Dragon City Cheats and Hacking Tool That Works

Do you like dragons? Now you can play with your favorite mythical animals on your phone. Dragon City is yet another extremely popular mobile game, developed by Social Point. The game is available on Android and iPhone devices as well on Facebook. This means that next to playing it on your phone, you can enjoy playing Dragon City on your PC via a social platform. The best thing about the game, besides that it features dragons of all sorts, is that it’s completely free and available on Google Play and App Store. So if you haven’t had a chance to try it, head to your gaming market and download the app to start your ideal virtual adventure.

Why Do You need Dragon City Hacking Tool?

The game resembles ‘Farm Vile’ with essential elements of Monster Legends in game mechanics. So the concept is pretty much the same. This means that you’ll also have to spend hours and hours until you get your favorite characters, in this case, dragons. And who has time for that? With Dragon City Hack tool you’ll be able to progress much faster and play the game as it was intended. You’ll still depend on resources and farming objects to grow food to train your dragons if that’s what you desire.


The only thing is that you’ll spend less time waiting for building to finish upgrading, dragons to hatch, level up and improve. You will have all the elements that make this game so special and unique. So if you value your time but still want to enjoy playing games using this hack tool would solve all your problems regarding slow progression in Dragon City.

About Dragon City Cheat Tool

So what is Dragon City Hacking tool? Well, it’s a simple software that manipulates the algorithm of data processing in your phone’s app. Once it transfers the data from your account to its database, it changes some core elements and values, so that you get the what you need. This is why this tool is one of the best online. All you need to do is visit their site and enter your account information. Once you’ve done that, the software will automatically scan how much resources you have and show you how much you can upload in the game without obstructing the game rules and triggering the security system.

Because you’re playing the game online, each time you spend resources, the game updates your status and changes some data in the app itself. The Dragon City hack tool does the same thing, but instead of deducting the resource count it adds. This way you can use as much food to train and level up your dragons, and shards to upgrade them and build more advanced structures.


Pretty useful tool, right? Not only that it’s useful, but it allows you to play the game without spending hours on feeding juvenile dragons and collecting that food when you run out, only to have a max level dragon after a few days. The developers of this app value your time, this is exactly why they create this cheat and hack tool- to help gamers advance and progress faster in the game without spending countless hours leveling.

Wondering what set this tool apart from the other hack and cheat tools?

Online Based

The fact that this tool is completely online based adds to its security and ease of use. Without having to download anything, chances are you’re not going to get a malicious file on your phone and infect the operating system, corrupting essential files in the process.


Dragon City hack tools are undeniably fast. When all other hack tools take ages to respond to your request, this one does it within minutes. So all you need to do is enter your account detail, and you’ll get what you need shorty after.


The game features a lot of dragons, over 12 types, so the hack tool needs a vast database to cover user’s request. Because every code is unique and behaves like a digital resource, the hack tool updates its database so that it doesn’t run out on dragons or that you don’t get the same dragon every time you request for it.


The developers made sure that the hack tool is 100 % safe to use before it was released. To bypass the security measures and avoid activating the anti-cheat countermeasures, they had to put a lot of work in Dragon City hack & cheat tool. Which they did.

Dragon City Hack

About the Game

Dragon City is a simple yet surprisingly interesting mobile game, developed by Social Point and released first for PC on Facebook in May 2012. After positive responses, the developers decided to make the game available for iOS as well as for Android devices later two years after. So if you like dragons, mansions, castles and floating islands, and at the same time you’re a mobile games fan, Dragon City is a perfect game for your taste. But you need to know a bit more about the game until you download it, right? It’s perfectly natural to satisfy your curiosity before you start acting and download the game.


Gameplay Progression System

So the gameplay is fairly simple. You start with some of the basic objects and structures, hatch your first dragon, find a suitable name for your first born dragon and continue developing your island. To be able to have access to higher level dragons, and structures you’ll need to upgrade your key structures. So the game concept is pretty much the same as in every other strategy-based game, right? Well, not entirely.

The game features a combat system as well in which your battle other dragons. Once you’ve beaten some dragons, you can start unlocking higher level dragon. For every dragon that you want to unlock,you’ll have to fulfill a set of objectives required for its unlock. Once you’ve done that you’ll need to buy it with shards, so make sure that you have enough of those purple crystals.

How to Train a Dragon?

First thing’s first, you’ll need a favorite dragon for this. So get your favorite pet dragon, make sure you give it an adequate name and click on the menu to feed it. Once you’ve fed it enough times, it will increase level strengthening its stamina, attack, health and defense stats. To be able to unlock the full potential of your favorite dragon make sure that you have enough of food.


Meaning that you should always pay attention to those resource stats at the top of your screen, as well as on your farming objects.As your dragon gets larger,it will consume more food. So while on first few levels you’ll need the relatively small amount of food resources to gain level, to reach higher levels you’ll need more than a ton of food.

Unlocking Rare Dragons

rare-dragonsTo get uncommon dragons, you will need to invest more time in the game than you thought. Apparently, there is a list of requirements that you need to meet before you can even start unlocking the dragon. To unlock each type, you’ll have to complete all sort of tasks.

So before you start this adventure, make sure you have enough resources and that you’ve developed quite an impressive dragon empire. Also, be sure to focus your investment on one type of dragon at a time. You wouldn’t want to spend your resources trying to unlock several dragons, ending with none in your possession in the end.


How to get Legendary Dragons?

To acquire legendary dragons in Dragon City players would need to unlock full capabilities of several structures first, as well have enough resources to buy the once they become available in the dragon sanctuary.

How to Get Iron Man Dragon?

The only way to get an Iron Man Dragon is to complete a special event that unlocks this dragon from the hatching menu. Stay updated on the upcoming events, and you shouldn’t miss it.

I’ve lost my Account Details. Is there a way to retrieve them

If you’ve lost, either your password or your username for the Dragon City account you can contact customer support and get your details back. However, if you don’t have the required details of personal nature to confirm your identity, you may need to contact the developers directly.

Can I Restart my Progress?

Once an account is created, and progress was made there is no way to return to a previous point, unfortunately. What you can do, is create another account and start the game from the beginning. There is no manual save option in Dragon City, so naturally, there isn’t a load option neither.


Dragon City is a great mobile game suitable for gamers of all age range as well as gender. If you’ve always been fascinated with dragons and floating islands, medieval structures, and castles, magic and spells, then Dragon City is a ‘must try’ game. Get it on App Store or Google play if you’re using Android or iOS device. If you prefer to play it on your PC, you can play the game directly on Facebook. So what are you waiting for dragon lover? Download the game and start your never ending dragon seeking adventure.

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