Download Windows 7 to Windows 8 Transformation Pack – 8 Skin Pack for 7

▶ It has visual styles like the leaked screenshots and third party apps of Windows 8.

▶ Create a system restore point to revert the changes if in case you surface problems with this skin pack.


>>Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 (32-bit)
>>Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 (64-bit)



The blogosphere is buzzing with the leaked Windows 8 build 7850 and if you were disappointed that you missed it, then I have some great news for you. You can now get the all new eye candy Windows 8 features on your Windows 7 with “8 Skin Pack for 7“.


It has visual styles like the leaked screenshots and third party apps that have been developed to provide users with the expected Windows 8 features.


What all you get with “8 Skin Pack for 7″ ?

  • The new “betta” fish boot screen.
  • A brand new login screen.
  • New start screen.
  • New Windows 8 logo.
  • New start button.
  • Custom metro visual style.
  • New desktop backgrounds.
  • Taskbar user picture tile.
  • Metro caption buttons (minimize, maximize and close buttons).
  • New window borders.
  • New shell style.
  • New installer.
  • New add mosaic feature.
  • New about Windows box.
  • Metro navigation buttons
  • Supported on both 32bit and 64bit OS and lots more.


Can I have a glimpse of this Skin Pack ?

Here are the screen shots for different Skin Pack features:

Download Windows 7 Into Windows 8 Transformation Pack - 8 Skin Pack for 7

<Click on the image and then zoom-in to have a closer look at the pictures >



Who is the Creator of this Transformation Pack ?

The creator of this transformation pack is Hamed Danger. He had also designed a theme pack which transform your Windows 7 to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and a theme pack that transforms Windows 7 to Ubuntu 11.04 .



Before applying this transformation pack..

Create a system restore point to revert the changes if in case you surface problems with the skin pack.



Last Words :

I have installed “8 Skin Pack for 7” on my laptop running windows 7 without any hazzles.


It looks amazing and it is a must have transformation pack for all Windows lovers.


The installation is very simple and enables you to choose the elements that you want to modify.


In case of finding issues with it, just go to control panel and uninstall the pack.


Downloads :

>>Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 (32-bit)

>>Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 (64-bit)


125 Comments to Download Windows 7 to Windows 8 Transformation Pack – 8 Skin Pack for 7

  1. thanks for windows 7 to windows 8 transformation pack. Will this pack work on both windows 7 home premium and windows 7 professional versions both 32 and 64 bit ?

  2. Ignacio J Rivero

    Gracias por su empeño en transformar y hacer felices a tantos amantes de la tecnología como vos.
    saludos. lo he bajado..seguro me agradará.
    Translated :
    Thank you for your efforts to transform and bring happiness to many lovers of technology as you.
    greetings. I’ve fallen .. I sure like it.

  3. windows 7 key

    This piece of writing will help the internet visitors for creating new blog or even a blog from start to end.

  4. please tell me how i activate panda antivirus pro 2012 when i am trying to activate it wants client number and show eror please show me other way i will be very thankfull to for this

    • Hey Yashpal,

      Don’t you worry too much. There will be a link just next to the space where you enter the client number. Just click on that link and follow whatever it says, you will get your client number. I think you need to register for a panda account and you will get a client number.

  5. does this windows 8 transformation pack works on win7 home basic…as home basic lacks some aero features…

  6. I download windows 8 skin and I think its batter looking also request to Mr. Nikhil pls. give me some advice for if i use win 8 skin my pc can create some problem

    Thanks to Nikhil Chkravarthi


      • mr Nikhil Chakravarthi but i dont know how to create system restore then can you tell me how to do it

          • but if i create system restore then my software will go
            coz this is my genuine windows 7 basic and i have important software thats why and i have games will the games work
            and i have web cam in my lappy and garafic card too but thanks for telling me how to create system restore

          • Hey Ankush,

            I am very sorry dear friend. I didn’t know you were 11. Great to find you here.
            I would suggest you not to use this Windows 8 Transformation Pack. Enjoy having Windows 7.
            Chill on and play a few games. Learn a few programming languages like C. You will have a great future.

            But let me tell you, by creating a system restore, you will not lose any software or games. It is always safe to create a system restore point. Please do create one as you saw in the video. You can restore to that point when you have a system crash.

  7. Nilanjan Chakraborty

    windows 7 transformation pack is awesome.I want to know how did you coded this application, i mean ,which programming language did you use to code this software.Please if you can,please send me the code for creating this application by my self and want to experiance the enthusiasm to see it working.Iwould be highly greatful to you for your kindness.
    Thank you in advance.

  8. Trevor Goble

    Before one downloads Windows 8 or even the theme pack to change the look of windows 7 to look like windows 8 that it will closely resemble “CELL” phone application. If you are looking to have the same look as your cell phone then download away however, if you not and you use you computer for “hard” gaming or browsing then there is no value to down load it.

    Looks…awesome functionality…ok but practical no and keep in mind anytime you change the GUI or alter any registered program you are voiding any warranty or service claims. In otherwords you void your Microsoft service and warranty guarantees.



  10. computer yahoo

    very impressive tropic. I like this type tropic. Good job. I wish your good luck. I have a computer related web. You can visit my web.

    Have a good day.

    • This is the first time any one has faced problem with this transformation pack.
      The pack is very stable and has caused no problems to millions who have downloaded it till today..
      But as initially advised, if you have made a restore point before installing the pack, then start windows in safe mode and restore your computer.

      I strongly feel this is due to installing one or more packs or having viruses on the comp.

      In case of nothing working in your favour, just re-install the WIndows OS.

  11. Kabanda Alora

    How to template design is a really cool site! Besides taking the time to design my page, safety,ink and the artist really matter!!

  12. Thanks for finally talking about Download Windows 7 to Windows 8 Transformation Pack – 8 Skin Pack for 7 TechnoJourney , I Liked it!

  13. Its a very good product.
    thank u so much bro. for this creation.
    I will waiting for more products from u.

  14. Shrikant Gour

    hello…..i installed this produce and restarted my lappy but an error message come up saying-“BOOTMGR is corrupt.Windows cannot boot.” i am not- at-all happy with this.plz help or i’ll have to reinstall using win 7 disc and i ll lose all my files, please the way i have win 7 – prof. disc and i installed win 7 -ultimate insted from a shopie.i dont want to loase my ultimate and get that boring professional. please please please do help……i’ve also created a recovery point but its of no use as the lappy is not even starting! :'(

    • Hi Shrikant,

      Millions have installed this on their computer and it is working fine.

      Some times it happens so that some of the settings in your laptop causing this.

      Try the recovery CDs if you have else just use a windows 7 bootable CD. Only your drive which has windows will be formatted (usually C drive) and the data in the rest of the drives will be intact.

  15. Nila Sultana

    Very interesting article. I’m also very surprised by the reactions to Youthful Writer’s column. Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to exploring this blog regularly.

  16. Nila Sultana

    Hey, extremely good website. I am also working on this topic. I infect came through this on Google and I am Happy I did, I am just absorbing as a lot info as I can at the second, keep updates.
    Thank you.

  17. when i reboot it says *please w8* and the screen flach been like that 4 one H now :/ i can start in safe mode but not normal.


  18. dude… i just got stuck in my laptop…
    i tried to restore my pc but it didnt worked …
    i tried to uninstall it but nothing happened please help me out guys….how to remove this….

    • This happens when you have old registry keys of some uninstalled software left over in your system. On restoring it should have worked. Try starting your system in safe mode and then try restoring.

  19. Hey, I installed this pack, but I didnt have windows 7, but windows vista. Now I cant uninstall the pack, because it is shit. Cant go in to controlpanel to uninstall the program… HELP!!

  20. Abhisek Misra

    Bro, thats a great job… and i really like your blog… and as a techlover i really appreciate ur creativity 🙂 Keep posting bro… 🙂

  21. I am sure that this pack is very good, but I’m afraid:
    If I install this theme will all the documents of the computer go or format?
    or will my computer slow down?
    can u uninstall?

  22. i just buyed a new laptop with windows 7 gui
    and want to instal this pack but does it effect my system ormy warranty
    i,m having recovery disc to
    plz tell me sir

  23. sir i hav a sony vaio e series lappy ..i recently buyd it…will i go for tht service pack or i”ll wait for upgrade ?????
    and yes i downld this pack ___nd whn i extrxct d zip file say file is curptd /?? help me sir plzz

  24. no sir i cnt pllzz help me..i wanna tht custmisation ny how pllz>>>>>.
    my window is 7 home basic ?

  25. very much thank you bro…….and i am stuck up with a problem…offcouse not related with this pack..and i have also seen a good responses of can i use the all Msdos commands in my 32-bit windows ultimate(command prompt) for some commands like “edit” does not word…do you have any solution to this..?
    seeking reply…:)

  26. Is there any problem in installing Windows 8 skin pack in windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. pls mail me your suggestions.

  27. hai i have window 7 professional i tranform into windows 8 ,can i tranform agian into window 7 professional?

  28. Julia Robert

    Thanks for sharing this nice post. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s next generation operating system and Windows 8 features are easy to use for desktop, laptop and tablet users.

  29. Hey Nikhil I’m only 12 and I’m only a kid that just started secondary school… I just ant to ask you if I put this windows 7 to 8 transformation pack on will it lose all my data and games and school work?? Should I do this???

    Please Answer ASAP thanks.


    I’m kinda confused about this please help me out.

  30. Hey i jst had a 2min experience of windows 8 transformation pack in my desktop it was awesome up until it automatically shut down my PC every time when i try to log in! What seems to be the problem?

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