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Do you enjoy the virtual world and playing games online? Do you like to explore new opportunities and meet new people? Well, we may have found an excellent solution for you.

Nowadays, among so many social platforms and games emerging every day, it’s very challenging to pick up the right one. They all have something unique to offer, but rarely one of them will satisfy your requirements.

This is why we want to present you something revolutionary that recently appeared on the market. The IMVU is a social entertainment community which allows you to create 3D avatars, make friends, collect prizes and customize your room and appearance.

If you know how to play, then it can be fun, and you never know who you may encounter here. With our guideline, you will excel in this game and become pro in no time. We will help you settle into this virtual world full of opportunities.

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Why Do You Need a Hack for IMVU?

After a couple of rounds, the players usually exhaust all the recourses, and they require additional help that will offer them unlimited access to the game. With the appropriate hack, you can max and unlock everything. There will be no limitations or wait to reach another level.

Considering there are a lot IMVU hacks on the web, you can hardly know which one is applicable. You have to pay attention to the source, viruses and other issues you may encounter along the way. So, before you start this journey, make sure to have the right hack which will help you unlock all the levels and provide you unlimited recourses.

Otherwise, you will be wasting your time, instead of playing this great game.

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About IMVU Cheat Tool

First of all, we would like to announce that we have launched our IMVU cheat tool, which is powerful enough to meet all your demands. The player doesn’t have to install anything; it is entirely online-based. There are a couple of steps you need to do, select resources, and you are ready to play.

The hack is unique because it works correctly on Android and iOS devices. You will be able to use it straight online, through the web browser. However, there are several processes to hack IMVU game. We will provide you with the numerous options which can be beneficial.

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You will get a tremendous amount of cash for iOS and Android, and everything is free. Everything is tested, and our system offers a steady performance of 97+ percentage exactness. Many players consider this a massive benefit because you need everything operation in perfect order.

Hardly any hack will offer you the same conditions as we do and you can use it on any device powered by iOS or Android. The steady performance and user-friendly interface will be a great option even for beginners. Gamers don’t have to be professional to use our tool.

IMVU Credit Hack


The entire procedure is done in a couple of minutes. We don’t want to bother you with a complicated process that takes too much for your time. With our hack, you can play the game right away. You only have to complete the step, and you are ready to go.

Online Based

No need to download anything, open then hack, complete a couple of steps and all the recourses are unlocked. This is a massive advantage of our tool. We are aware that many people then to get upset when that have to download and open multiple tabs to complete a straightforward action, but that’s not the case with this one.


The essential aspect of our tool is the security. We want to protect our users from unwanted viruses and malware, which is a big issue when it comes to these types of software. So, don’t worry because we got you covered. Our hack is secure and free of unwanted threats.


Our team of experts pays particular attention to the stability and performance of the tool. We always tend to improve the bugs because we wish to provide our readers with maximum enjoyment and experience. At least once a month, we will update the entire system, and have it running for you.

About the Game

What is the game IMVU about?

IMVU is a quite unusual game, where players can explore multiple possibilities, chat with people and use 3D avatars. The game platform is entirely free, and anyone can use it. You are entering a social entertainment community, which has more than 1 million users.

What is the game IMVU aboutIt is an excellent instant messenger and a fantastic place to meet new people and chat with them using your customized 3D avatar. In this case, you will be able to express your style and find a friend who will match your preferences. So far, the game got tremendous support from an online community, and everyone is thrilled with this unique approach.

You have a chance for explore meet and chat in 3D, customize your homepage, engage in conversation and interact in the virtual world. If you are a fan of something new and exciting, then we are sure you will love this game.

When selecting the avatar, you let your imagination guide you, after all, it will represent you and your personality. You can also get inspiration from other members and change the appearance of your avatar anytime.

Creating your Account and Avatar

First of all, payers are required to download a software which is part of registration. Once you complete this process and click on “Launch 3D IM” on the homepage, your new avatar will show up on a small screen.

Gamer has to fill in the necessary information and start customizing avatar. Here you have a lot of options to explore. For instance, change clothes, hairstyle, and you can also use an online shop to complement your wardrobe as well.

Meet & Chat in 3D!

There are three ways you can use to chat room to meet new people. IM your virtual friends to either click on New IM, or your buddy’s name in the Buddies Window. You can also explore option Click Chat Now to instantly meet other people and virtual friends looking for chat partners.

Or, you can use option Who’s Online on your IMVU homepage. It will show you the names of the people who are currently available.

How to Earn Credits

Credits are the only thing allowing you to shop for new clothes and buy items for your avatar. If you want to avoid paying for the credits, then there are a couple of ways to get them for free. For instance, you can earn up to thousands of credits after completing partners offer.

These types of offers are updated daily, and many depend on your location and other demographics. Make sure the check regularly until you see something appealing.

Another way is completing the survey from one of their partners. The number of credits you get will depend on a number of questionnaires you complete.

Watching video ads is another way to earn credits. Go to a partner’s page, watch a video and get credits for each view. Videos are regularly updated, so you should check back if you don’t immediately see something according to your taste.

Dress Up

The players need to log into their accounts and open a menu tab from the upper-left corner. Once you complete this, tap on Inventory. You will get a couple of basic avatar looks. Also, you can delete or share the outfit from the menu.

If you want to view the rest of the inventory, then on the different categories from the tabs on the top row. If you’re going to save the current look, then tap on the plus icon on your screen.

On the other hand, if you love to experiment with the cloths, then you will enjoy their outfit card. It allows you to store all the essential information about the clothes, edit outfit title and description, delete the outfit and move your gear into another category.

This is an excellent option for people who love the variety and like to change clothes on a daily basis.

Dress Up


Is IMVU Appropriate for Your Kids?

It all depends on what you think is appropriate. Some parents are in favor of the game, while others think it’s terrible for their children. If you are worried about their safety, then you have an opportunity to limit specific function, like chat rooms.

Overall, we think this can be a fun experience for them, mainly because they can dress up and customize avatars based on their needs. If they get too addicted, then shut down their profile and problem solved.

What age do you have to be for IMVU?

All members are required to be at least 18 years old, or parents or the guardian of the user who is 13 years old.  The IMVU choose avatars and buy clothing, and that’s the reason why they have above legal age.

Can you change your age in IMVU?

When you are setting up your IMVU account, you are obligated to verify you are at least 18 years old, or a parent of a kid who is at least 13 years old. The platform allows you to make changes if you make a mistake.


Let’s see what’s the final verdict. If you are a fan of games that allow you to experiment with clothes, lifestyle, and appearance, then we are sure you will love this social media. An additional bonus is that you have a chance to meet new people, enter chatting rooms and have some fun.

The entire platform is easy to comprehend, and even beginners can use it. So, before you start this whole process, make sure to get familiar with the platform and how it operates. We tested its performance, hack tools, and avatars, and we haven’t encountered any problems.

You don’t have to reveal your identity, considering you are choosing avatars instead. If you are a bit shy, then we believe this game will be the right choice for you.

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