How to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC? A Step-by-Step Guide

In a nutshell

▶ Ever wanted to play those awesome Android games on a big screen? Then why don’t you? Yes, you can run any of those millions of Android apps on your desktop with this simple program called BlueStacks. Learn to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC from this article.

▶ The article has a step-by-step installation guide with screenshots which in particular is intended for beginners.

▶ Downloads:

▶ BlueStacks is compatible with Windows XP, Vista & 7. The compatibility with Windows 8 is expected to come with future releases.

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install BlueStacks on your Windows PC

Every once in a while, I come across an Android app that I’d really love to have on my computer.

Even though the format might be more geared towards Smartphones, sometimes the presentation and functionality of an app would be more PC oriented. After all, Smartphones came only after computers.


Of course there are emulators to run apps on PC but they are not all that great. The performance suffers greatly and sometimes it’s harder to navigate or even use the app.


Enter BlueStacks, one of the coolest Windows applications that enables you to easily download and install your favourite Android apps on PC.

Now, all those millions of Android apps you ever wished for, can run on your PC. It will be just fun and more fun to be playing those Android games on a big screen. Don’t you agree?


Going a step further, BlueStacks also integrates with your PC. Just click on your My Computer and you will see a folder called Apps. Here, you can create shortcuts to the apps and put them on your desktop or start menu.


With most of the upcoming Android Apps being designed to work with that of tablet displays, the apps are perfectly suitable for desktops.


If you were wondering, let me tell you – Instead of your finger, you will be using a mouse. If you have a touch screen desktop, then you are free to use your fingers too.


BlueStacks also provides a few buttons on the bottom of the screen that stand in for the softkeys found on most Android devices. That will be of some great help too.


Now that you have know BlueStacks, lets see – How to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC?



Installing BlueStacks on your Windows PC

1. At first, download the BlueStacks setup file from this link here.


2. Once the download is complete, just double-click on the setup file to start the installation. Next, click on “Continue

install BlueStacks on your Windows PC


3. Up next, tick both the App Store access and App Notification as they are very much necessary for BlueStacks to run at its best. Now, click on “Install” button.

installing BlueStacks on Windows 7


4. The installation would take a few minutes depending on your PC.

installing BlueStacks on Windows 8


5. Once the installation is complete, the Home Screen looks like the one below:

BlueStacks on Windows


6. You will find the search bar on the right top, just click on it and enter the application you would like to download and install.

downloading apps using BlueStacks


7. For example, let’s say you want to install Angry Birds Star Wars, then all you need to is just type it in the search box as seen below and then click on “Install”.

BlueStacks installation guide


8. You will then find 4 sources from where you can install Angry Birds Star Wars. The 4 sources are 1Mobile, GetJar, Amazon Apps and Google Play.

blustacks complete guide


9. While you can directly download apps from 1mobile and GetJar, the Amazon Apps and Google Play need you to sign-in to download. But they are all free!

Just choose the source of your download and you will have the application installed in minutes.


Once installed, you can access all your apps from the “My Apps” section.





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Final Thoughts

BlueStacks is a boon for PC users. Running those millions of Android Apps on PC is just incredible.

Even the high graphics games seem to work well on BlueStacks.

Technically, BlueStacks is still an emulator, but the experience one gets from it is just seamless. You don’t feel like playing the game or running the app on an emulator using BlueStacks.

You get access to almost all apps that you wish to have. I haven’t yet run into a situation where I was unable to find something that I was looking for.

Although BlueStacks is currently in “beta,” I must say it is well polished and works great.

So what are you waiting for? Install BlueStacks on your Windows PC today.

Let me know the apps you are installing on your PC from the comments below.


98 Comments to How to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC? A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. i’m an user of bluestacks for sometime

    since i am one of those rare breeds who still uses a dumb phone..i miss the functionality of certain apps i would like to use…for eg:whatsapp

    bluestacks helps me to send free texts via the whatsapp application…though it does have its limitations like unable to import contacts from the phone and i have to manually enter the contacts…it serves my purpose in emergency situations or when i’m too lazy to get my phone

    • I do use Blue Stacks quite often. Most games and utilities look and work fine. My children love to play on the PC, specially taken advantage of the big screen and direct text intro. The only limitation is that you still have to use the mouse and apps that relly on sensors or other propietary tablet extras wont work. Whatsapp is great to have it in your PC. I use it a lot. Can run on multitasking with windows, and the best is that as far as I know its the only way until now to run it on a PC. Greetings.

  2. i have installed it many times bt it always asks for graphics card…..the s/w didn’t run can u help me….

    • i run bluestacks with on-board graphics on an nvidia 630i chipset…which is powered by integrated nvidia 7100 gpu..and have to sacrifice some ram to share it with my gpu….doesnt give me any errors

      running windows 7 ultimate x32 (aero and all unnecessary features disabled)
      2gb ram
      core2duo and 4 year old motherboard
      no dedicated graphics card

      however display resolution set at 1024×768

  3. samer rustom

    Thank you for all new information. I read the whole thread and you have mistake about the system requirements because i installed it on my laptop with 1 GB memory i got a warring message “You need at least 2 GB of memory to use this application”.

  4. rahul agarwal

    i have 1 gb ram with dual core processor.. whenever i install it in my comp it gives the warning “You need at least 2 GB of memory to use this application” and the installations there any way to install it in 1 gb ram.please help

  5. i installed blue stacks.but i have a small problem with it.whenever i type anything in the search bar and press enter,the searching process is going on for a long time and still doesnt get over.second problem is,whenever i click on any app/game in the home screen of blue stacks itself,it shows the searching process in all 4 links.but after searching is done,it says an error with network connectivity.but sometimes,both these errors are not happening and my download is successfull(rarely).what is the problem with this nikhil?
    is it because my internet connection is slow or anything else?

  6. dash board showing only 3 items.its not showing remaining icons like games/tools/messaging etc.pls find the screen shot

  7. Hi!
    I tried to install bluestacks but while installing it does not finish properly and error says “windows vista SP2 required,null,null”…and it ends there with no further progress.Does this mean that I will not be able to install bluestack ever on windows vista?

  8. Thank you so much. I have been lurking around in the net trying to find a way to install Temple Run for my PC but to no avail. Finally found this.. Thanks! 🙂

  9. jeya ganesh

    hai nikhil im install bluestacks working but follwing error “blue stacks froentend is not responding “my system i3 2.63 ghz 4 gb ram .not graphics card.pls help me.not working in temple run .sorry my bad english

  10. Why Does It Kepp O saying ‘Failed To Install Bluestacks’ Tough I’ve All The Requirements Necessary

  11. Hai,help me..what is the problem when I enable the appStore it always says that failure detected.Pls try again…what does it mean?tnks

  12. Please reply
    after downloading the setup i double clicked on it.a window open saying installing bluestacks..and nothing else .its like 15 to 20 minutes its still installing blue much time wiil it take..?why its not going forward

  13. i downloaded it completely but instead of home screen its showing a black screen..only home screen ,setting ,go back options there at bottom..but there is nothing else ,its blackkk …what to do..i click at home option but nothing happend,,

  14. All my attempts at installing BlueStack failed. Here is what I get each time:

    BlueStacks installation failed.
    Error 1316.A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\Windows\Installer\HP Support Assistant.msi

  15. i tried to install it,but suddenly i got ,”Error 25000. Blustacks currently does not recognize your graphic card. It is possible your Graphic Driver may need to be updated.Please update them and try installing again

  16. Jaca Roe

    What causes the error: “Error 1713: Bluestacks installation failed. Can not install one of the required products for Microsoft Office Shared 64-bit MUI (English) 2007”? Running Win7x64 and I am using MS Office 2007 (don’t like any versions of Office since). Should that really be an issue? Tried deselecting some options on install and nothing changes this error message. What do I need to do?

      • Jaca Roe

        No, I never did. And despite the banner on the BlueStacks support forum that states, “BlueStacks Help Forum employees are here to help” no one has addressed this issue, which I posted in two separate areas in their forum.

        • That’s a bad attitude for an upcoming company. I will try recreating the scenario and will try finding what’s happening. Because my test computer has Word 2007 and BlueStacks did install.

  17. Joseph S.

    i tried to install it on my Windows Vista PC, and also received ”Error 25000. Blustacks currently does not recognize your graphic card. It is possible your Graphic Driver may need to be updated.Please update them and try installing again” But my graphic cards are updated. I appreciate your help with this

  18. the bluestack is not installing…i had the previous version installed…when I updated it it got uninstalled as well and after that I have tried numerous times but of no result…I have got i3 CPU M380 2.53 GHZ with 2GB Ram

  19. I previously ran BlueStacks installed, had a problem attempting to reinstall it.I have the Start BlueStacks icon on my desktop, when I click it asks for permission to continue. I hit continue and nothing happens.

    When I tried to install it over again I get an error message that this application requires vista SP2. I already have that installed on my system and updated it as well. I cannot figure what is wrong. Help please? Thank you.

    • Hi TY,

      Try removing BlueStacks completely using a program like Revo Uninstaller. (Delete its related registry entries on your system, Revo can do that.)
      Then try re-installing BlueStacks.

  20. Ezio Auditore

    hi, i also get the error “failed to install bluestacks” .please help!
    My specs:
    Intel (R) HD Graphics (1.67 GB they are)
    3 GB RAM
    3.2 ghz i3 processor

  21. Nikhil Joshi

    HI Nikhil Nice article
    I have one Problem i cannot install bluestack on my desktop when ever i try to it generates the Error stating cannot recognize Graphics Driver this really creates Issue currently i am using android Developer Emulator that my Brother installed for me can you help me how can i use Bluestack

    This will be a great help for me


  22. I tried to instal bluestacks in my wndws 7 wthen the proces comes to an end it shows that java already instaled n the window exists.Is there any solution??

  23. i tried to install it on my Windows Vista PC, and also received ”Error 25000. Blustacks currently does not recognize your graphic card. It is possible your Graphic Driver may need to be updated.Please update them and try installing again” But my graphic cards are updated. I appreciate your help with this.

  24. I downloaded the exe file as you have mentioned in pc is having 2GB RAM.Its 32 bit windows 7 OS.Processor is Intel Pentium Dual core.No graphics card.Errors are coming while installing the exe.Is graphics card compulsory??

  25. Antonio Renato

    All my attempts to install the BlueStacks result in the message:

    BlueStacks installation failed.

    I tried to install the program on a computer with the settings:

    Intel Core i5-2500k
    16GB de RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 6750 1GB DDR3

    But when trying to install a laptop HP Pavilion DV4 1620br, installation occur without problems or errors. I can’t understand what the problem is!

    Do you know any place that can be the probable solution for this problem?

  26. Annoyed User

    Why are there NO INSTRUCTIONS for this programme

    There is No Hel Files Either

    All I see is a BLACK Screen ALL The time

    This did not work – I try several installations but NBG

    FAIL !!!!!

    This is rubbish

  27. i use aspire one d270 2gb ddr3 memory notebook pc windows 7 32 bit operating system . can i install windows android on to it?

  28. DJ-RoGeRs-BS

    BlueStacks Installation Failed

    This application does not support Windows XP x64 or Windows Server 2003.


  29. help guys theres problem with my installation it said that i need 2gb physical memory?. how would i fix that? or are there any version of bluestacks thanks guys

  30. BubbasBillions

    Installation FAILed

    “DotNet version 2 is required to install Bluestacks App Player…”

    WRong. I verified that MS DotNet V2(as well as V4.0) is in fact installed on my WinXP Pro 32-bit system. From Control Panel I even went through the MS ‘repair/reinstall’ procedure for ShotNet 2.0 and tried again- Same result…
    this seems like such a great concept for a universally useful app player; it’s a damn shame that it seems to be yet another victim of the foul plague of MS bloatware that is DotNet…
    There are so many install problems listed above that maybe this project should be taken over to SourceForge for an open source facelift.

  31. YourMate

    Any one could help me?. May bluestacks is still in the initialize mode for 7hrs?. What should i do?.

    Im using sony viao
    Processor- intel R pentium R processor 1.73GHz
    Ram- 2gb with 32bit os.
    Window 7 ultimate service pack 1.

    Please help me i need the bluestacks app for my job. Thanks.

  32. I tried to install it says after extracting (sorry ,this not the update for this version )help please ?

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