followers – you show your movement history. This is an easy exploit for thieves that may be targeting your property. You never know who’s watching. Most of the users do not know who all of their followers really are.

Especially the ones with no activity on their profiles. These so-called “ghost followers” are usually scammers and thieves. Either way, think about removing them. Ask yourself why would you need people viewing your personal content when they do not interact with you in any way.


It is understandable that people like to share information about places that they visit on their travels. And yet most of them aren’t aware of the possible dangers until something bad happens. The theft usually occurs when they are on vacation. When the owners happily hashtag their photos from their travel– thieves make their move.

Breaching the home means that all the equipment found there is susceptible to unauthorised access. By simply viewing your browser history and cached passwords, thieves gain access to most if not all of your online credentials. Perhaps this is why it would be wise to post travel pictures when you get back, instead.

Keep both your profile and your personal information private

This is an essential way of being sure that you’re are safe and secure on Instagram.Usually, hackers use personal information in order to exploit it to gain unauthorised access. You shouldn’t allow anyone who is unknown to you to have viewing privilege to your content. Remember that all that you post on Instagram is your property and thus you should be the one who determines who can have access to it.

We already mentioned how you should take notice to who you’re are accepting to be your follower. Note that everyone who views your public profile sees your personal information. This is why we suggest that you do not leave or use your phone number.

Limit the personal info that’s shown on your Instagram profile. Not doing so makes you more susceptible to a targeted hacking attempt for obvious reasons. In case that you spot that individual followers constantly try to follow you after you reject their request – make sure to block them if you do not know who they are.


To switch your profile from being public to private go to your profile page and tap the three dots in the top right corner. You will see the “Private account” switch on the bottom of the settings page. Make sure to turn it on. This will enable you to have complete control about who can become your follower. No one will be able to view your profile and your content without you first approving it.


It is vital to follow these simple steps in order to maintain a good level of security for your online accounts. Whether it’s Instagram or some other website or service – it doesn’t really matter. Make sure to be mindful and limit the amount of personal information that is visible to strangers and you should be okay. Keeping your private data secure will give you a piece of mind and make sure that no one gains unauthorised access to them.

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