FREE Battlefield 3 Full Version Download for PC – Offers Thrills that Only a few games Can Match

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For god’s sake, please don’t tell me you don’t know about this game! Even the KG kids these days know about it (even if they are not playing it)!

You better take a look at the trailer of the game at the end of this post to know how super-cool the game is!Battlefield 3 is among the most celebrated games, offering thrills that only a few games can match.In this game, you can take the role of various military personnel like:

  • a US Marine
  • an F18 Super Jet Pilot
  • a M1A2 Abrams Tank Operator and others

Battlefield 3 Full Version Download

Battlefield 3 Gameplay

Battlefield 3‘s story is set in 2014, that covers events that occur over a span of 9 months.

What’s interesting is that most of the story takes place in the Iraq/Iran region.

To make it a bit different from other games which are of similar genre, most missions occur as flashbacks on part of the interrogation of Staff Sergeant Henry Blackburn, and do not occur in order of events.


Battlefield 3 has 3 modes:

  • Single player
  • Co-operative
  • Multiplayer

You will play alone in the Single player mode where you are the first-person shooter and further take on enemies.

But, in Co-operative mode, you can play with your friends beating their scores while also tracking their performance. Co-op mode allows you to collect more points and unlock some more cool stuff.

In the Multiplayer mode, you can take the role of Assault (assault rifles and healing teammates), Support (light machine guns and supplying ammunition), Engineer (supporting and destroying vehicles) and Recon (sniping and spotting enemies).

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How to get the Full Version of Battlefield 3 for PC free?

Battlefield 3 is developed by the famous Electronic Arts company.

Normally, the game costs $19.99 or Rs 1004 to buy on general days.

But as a part of EA’s campaign to give away some of the most popular games for free every month, you can now grab a full version of Battlefield 3 for absolutely free.

But wait, Why would they give such a popular game for Free? What’s the catch?

Well, I would not say there is no catch! There is a catch behind this.

In fact, there are two:
1. you will need to create an Origin account (unless you already have one), and
2. you will need to install the Origin client on your PC (unless you already have it).

However, those hardly qualify as catches. Don’t you feel so? A good $20 for creating an account and installing Origin software (needed to download the game) on your PC should not be a catch!


Steam works the same way.
So without thinking twice, grab the game before its gone!

EA is unlikely to offer the same game for free again and this offer is only till 3rd June.

The Trick:

You don’t have to download the game before the due date (3rd June).

Just claim the game by clicking on the big “Get it Now” button. This will link the game to your Origin account, and you can download it later whenever you feel like.

Download Battlefield 3 Full Version for Windows PC Free

Last Thoughts

When you get a game like Battlefield 3 for free download, you should just close your eyes and grab it with both hands.

Even if you’re not ready to download it yet, just add it to your Origin game library. Once you do that, it’s all yours and you can install it whenever you want.

And, hey, if you don’t like it, it’s not likely it cost you anything. Uninstall and move on. But I suspect if you can ever do it! Don’t blame me if you get addicted to the game. Oops!

Well, keep ‘em coming, Origin! Well all love it here! What say guys?

credits: Electronic Arts


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