FREE Microsoft Safety Scanner Download – portable malware and virus removal tool for Windows

Microsoft Safety Scanner – is a free security tool for Windows OS to perform on-demand scans whenever you get the suspicion of a virus or malware crawling on your system.

It helps in removing viruses, spyware, and other malicious software installed on your PC.

It is a portable application and needs no installation.


What is the difference between my existing anti-virus and Microsoft Safety Scanner ?

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is not a replacement for your existing antivirus software program that provides comprehensive protection.

It includes no real-time protection, it’s purely a scan-and-remove tool when you get suspicious about a virus activity i.e it scans the PC but does not add protection.

But, it can co-exist along with any of your current anti-virus application without any complexities.

Now you know that Microsoft Safety Scanner can’t be considered a full-fledged protection utility for your computer.

Why should I consider this over other applications ?

1>> You can run Microsoft Safety Scanner alongside to any installed antivirus or security software on the system.
This is obviously better than having to uninstall one anti-virus program to run another, as there are often incompatibilities or problems involved when running multiple virus scanners on a system.

2>> It is always up-to-date as it uses the virus information from Microsoft’s Malware Protection center.

3>> You do not have to worry about uninstalling it. After the scan completes, just delete the program from your hard drive and you’re done.

How can I use this tool ?

Microsoft Safety Scanner is very simple to use . It can be easily handled even by a beginner.

The program can be started right after downloading  it to your PC.

Once launched, the program offers you with three options: quick scan, full scan and custom scan.

  • Quick scan – Scans those areas where the system most likely contains virus.
  • Full scan – scans the entire system
  • Custom scan –  allows you to select a specific drive or folder to scan for possible infection.

The tool then performs the scan, attempts to remove any threats it finds and then finishes.

Microsoft Safety Scanner Download

Before you download….! Know these too…

The program is about 70MB as it includes all the latest virus definitions.

A major inconvenience is that – Once downloaded, the tool will work for 10 days before expiring, forcing the user to download a fresh version with the latest updates included.

Where can I download this tool ?

FREE Microsoft Safety Scanner Download can be done from official Microsoft website.

It works like a charm  for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Server.

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