How to Get Google Play Codes for Free?

You’re probably still wondering how to go around the rules without breaking them. Google Play offers an immense list of games, apps, software, music and other sorts of media. But not all of it is free, right? Google Play users can make purchases online using cards. Luckily for you, there is a way to get them for free, actually a couple of ways. There are two methods of acquiring codes that guarantee success and you’re here to find out how. So how do you get free Google Play codes, exactly?

What Are Google Play Cards and How to Use Them?

Google Play has a rather unique payment system where you buy a card with a limited funds on it and then make purchases with it. You cannot directly pay for a single application, software or media that you’re buying. You need to have these cards as they are the only payment method that Google Play accepts for direct purchases. Google Play Cards can be used for many things, some of which are:

  • Listening to quality music streams and store songs in your online locker. Google Play has a database with more than 40 million songs. This service is available for 62 countries since January 2017.
  • Fully experience the magic behind online multiplayer, compete with friends. Google Play service also features cloud saves, achievement, leaderboard system and much more.
  • Purchase eBooks and upload your own. Google Play Books allows users to buy and upload up to a thousand of their own eBooks.
  • Watch TV shows, Movies, and other digital video media directly from it or buy it to watch later. The service to watch popular movies is available for more than 110 countries. However, TV shows are available only for nine countries including the United States the United Kingdom.
  • Read magazines and news online with Google Newsstand service. Become a subscriber for various magazines and news feeds. Stay in touch with the latest updated on the topics of your choosing.

Using Google Play cards is fairly simple. Once you get a card you can start using Google Play service. Simply select the media that you want and purchase it. Once the funds on your card are depleted, you’re offered with an option to buy a new one directly from that page. So having a Google Play card allows you to make purchases and enjoy this amazing service.

Two Methods of Getting Google Play Credit

Prize Rebel

One method of getting credit on your Google Play account is via Prize Rebel. You might have heard about it, but you never understood what is it or how it works.

So what is Prize Rebel?

It’s an online service provider that lets you earn credit for Google Play. You won’t spend a dime and it’s completely safe to use. It allows users to gain credits that they can, later on, use on a variety of digital media services. Now, you’re wondering what’s the catch, right? There isn’t one.

By participating in an online survey, sharing or watching videos, you’ll contribute to the development of certain software, and in return, you’ll get virtual funds that you can use for purchasing media, software, apps on other digital media services.


Prize Rebel allows you to choose your reward and the type of contribution. You can complete an online survey, answer a bunch of questions and get your prize. You can use social media to expand the reach of certain digital media by sharing them. Also, you can earn your reward by watching a number of videos. Each video will get you a point.

Get enough of these points, and you’ll be provided with your reward. It’s as easy as that, and you don’t pay with money but with your time. So in a way you’re actually earning your rewards, therefore, there is nothing murky about it. Time is money, so instead of paying directly with money, you’re offering your effort and time in return for online resources.

Google Play Code Generator

Your codes are waiting for you! All you need to do is generate them with a simple and quick method. Why spend money on purchasing them when you can get them absolutely for free? Google Play Code generator is an amazing service that lets you chose the type of card you want to generate and the best thing about it is that’s completely safe to use!

So how do you get it?

It’s quite simple, all you need to do is:

  • Click ‘Get Code’ and wait a couple of seconds.
  • Chose the type of card that you want to generate.
  • Once you have it, head to Google Play and redeem it!

They are used to buy all sorts of media available on Google Play including movies, games, apps, software and services and much more. Once you start using this generator you won’t ever again think about spending money for these codes. And why would you? With this simple and easy method, you can get codes any time you want. This software generates up to 500 thousands codes on a daily basis. All of which are valid and ready to use.

google play gift cards

But how is this possible?

Major companies and corporations forgot one thing. And that is that people will always find a way to go around the system and make their services available for everyone. And this is only natural, why shouldn’t you be allowed to enjoy in ordinary things?


Easy to use

It’s extremely easy to use. With only a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to get free codes using this generator. No additional steps to follow other than choosing your type of card and clicking that ‘Generate’ button. After getting the code, you can redeem it just as easily.

Completely Free

There is no catch! All you need to do is ask and you shall receive. It doesn’t require payment in any form. It’s from the people to the people. There are many similar services but not all of them are completely free of charge.

Safe to Use

You don’t have to provide with personal information. No emails and no personal data. You stay completely anonymous as your data is safe and secure. You contribute by participating and using. This way generating codes is a mutually beneficial process.

No Download

Google Play code generator lets you get what you need without downloading or installing anything. Everything is performed on the spot. This is what makes it so popular and stand out among other generators. Simply head to their website, click a couple of times and you’ll get your codes in a matter of minutes.

Mobile Friendly

Being that Google Play service is intended for mobile users as well, the developers made sure that it’s accessible for mobile users. Basically, any device with Android or iOS operating system is able to get access to codes via this generator. Accessibility, as well as availability, is extremely important, and they made sure that every phone user can use this generator.

Frequently Updated

Codes that that this generator provide are updated on a daily basis. This way the chances of getting a used code or invalid one are down to zero. This allows you to get a unique code every time you use this generator. It also guarantees that they are 100 % valid.


How to Redeem Google Play Gift Card

When it comes to redeeming your card the process is as easy as it gets. Once you have your code head to google store on your phone or any other device you’re using. From there go to:

  • Top right corner and click on the drop down menu. You’ll easily recognize it as it’s represented with three parallel horizontal lines.
  • Go to redeem code and click on it.
  • Once you’re there you’ll be presented with an input-code menu.
  • Enter your 20 character code.
  • Make sure that you enter it correctly as these codes are extremely sensitive.
  • If you’re using a smart phone with a pen, you can even draw these codes.
  • After successfully entering the code you’ll add funds to your Google Play wallet!
  • And just like that you can increase your balance and use it to purchase media available on Google Play. Once you’ve done it a couple of times you’ll be able to perform this action with your eyes closed.


There are many ways to get resources that you can, later on, spend on online services, but not all of them are completely free. Sometimes it’s a hoax and sometimes it lets you believe that it’s free but you end up spending money after all.

With this generator the only thing you’ll be spending is a couple of minutes of your time. And isn’t this a great way to get funds on your Google Play account?

The best thing about it is that you can use it whenever you want. Being that it’s free and easy to use, you’re probably wondering how you can return the favor, right? You contribution is more than enough. With it, the developers can focus on improving these services and even provide better ones in the future.

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