Advantages of Having Spotify Premium Account

Let’s be honest – everyone likes free stuff. But the truth is that sometimes free stands for a marketing trick instead. Sure, you get something for nothing in return but in a different way. Most online services offer free access at the cost of being bombarded with ads and commercial breaks. This is our modern reality when it comes to multimedia content streaming. Spotify is no exception.


Yes, you have access to loads of songs for free but your overall experience is really limited in so many ways. Consider the fact that even with a low monthly asking price for their paid service – some users still opt to get Spotify premium for free, instead. So, let’s go through some of the benefits of the premium membership. It might just convince you to stop putting up with those annoying advertising interruptions.

Free is not great on Spotify at all

We aren’t really sure why they don’t call this to be a “limited” service instead. It is certainly so. Calling a stream of non-stop advertising, with few songs in between, free – isn’t fair by any standard. Users of Spotify free only get shuffle play of random songs and ads. And that’s it. Nothing else. Fun fact: Even with so many advertisements, Spotify is still not turning a profit.

There are no ads playing on the Premium account

To most of the premium members, this is the number one reason why the pay for the subscription each month. They simply do not wish to listen to marketing on their favourite streaming platform. Ads can be very distracting and disruptive.


And absolutely no one wants to listen to commercial breaks playing in between their songs on a playlist. When you want to enjoy your favourite tracks – there is no place for any kind of interruption. We feel that this is the strongest advantage of using Spotify premium in the first place.

Premium access includes so many great perks

With a subscription, you unlock so many goodies that were kept away from you with the so-called free access. First and foremost, you gain the ability to skip tracks. With no limits.You can play any track you want – whenever you want. Imagine that instead of only having to listen to random songs when using the free service.

You can also listen to your favourite tracks even when you’re offline. All of your playlists will be available to you, locally, on your device – even without an active internet connection. This also means that you can download songs too. As many as you like.


Perhaps, the most neglected feature of Spotify premium is the increased sound quality. Music will sound so much better than before. You also get to use Spotify Radio to create and listen to customised stations.


As you can see there is so much to do with the premium subscription. So, perhaps now that you know the advantages of using a premium service, you may want to consider switching to a monthly subscription. It will surely enhance and enrich your listening experience.

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