How to Get Spotify Premium Code for Free?

With more than 40 million premium subscribers each month out of 100 million monthly active users -Spotify is the leading streaming platform currently. Users can stream music, videos and podcasts even for free although ads are being displayed to compensate for the service costs.

Available in most of the world countries, Spotify offers high-quality content streaming and even offline download of all music tracks with its paid subscription model. Free users get to use the service to some extent as long as they listen or view the nagging ads that get played often.

This can be frustrating at times to those who cannot afford to pay for a monthly premium subscription. For all of you out there who are looking to enjoy that paid service, we will show you how to claim your Spotify premium for free and enjoy your favourite tracks as much as you want and without any restrictions at all.

What are Spotify Premium Codes?

The answer is pretty obvious – Spotify Premium code will allow anyone to use premium membership and use the full features which include zero advertisements, the ability to store your music offline and an increased quality of the audio you are streaming onto your devices. Those of you that have already used the Spotify premium free trial will know what we mean when we say that it completely improves the entire experience for every serious music lover.

spotify premium

Using these premium codes, you will have unrestricted access since you will exchange the codes for your premium membership. The codes enable you to have a completely free Spotify premium account.

These codes are completely free to get and there is no restriction on how much codes you can use. You can even use the free Spotify codes to make as many premium accounts for your friends and family members too. Stop wasting your money and join a community of users who regularly come back to get their Spotify premium codes for free.

How to get a free Spotify premium account?

So now that we’ve explained what are free Spotify premium membership codes and how they work, let’s explain how to use them to get your premium account. To activate your premium account all you need to do is to go and get the free code from the Spotify Premium Code Generator and follow the steps you will be given. After obtaining the codes it is easy to activate premium accounts. You can go to the Spotify website or use the mobile apps and simply enter the codes in the payment section.

You will have the field bellow your order details so just input the free code you got and your order will show zero value for payment. Proceed to click the payment button and voila – you now own a Spotify premium membership which you got completely free.

Spotify Premium free trial

If you would like to experience the full benefits of the premium account – Spotify always offers new users with an option to test and try its paid subscription services. You can get the free 30-day trial period once you create a new account. A free trial is also available for iOS and Android users of the mobile app. Apple device users will have to go into the Account section of the app after they log in with their credentials in order to activate the trial of the premium membership. Android users can simply activate the 30-day trial from the left side menu.


For those looking to use Spotify for the whole family, there is an offer to pay and get the unlimited premium access for all of your family members. Best of all each member uses their account independently and that means separate playlists, favourites and offline music tracks download. This offer is valid for up to 5 family members in total.

The offer is even better for those of you who are students. At only five bucks you get your monthly premium and all the perks it has to offer. Gamers who own a PlayStation 4 console also have the unique opportunity to use their premium membership to stream music from the app and listen to their tunes when they play games.

Spotify Premium code generator

This is the real deal folks. This Spotify premium code generator will make you completely forget about ever worrying again about paying for Spotify premium membership. The code generator uses a certain algorithm that takes advantage of the Spotify promo code service and acts as a retrieving mechanism that gives those codes back to you. The best of all is the fact that they use this method to supply their users with free premium codes whenever they need them and do not seem to have any restrictions on how much times you use the code generator.

spotify code generator

The generator is easy to use and it is completely secure. It does not ask for any sort of payments or uses any other type of profit schemes. The service is completely free from advertisements and unlike many fake sites that offer free Spotify premium accounts, this one does not use illegal practices in order to give and offer quality services to their users. The free premium code generator is completely online based and can be accessed with every device equipped to go online and display the website. It is fully compatible and tested on iOS and Android smart devices.

How does it work? 

This free Spotify premium code generator is completely legit and all the positive user testimonials are the best proof that separates this service from those fake sites offering fake premium accounts. The code generator works on a simple principle.

Users are required to follow the steps in order to get their premium codes. Since everything is made to be totally free, users perform simple tasks during the code generation process. This procedure allows the providers to fund and keep the service completely free from advertisements and helps keep everything up and running.

spotify hack

The simple tasks that users perform during the process of code generation provide help to get necessary funds from sponsoring affiliates. The more users interact with the code generator – the more it helps keep this site running efficiently. This explains the fact how it is possible to keep supplying users with their free monthly Spotify premium accounts.

After all of the steps are complete users are shown a code that will be exchange to get them their new premium membership. Users have to choose what type of monthly premium membership they want the codes for. Free codes are different depending on the type of the Spotify membership time frame. You can get as many codes as you require for free as long as you complete all the steps while using the free code generator.


Since this free code generator really is just awesome here are the benefits and main features you get to use with this great Spotify premium code generator:

  • Complete ease of use
  • Clean user interface
  • Speed of operation
  • Zero advertisements
  • Total security and safety with secure embedded protocols
  • Complete privacy – we do not store any data on our servers
  • We don’t ask for your email address
  • Completely legit – no illegal practices are involved in our code
  • Absence of software to be installed – all is done online with cloud architecture
  • Compatibility – available on every device that is internet connected

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the services cost?

Everything that is provided on the website is free to use. In fact, if you are satisfied with the services – feel free to share the site with your friends and family.

How come there are no ads? Are there any secret payment schemes in use?

The site is funded by the users’ interaction with the Premium Code Generator. This way the sponsors get to pay for the traffic and actions users perform during the code generating procedure. There are no hidden costs or payment tricks.

How many codes per month can I get for myself?

You can generate as many codes as you wish. It is forbidden for users to resell and use the free codes for commercial purposes other than for their own use. There aren’t any restrictions on how much codes are generated during each month.

Where can I get your mobile app for my device?

There isn’t a need for a mobile app and so no apps are available. All of the services are available online via the online website. All you need is an internet-enabled device with a browser to come and get your free Spotify premium codes.

Final Words

Spotify is the home of so much great streaming content for users from all around the world. This service started as a website with the intention to allow anyone get access to full features and unlimited premium access on Spotify. It is great for everyone who cannot afford the premium membership cost or possibly wants to save the money and invest it somewhere else.

That is the main reason this completely free tool exists and that performs great and enables everyone to get and experience the full benefits of the premium Spotify features. This way there is a significant increase in the number of users on the biggest streaming network on the planet so it is a win-win situation for everyone.

The customer support also seemed helpful and very friendly to respond to all the questions we had for them. Customer support should always communicate with the users in order to help them with any questions they may have so feel free to get in touch with them if the need arises.

The customer opinions always matter so always share them with customer support. With your suggestions, they will possibly improve and make their services even better. You can use the online contact form to get in touch with them in any case.

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