How to Install a Spy Software on Cell Phones

So you want to install a spy app on a cell phone? That’s great as it’s the best way to keep track of activities of your closest ones, your employees or of anyone who’s dear to you. Most spy apps are compatible even with older software versions starting from 2.1 on Android devices and 6.0 and above for iPhone users.

Installing a spy app on the phone can get you access to that phone’s data, no matter where you are and what device you’re using. However, before you can access that phone, you’ll have to take care of few arrangements that include changing some basic setting on the targeted phone. This is where the complexity of the task at hand really starts to show. Luckily you’re on the right track to finding out all about it.

Rooting the phone made easy

Before we even start with this section let’s clear some things and shed some light on the term ‘rooting’ itself. So, what is rooting exactly? Rooting allows using the full potential of the phone and unlocking all functions that are otherwise locked with factory settings.


It’s giving full access to phone user, similar to administrator option on Windows. Therefore, in order to install a spy app on a phone, you need to root it. So that should be the main priority once you get your hands on the targeted phone.

How to root a phone?

There are two ways to go about it. You can do if by connecting the phone to a PC and use a rooting application, or directly using the same app on that phone. Depending on what approach you choose, and the internet connection that you’re using while installing the app, the process can take from a couple of minutes to ten.

So if you’re an overprotective parent that wants control over their kid’s phone use, you can borrow their phone for an ‘important call’ and install the app while they’re not paying attention. On the other hand if you’re a business man who needs to keep track of employee’s app usage, you can connect their phone individually to your PC, and use this ‘transfer of important data’ as a cover up.

Counter espionage spy apps

While you think that you have all the cards in your hands, the phone user that you’re trying to spy on may have outplayed you by using a similar app. Certain apps like Root Checker can show if the device was previously rooted, implying that spy app was installed in the past on that device. So before you start doing anything on that phone, make sure that you’re the first one to root it.


Install Root Checker or any other app with similar function, and determine whether or not someone performed a jailbreak on that device.

Now you can feel free choose the best cell spy software and continue with your light espionage program. Not checking for signs of previous jailbreak on a device can lead to a reversal of roles, where you are the one who gets outsmarted.

The process downloading and installing the app

After making sure that you’ve gone through all of the steps mentioned above, you can finally install the app itself that will grant you access and full control over the device. Check the security setting on the phone to make sure that the rooting app did its part and enabled ‘unknown sources’ access.

Make sure that you have a secure connection to internet, and open the default browser application on that phone. It’s important to use the basic browser on that device, as other installed browsers, downloaded from that phone’s app market, will leave crumbs of information of your actions. So what now?

Start by typing the address of your favorite spy app and continue to their site. There are a couple of spy apps that guarantee success. You might be familiar with mSpy, Highster Mobile or Flexy Spy. They all have their qualities; it’s on you to choose your favorite one. Once you’re there, head to download section.

Click on that download button and a menu should appear that an ‘unreliable source’ is trying to connect with your device. Disregard the warning as you are well aware of what you’re about to install, and that there is no malicious side to the app other than your own agenda to control the phone’s use.


Again, depending on that phone’s processing speed, internet connection, and software version, the process of downloading can take from five to ten minutes. So make sure that you have a window that allows you to use that particular phone for that time.

After the download process is completed, you will be notified that you’ve successfully downloaded the app. Immediately after the download is completed, a process of installing the app should be initiated. Wait for a couple of more minutes and voila, you’ll have successfully installed spy app on that phone.

Now wherever you go and wherever that phone user goes, you’ll have full access to that phone’s data, as well as other apps installed on that phone. Make sure that you open the app once it’s installed. This way the icon of spy app will change into settings app, hiding its true purpose.

Tips on using the spy app

Try not to expose yourself too much by messing with multiple functions of that phone in the beginning. The phone user will notice that. So, all long as you keep your remote configurations small from the start, there will be no risk of self-exposure.

As time passes, you can control more functions on the phone without raising suspicion. Now, you’re probably asking, why should I wait?

Due to frequent software updates, phone users will not suspect that someone is messing with them, as those updates change a couple of things themselves, including interface, security setting as well as basic functions.So be patient, pull the right moves, and you can monitor their phone for a long time.

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