7 Most Anticipated Xbox One Games in 2017

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Xbox One users have quite a large list of reasons to be excited in 2017. With so many quality games released during the past couple of years, we can expect from this year to bring even more awesome games playable on this console. What game titles developers and Xbox one have prepared for us in 2017 is beyond every gamer’s assumption.

However we can, as active members of gaming society, show our interests in specific titles and hope that they appear on Xbox One. Here is a list of most anticipated games on Xbox One for 2017 some of which are already released while for other we might have to wait a bit more.

South Park- The Fractured Butthole

The name itself reveals little of the story in this sequel. One thing that guarantees success, or at least the presence of authentic South Park sense of humor in this sequel, is that Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote the scenario themselves. This means that we’ll be seeing a lot of well-written jokes and absurdly funny situations.


In South Park-The Fractured Butthole, players will be able to enjoy exploring a different imaginary universe in the small town of South Park. As kids of South Park debate on Carman’s movie plan, their disagreements transform into a fight that separates them into two groups.

As usually you’ll be presented with a choice. Player’s will take the role of ‘the new kid’ once again and fight their way in a super hero civil war. When it comes to gameplay and character development, players will be able to choose from twelve classes to create their hero.


Remember those really old cartoons that actually had something to say and teach kids about moral values? We’ll you might be too old to watch them now, but if you ever get nostalgic, you can play Cuphead as it’s the next best thing to watching old school cartoons.  This retro looking game will bring lots of fun to you and your friends sitting next to you.


Players will fight through beautifully designed levels until they reach a giant boss who will a bring challenge to your game. Most of the details in this game are hand drawn, which shows the level of dedication developers had when creating Cuphead. This game will be most likely available soon on Xbox one.

Hallo Wars 2

After the underappreciated first part of the game, Hallo Wars 2 comes back bringing full glory of fighting as a Chief once again. The story takes place after the events of Hallo 5 and has 13 missions in the single player campaign. This time you can choose from two factions.

The UNSC or the Banish. The Banish is the newest alien faction that replaces the Covenant. Although the single player aspect of this game definitely has some values, the main focus here is on multiplayer. Being how popular board games have become, the multiplayer system will have a card game blitz mod.


Other than this there will be a few surprising elements added to the multiplayer concept that we’ll not reveal. And even if you spend all your holiday money, you can still find ways to get free Xbox live code and enjoy with your friends in this unforgettable multiplayer experience.

Resident Evil 7- Biohazard

It’s safe to say that the Resident Evil franchise had a couple of bumps on their road to success. With these ups and downs, no one could expect that this 7th installment in the series, will bring fame and glory once again to this horror game title.

There were some changes, first and most obvious one being that it’s set in 1st person mode rather than 3rd person view. Other than that everything else bears the Resident Evil trademark elements like menu, saving copywriter, etc. One of the biggest change that this game has to present to its hardcore fans is the way it’s being played.


There are riddles and there are boss fights, but everything in between is entirely different from anything seen in previous installments of this franchise. If you’re a fan of Resident Evil series, you definitely shouldn’t pass on this one as it may be the best one yet.

State of Decay 2

We all remember first part of this game. It gave the post-apocalyptic genre a new meaning. Surviving in an unforgiving world overcrowded with zombies was never easy. Now you can do all that with your friends. Major improvements such as graphics, combat system and realistic physics took this game to another level.


If you’re a fan of this type of games, it’s time to rally your friends and start your post-apocalyptic adventure. Although the game is intended to be played with friends, you can also go solo and enjoy the single player campaign of this game.


Prey is back and it looks great. Before it was officially confirmed and announced to appear on market on 5th of May, we’ve seen another version of the game that was ultimately canceled. The project was completely abandoned only to give birth to a new game of the same name.

Prey is a sci-fi survival-horror game in which players will find themselves in an abandoned space station overwhelmed with mysterious shape-shifting creatures. A completely new and unique combat system introduced for the first time will surely attract many fans of this genre.

God of War

Kratos is back! This time, we’ll be able to play as different version of Kratos as he teaches his son about the art of war. The new story takes place after the events of God of War 3 but in an entirely different surroundings.


Whether Kratos can be redeemed for everything he has done in the past remains a big question to which players will get answer as they unravel the story. Official release date is not yet announced, but it is expected to appear on Xbox marketplace in 2017.

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