How to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC? A Step-by-Step Guide WINDOWS

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▶ Ever wanted to play those awesome Android games on a big screen? Then why don’t you? Yes, you can run any of those millions of Android apps on your desktop with this simple program called BlueStacks. Learn to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC from this article.

▶ The article has a step-by-step installation guide with screenshots which in particular is intended for beginners.

▶ Downloads:

▶ BlueStacks is compatible with Windows XP, Vista & 7. The compatibility with Windows 8 is expected to come with future releases.

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Install BlueStacks on your Windows PC

BlueStacksEvery once in a while, I come across an Android app that I’d really love to have on my computer.

Even though the format might be more geared towards Smartphones, sometimes the presentation and functionality of an app would be more PC oriented. After all, Smartphones came only after computers.

Of course there are emulators to run apps on PC but they are not all that great. The performance suffers greatly and sometimes it’s harder to navigate or even use the app.

Enter BlueStacks, one of the coolest Windows applications that enables you to easily download and install your favourite Android apps on PC.

Now, all those millions of Android apps you ever wished for, can run on your PC. It will be just fun and more fun to be playing those Android games on a big screen. Don’t you agree?

Going a step further, BlueStacks also integrates with your PC. Just click on your My Computer and you will see a folder called Apps. Here, you can create shortcuts to the apps and put them on your desktop or start menu.

With most of the upcoming Android Apps being designed to work with that of tablet displays, the apps are perfectly suitable for desktops.

If you were wondering, let me tell you – Instead of your finger, you will be using a mouse. If you have a touch screen desktop, then you are free to use your fingers too.

BlueStacks also provides a few buttons on the bottom of the screen that stand in for the softkeys found on most Android devices. That will be of some great help too.

Now that you have know BlueStacks, lets see – How to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC?

Installing BlueStacks on your Windows PC

1. At first, download the BlueStacks setup file from this link here.

2. Once the download is complete, just double-click on the setup file to start the installation. Next, click on “Continue”

install BlueStacks on your Windows PC

3. Up next, tick both the App Store access and App Notification as they are very much necessary for BlueStacks to run at its best. Now, click on “Install” button.

installing BlueStacks on Windows 7

4. The installation would take a few minutes depending on your PC.

installing BlueStacks on Windows 8

5. Once the installation is complete, the Home Screen looks like the one below:

BlueStacks on Windows

6. You will find the search bar on the right top, just click on it and enter the application you would like to download and install.

downloading apps using BlueStacks

7. For example, let’s say you want to install Angry Birds Star Wars, then all you need to is just type it in the search box as seen below and then click on “Install”.

BlueStacks installation guide

8. You will then find 4 sources from where you can install Angry Birds Star Wars. The 4 sources are 1Mobile, GetJar, Amazon Apps and Google Play.

blustacks complete guide

9. While you can directly download apps from 1mobile and GetJar, the Amazon Apps and Google Play need you to sign-in to download. But they are all free!

Just choose the source of your download and you will have the application installed in minutes.

Once installed, you can access all your apps from the “My Apps” section.

Final Thoughts

BlueStacks is a boon for PC users. Running those millions of Android Apps on PC is just incredible.

Even the high graphics games seem to work well on BlueStacks.

Technically, BlueStacks is still an emulator, but the experience one gets from it is just seamless. You don’t feel like playing the game or running the app on an emulator using BlueStacks.

You get access to almost all apps that you wish to have. I haven’t yet run into a situation where I was unable to find something that I was looking for.

Although BlueStacks is currently in “beta,” I must say it is well polished and works great.

So what are you waiting for? Install BlueStacks on your Windows PC today.

Let me know the apps you are installing on your PC from the comments below.


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