Beginner’s Guide to War Robots

Having trouble making progress in War Robots? Have no fear; you’re in the right place to elevate your skills in this extremely popular mobile game. Although learning the basic concept of combat may seem simple, as you’ve learned by now there is more to this game than that.

Next to upgrading your skills, choosing your battles, and managing your arsenal, there are a couple of more lessons you should learn in order to be the best in this game. So let’s start from the beginning, and explain thoroughly and in detail every strategy and method that can help you elevate your game and become the ultimate War Robots player.

Hangar Basics

Recklessly scattering your resources is the last thing you want to do in this game. So the first thing that you should do when you enter the hangar is going to menu (in the bottom left of your screen) and choose your name.

Make sure that you put some thought when creating a new name, as later on, you won’t be able to change it without spending gold and resources. And who would want to spend precious in-game resources on that? After you’ve chosen a name, you should also connect your account with Facebook and Game Center.

This will enable you to recover your account, should you lose it or anything bad happens with it. Your ID is unique so take good care of it and make sure you don’t show it to anyone. Connecting your account to a social network such as Facebook also enables you to easily find friends to play with.

But let’s get back to the hangar. In the top left of your screen, you’ll notice a number that indicates your level. Leveling up is important in War Robots as the higher level you are, the more gold you’ll get for entering battles and completing them. Gold is the main resource in this game, and there are many ways to get it, some of which include War Robots cheats and war robot gold generators.

By the time you’re level 30, you’ll unlock most of the war machines and hopefully have access to all upgrades and features that the game provides. This is when the fun starts, but we’re not there yet so let’s continue to next tip in this guide.

Becoming a premium player

There were a lot of discussions regarding the benefits of premium accounts. There are claims that they don’t necessarily contribute to your progress, although the experience and resource boost packs can significantly speed up the process of leveling up.

There are two options here. You can get a ten days VIP subscription or a 30 days subscription. Both provide a boost in acquiring experience and silver from battles.

So if you’re new to War Robots, and want to speed up your progress, it’s recommended that you by either of these two. Silver is an important resource as well, but not as important as gold. If you run out of gold, you can always transform your Silver into the main resource.

Monitoring your progress and statistics

In games such as these, it’s of the utmost importance to monitor the statistics. The better you are at analyzing your battle reports, the more successful you’ll become in your future endeavors in this game. In other words, keeping track of your stats on a daily basis will exponentially improve your proficiency in battles.

You can check your stats by clicking on a profile button on the middle left of your screen. There you’ll find data on your win/loss ratio, damage dealt, damage received, clan info and other important statistics from your battle report.

Teaming up and creating squads

Need reinforcement in a tough battle? Another important thing to remember while playing War Robots is to rely on your teammates. This isn’t a ‘one man army’ type of a game. You’ll need your comrades if you wish to dominate the battlegrounds. More importantly, you’ll need to learn to rely on them.

So the next thing that you should do is to form a squad. On the middle right of your screen, you’ll notice a shield-like logo. Click on that icon, and you’ll be presented with a menu where you can not only invite friends but create squads and customize your team as well as your strategy.


And speaking of strategy, you should develop a couple of primary ones as well as secondary tactics. War Robots accurately presents a futuristic battleground and situations that you may encounter there. So what do you do when things aren’t going as you planned?

You adapt and change your tactics without giving the enemy team chance to see through it. Having a plan B will surprise, and allow you to gain the upper hand and ultimately change the course of the battle.

So before you enter any online match make sure that both you and you squad mates know the ins and outs of every tactic that you previously developed.

Contest and challenges

After you’ve formed a squad and bonded with your teammates, you should invest time in completing challenges, contest, and missions together. Next in line to the squad icon in the middle right of your screen is a trophy icon. Click on that, and you’ll see available daily missions and challenges.

If you’re having trouble completing them, you can invite friends and effortlessly complete them with their help. You can also choose to complete them by yourself if your squad mates are unavailable at the moment. It will be, however, significantly harder to do so. So naturally, it’s advisable that you do it with your War Robots comrades.


Completing daily challenges is the fastest way to leveling up and progressing in this game. So pay attention to any new challenges and pick your battles wisely. Not every battle is worth your time and effort. While some bring gold and experience, other will provide with important upgrades and unique items. Those exact challenges are the ones you should keep your focus on.

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