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Hey you, careful there! Dead people walking..

That’s pretty much the story of Plants vs Zombies.I guess you would have already played this game by now, if not, I really feel sad for you, but no problems, you can do it today.In the game, you will be the homeowner who uses a variety of different plants to prevent an army of zombies from entering home.The game was awarded the most addictive game awards by critics. What you think I did in the office then?Trust me, this game is so addictive that you will forget there is something called Facebook (at least for a few days).The best part is, the game that usually costs $5 is absolutely free to download today.FREE Plants vs. Zombies - Game of the Year Edition - Full Version Download

Plants vs Zombies Gameplay

In this game, as I said earlier, you will have to place different types of plants in the field in front/back of your home.

Each plant has its own capabilities that will help you prevent zombies from entering your home. But remember, they will stop Zombies only in the lane they are planted in.

However, as the game progresses, you can purchase upgrades which will give you greater capabilities and powers to play the game further.

The primary game mode is single-player. However, there are multi-player and Adventure modes. Also, there are quite a few mini-games which you can play too.
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How to get the Full Version of  Plants vs. Zombies – Game of the Year Edition for Free?

Plants vs Zombies is developed by an American video games company called PopCap Games.

Normally, the games costs around $5 or Rs 300 to buy, but as a part of Origin’s campaign to give away some of the most popular games for free every month, you can now grab a full version of Plants vs Zombies – Game of the Year Edition absolutely free.

There is no catch as such except that you need to have an Origin account and Origin software installed on your PC to download the full version of the game.

As I had said previously, Origin is unlikely to offer the same game for free again and this offer is only till 16th June.

So without thinking twice, grab the game before its gone!

Remember: You don’t have to download the game right away. You can just claim the game by clicking on the big “Get it Now” button. This will link the game to your Origin account, and you can download it later whenever you feel like.

Plants vs Zombies
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Did you Know?

You can play this game online too – Just Visit this Webpage and start playing right away.

Last Thoughts

Plants vs Zombies is such a game which looks silly on the outset. But I challenge you, play it once, just once, and then let me know how you feel.

If I was you, I would have downloaded the game right away. Personally, I loved this game and I am sure you will too.

If you turn out to try it today, let me know your comments on the game from the comments section below.

credits: Origin & PopCap Games

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