5 Awesome Instagram Features

With its ever-increasing number of users, Instagram keeps growing and adding new features each year. To most people who tend to only browse other people’s content – some of those are probably unknown and unused. This media sharing social network got popular thanks to plenty of convenience and interesting activities that it provides to its users.

After all, you have to innovate in order to keep more than 150 million daily users constantly coming back for more. These frequent changes of features can somewhat confuse people who may or may not know of their existence. That’s why we have a list of some of the best Instagram features currently available.

Capture more of the world around you with video clips

We know that photos are still the most popular expression method of the majority of Instagram users. The video feature has seen a rise in usage ever since it got first introduced. However, most of the people are still unaware that Instagram allows for making longer video clips now. You see, the first videos were limited to only 15 seconds of duration.


This was both good and bad in a way. Limited video duration meant that people came up with new and creative ways that made their clips unique. However, most of the other users thought that such limited time isn’t all that useful. Finally, at the end of March 2016, Instagram decided to change the way users create video content.

And ever since, everyone can now create 60-second long video recordings for the viewing pleasure of their followers. With this new duration expansion, people can capture more and make even better content. Ever since this important change, video sharing has been rising on Instagram. So many people are still unaware of this important change.

Perhaps out of habit most of them still prefer taking photos for sharing. Nevertheless, videos are a perfect way of capturing interesting moments of your everyday life. So, grab that phone or tablet and start making your own creative films for your followers’ viewing pleasure.

Use filters you want and switch off the rest

Yeah, we know, Instagram is unimaginable without its prime image enhancing features. These are also known as filters. Remember that we mentioned that image sharing is so popular. Well, this is mostly because users like to edit them and enhance colors and contrast.

We all experience those moments of awe that simply have to get snapped before they disappear. As with most of Instagram users, we too enjoy adding filters to enhance the overall viewing pleasure for our followers. This makes the photos look more dramatic.


Going through so many filters can be a slow and an annoying process. That’s why there is a nice feature to deactivate the ones you don’t like. Even better you can still leave all of them to be available in case you change your mind. Perhaps the filters you don’t like now will come in handy later.

So, in order to move your favorite filters to the top – tap, the gear icon found at the end of the list. From there simply drag your favorite ones to the top of the list. And if you still want to hide the ones you don’t use at all, simply uncheck them.

Edit your photos to make look more impactful

Snapping a crooked photo is a common occurrence when you’re in a hurry to take a picture of a fast fading moment. Thankfully, there are features that allow you to correct almost any aspect of your pictures. Not that in order to use these image correction features, you have to post photos in a square 1:1 aspect ratio.

You can access straighten and adjust perspective tools by tapping on the wrench icon and choosing “Adjust” option. So now you can correct images that are perhaps distorted in some way.


You will be able to adjust both vertical and horizontal perspective individually. This way you will be able to make your photos look more appealing and professional looking too.

Gestures will make your life easier

For those of you who are frequently using camera – start swiping instead of tapping! This is a much more convenient way of switching between Library, Photo and Video. Not to mention how much time you’ll save from moving in between these three modes. This feature is practicality at its best and a very overlooked one at that, by so many users.

Instagram has a set of very cool apps

Now, you can also have three additional apps. These are not widely known, however, their usage is on the constant rise. These will greatly enhance your content and will surely attract more followers. These are a separate set of apps made by Instagram and they are available for both iOS and Android running devices.

Boomerang app (iOS, Android) works great for creating those awesome looking short videos on a loop. You probably saw them already and perhaps didn’t know how they were made. Well, now you know.

Layout (iOS, Android)is a separate app for creating image collages. It allows you to re-mix up to 9 different pictures that will surely make your album stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Finally, there is the Hyperlapse app (iOS, some third-party Android apps available) for creating great looking time-lapse videos. This app is not so popular and yet the videos made with it will surely leave your followers breathless.

These features will greatly enhance your daily Instagram experience. Perhaps some of them were already known to you and yet you didn’t bother using them. Remember that Instagram keeps growing and is always changing. That is why most of the features get incremental improvements and deserve a checkup from time to time.

Especially in case you didn’t like them the first time they were introduced. Give them a shot as some of them will certainly come in handy.Especially for attracting more attention for your content from your followers.

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