How to recover deleted data on Windows XP, Vista and 7 ?|Undelete360

Losing some very important data and files on windows could make you get on your nerves. The file may contain critical information that is very much necessary to you or your company. You hit your forehead and wish that if you could go back a few seconds and avoid that deletion.

And now you can do just that. Yes you can now recover your deleted data with a simple application called Undelete 360.

What is Undelete360?

Undelete 360 is one of the best software to restore your files that were accidentally deleted from your computer. It is built on fast and efficient algorithm that browse, search and recover files lost due to a different factors like accidental deleting, viruses, software and computer failures. Its the easiest software to use.

What all can Undelete 360 do for me?

  1. Recover deleted files from Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP
  2. Recover deleted files quickly & efficiently
  3. Recover files from hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, camera devices  & other storage devices
  4. Recover files from FAT, NTFS formatted drives
  5. Search & Recover up to 300 file types including office files, photos and video files
  6. Genuine Freeware! No ads, No spyware, No time limits, No feature limits.
  7. Supports not just file recovery but also folder recovery.

How does it recover my files when I have completely deleted it?

Deletion on Windows can be performed using various options. But, internally the resulting action remains the same.

When a file is deleted, the table of content(i.e file information say, file xyz is stored here) that manages the location for a file is deleted. However, the actual file contents remain available.

The file content stored on the drive without any reference can be recovered if no saving or disk-writing operation has been performed after deletion. Therefore, the chance of recovery depends highly on the time between the deletion and recovery attempt.

How will Undelete360 get my data back? Can you explain it in detail ?

Well, surely. Just follow these easy to understand steps and you are done!

1>> Select the Drive To Search: When you run Undelete 360, a main window will be opened.
To start the search for deleted files click on the Search button.

2>> The search then retrieves all connected storage devices and asks the user to select one or multiple devices. Select the device you wish to search by using your mouse to place a tick in the box next to the device name.

Here in the screen-shot below I am searching my Pen drive.

3>> When the Start button is pressed the search commences.

The the progress bar will display the number of files found and proportion of search remaining.

4>> The result screen :

  • Files found are grouped by file type in the left hand column (any files that are found that do not belong to a known file type are placed in the Other Files folder)
  • This right window shows you the number of deleted files that have been found .

The left window items allow the user to filter by application type. That’s handy to limit the file listing to find specific files faster or to recover all files of a specific type.

Also, It is possible to switch to a folder display in the sidebar instead which is handy if files that have been stored in a specific folder need to be recovered.

File previews are available once a file has been selected.(e.g. 2092 JPEG – the image of a cat here in the screen-shot below )

5>> All deleted files are listed with their name, path, recovery status and size. The recovery status gives an indication if a file is recoverable.

Select files to be saved in the Files window by placing a tick next to the file name.

Also it is possible to select multiple files by using a combination of mouse clicks whilst holding down the SHIFT key.

To save selected files click the Recover button.

6>> File filters can be enabled in the top menu as well. Here it is possible to filter by filename, date range and file size.

After pressing the Recover button, new Recover Window will be opened. Destination directory and other related parameters can be configured in this window.

What else can it do other than recovering deleted data?

Undelete 360 offers another interesting feature: It can wipe files and folders making it unrecoverable on the system.

Compatibility : The application is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista & 7 operating system.


Downloads are provided directly at the developer website.


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  1. Undelete 360 is definitely a good utility to bring back your deleted files. Although, I’d recommend to go with only premium recovery software. In spite of their cost, it’s quite enough to scan the troubled media and recover files without damaging or hampering the actual quality.

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    Do you think it is possible to recover a data that is lost for more than 90 days using a data recovery software?. Some of my friends told me that the lost data can easily be overwritten and it is impossible to recover such data which is lost for more than 90 days. is that true?

  3. ziggler081

    Thanks for providing such a information. I have deleted some important files accidentally. I am looking how to get back shift deleted files? Is it possible to recover those data. I did it before two months.

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    Thank you for sharing an interesting article Undelete360. Is it possible to recovery any kind of data including “.rar” files?. There are instances that most data recovery software fails to recovery “.rar” files.

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