What is Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi Hub ? Your doubts answered..

Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi hub is making a buzz of recently. Many of you would have already got one and others still wondering what would it be ?

Well, this article is purely to answer all such doubts you have about Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi hub.

You guys would have heard Wi-Fi even before, it stands for wireless fidelity –  the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections.

Wi-Fi Hub – is a compact and portable wireless router which combines the functions of modem, router and access point, so that it keeps you connected to the internet where ever you go.

Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi Hub

The Wi-Fi Hub provides internet access for up to 5 devices including digital cameras, notebooks, MP3 players and gaming systems..

The device can share the connection through in a radius of 10 meters or 30 feet.

If you are a someone who carries multiple phones, laptops, other cool gadgets and want to use internet on all devices without hefty phone bills or painful SIM swapping, then this is for you.

What are the Cool Features of the Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi Hub ?

  • Speeds up to 7.2 mbps
  • Dual Mode – Get fast internet even in non 3G areas with Tata Photon Plus Service
  • Share with multiple users
  • Attractive and sleek
  • Portable powered battery that lasts up to 4hrs when used,
  • Wi-Fi Portable Hotspot
  • Has USB port
  • Secure and Password protected

What are its Applications ?

  • Watch Movies Online
  • Social Networking
  • Play Videos Online
  • Play Games
  • Send and receive mails with large attachments

What is the price of this awesome product ?
May be after knowing the price and offer along with it, you may not feel it to be awesome as thought earlier.

It costs a hefty Rs 5999 and comes only with Postpaid Plans that start at Rs 750.

Who are the manufacturers of the Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi Hub ?
ZTE – a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions – Model number AC30.

How about the data service provided by it ?

  • Tata DOCOMO 3G (HSUPA) –
    • Download 7.2Mbps & Upload 5.76Mbps
  • Tata Photon Plus (HSIA) –
    • Download 3.1Mbps & Upload 1.8Mbps.

What is the stand-by time of the device ?
Around 100 hours.

What is the working time of the device ?
Is about 4 hours.

Which are the browsers supported ?
IE (7.0 or later), Firefox (3.0 or later), Opera (10.0 or later), Safari (4.0 or later), Chrome (5.0 or later).

Which are the operating systems supported ?
Windows and MAC OS.

What is the difference between 3G Wi-Fi Hub main purpose routers?
3G Wi-Fi Hub is a portable Wi-Fi device that fits in the palm of your hand. It will allow you to connect up to 5 devices to access the Internet.

How secure is the 3G Wi-Fi Hub?
3G Wi-Fi Hub supports advanced Wi-Fi security protocol through standard methods such as Wi-Fi Protected Access.

What if I forget 3G Wi-Fi Hub password?
3G Wi-Fi Hub can be restored to the factory default settings by pressing the button 10 times continuously. The device will restart automatically to indicate reset is successful.

Does Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi Hub require the software installation?
3G Wi-Fi Hub comes with a browser URL that allows the user to configure the device.
You can activate, select a profile, establish security and set more advanced settings without installing any software.

How long does a user need to charge the battery before they begin using?
The battery must be fully charged before using 3G Wi-Fi Hub for the first time. It is recommended to charge for a minimum of 4 hours time before first use.

Does 3G Wi-Fi Hub support voice calls, fax and/or text messaging?
3G Wi-Fi Hub only support to receive text message.

Can 3G Wi-Fi Hub be used for memory storage?
3G Wi-Fi Hub does not support removable memory storage.

Why is my 3G Wi-Fi Hub turn off automatically during using?
If 3G Wi-Fi Hub operating temperature increases above 65C, the device will automatically shutdown to prevent any damage.

Why can’t I connect to more than 5 devices at a time  using Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi Hub?
You are not allowed to access more than 5 devices to 3G Wi-Fi Hub in order to keep the devices’ data speed stable enough to be communicated without a problem.

Can a user connect 3G Wi-Fi Hub to their computer with a USB cable?
Yes you can, also the 3G Wi-Fi Hub can be charged when connected to a computer via USB cable.

When will a user of 3G Wi-Fi Hub need to access Web GUI configuration interface?
The Web GUI configuration interface will only need to be accessed or used when configuring your device for the first time or changing the security settings or establishing more advanced settings.

Do you still have some more queries about Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi Hub ?

Shoot In your comments in the comment box below..


71 Comments to What is Tata Docomo 3G Wi-Fi Hub ? Your doubts answered..

  1. Gopala Krishna

    Is this dual mode is compulsory? do I need to pay every month for Docomo 3G & Photon+.
    As I am always in city area, Tata Docomo 3G is enough for me. Is it possible that I will not activate Tata Photon+ connection.?
    I need wi-fi router As I may need to connect to multiple device at a time.


    • To use 3G, dual mode is better not compulsory. If ur in dual mode, then you would atleast get 2G in the areas where you don’t have 3G.

      Its not necessarily every month, there are flexible plans present , say for 3 months, 6 months and so …

      Photon + is said to be giving good speeds, may be a good run for your money if you don’t wanna pay huge sums for 3G.

      If you need a wi-fi router for connecting multiple devices, then consider this wi-fi hub.

  2. Do I need to connect via the Docomo Wifi Portable to my PC or Laptop via USB when I use it?
    Cause somebody told me that I need to bring my Laptop to use it,and the Docomo Wifi Portable can’t be use without connecting to Laptop via USB.Sorry for my bad english.

  3. Amit Duggal

    Can I use any other service provider’s(BSNL,AIRTEL) 3G SIM card instead if TATA DOCOMO’s Sim card?

  4. I’ve a lot of doubts regarding the device.
    Firstly how does this dual mode works,lets say I’m in a area where both 3g and photon plus r available then which connection will it catch?
    Secondly,lets say I’m in an area where 3g signals r weak and I wish to switch to photon + network,is there a manual setting?
    Thirdly,how is it possible that a single sim card catches 3g gsm network as well as cdma photon plus network?
    What if i put a docomo card in which only gprs(2g) is active and no 3g plan.
    What if I put a sim card from a photon plus device?
    How’ll this work on roaming?On website its mentioned that on 3g network on roaming they’ll charge 50p/mb if used offnet…How’ll I control or manipulate the network I’m using?
    The WORST part,I called up there customer care and they dont have ANY information.I seriously doubt if the company is any serious about there product.
    I would be really interested if some1 would make a video of all the settings that show up while configuring the GUI browser interface.That’ll solve quite a lot of queries….

    • Q>> Firstly how does this dual mode works,lets say I’m in a area where both 3g and photon plus r available then which connection will it catch?
      Ans: 3G for sure.

      Q>> Secondly,lets say I’m in an area where 3g signals r weak and I wish to switch to photon + network,is there a manual setting?
      Ans : It will try to switch automatically if 3G signal is very weak.

      Q>> Thirdly, how is it possible that a single sim card catches 3g gsm network as well as cdma photon plus network?
      Ans : It is definitely possible. A device can be built to work with both GSM and CDMA technology.

      Q>> What if i put a docomo card in which only gprs(2g) is active and no 3g plan?
      Ans : Since the hub is built in to work for 3G, it will only work with 3G sim cards however there are chances that it will work with a 2G sim card too or a small hack may be necessary.

      Q>> What if I put a sim card from a photon plus device?
      Ans: In Tata Photon Plus, there are 2 slots. One is for for sim card and other for micro sd card. So It should work on 3G enabled Photon device and not on 2G.

      Q>> How’ll this work on roaming? On website its mentioned that on 3g network on roaming they’ll charge 50p/mb if used offnet…How’ll I control or manipulate the network I’m using?
      Ans : Truely speaking, Docomo 3G is yet to cover places and needs time. So, while roaming it becomes inevitable to use other 3G of other networks. The bill will tick with a speed 3 times an auto rickshaw ;). Controlling is tricky and I suggest you use it minimum on roaming.

      • Well,
        thats what my real concern is…
        If you club my first question and my last question,the real problem starts.
        My job demands me to be on the go 24*7,I keep changing places every few months and travel a lot…
        Now lets say I’m in delhi where there is no docomo 3g coverage but there is proper photon plus coverage,in that case won’t it be smart for the device to switch to photon plus network than using other network’s 3g signals?
        To put it differently just assume my first question,will the device prefer a 3rd party 3g connection neglecting photon plus coverage?If it is so,than its a BIG deal breaker…

      • Hii,
        For using this hub, Do I have to connect it to my computer first
        or I can use it directly.
        For ex- I have an ipad and no pc, so would it work directly on my ipad


      • I have this device and would clarify a couple of these points.

        Q>> Thirdly, how is it possible that a single sim card catches 3g gsm network as well as cdma photon plus network?
        A>> you need to manually change the SIM card. There is no automatic detection

        Another Important point is that you will be charged separately for Photon and 3G. Even when I did not use Photon for a whole billing period, I was charged the complete monthly rental of Rs.1000 on both 3G and Photon (Total Rs.2000) on a plan that said – 5GB Combo -Rs1000 🙂

        Funny but true.

  5. Are there any 3G wireless router available in india that support Tata Docomo Modem ZTE CORPORATION Product: MF631

  6. My Desktop doesn’t has a wireless card, can i access internet on it, if i connect my WI-Fi Hub to it via USB Cable.

  7. Paddy Murthy

    Q1. Can I connect my printer. Commericals dont mention it. Woul be good if I can use the wifi part to print from my laptop, ipad to it.

    Q2. Does it come with a Car Charger. I know it has only 4 wirjubg hrs of charge. This may not be adequate on a car travel. You also mentioned that when connected via USB to Laptop it will get charged. I am wondering if I connect to a USB charger directly, would this work. Thanks.

  8. Hi,

    Is this device comes with GSM or CDMA?
    What I want to know is in future if want to change my service provider from docomo to reliance or any other so is it possible?


  9. Using this 3G wifi hub, Can I surf internet on my Infibeam android tab & on my nokia 5530 mobile phone (both these devices are wi fi enabled ). In one of your comments, you said that it is compatible only with Windows & Mac OS.

  10. Hi,

    For the last few days my device is very slow…data limit is ok. is there any way to reset the device other than switch off and on. do you the administrator password for this…

    thanks in advance

  11. Vijay Sharma

    If you are thinking to buy the product please follow my advice and say TATA to it. I have purchased the device on 30th Oct 2011. Today is 1st Dec and still my Photon Plus SIM has not been activated by company. I have made 50 calls to customer care,nodal officer and appellate authorities but every time they made an excuse that the problem will be fixed in 4-5 hours. They have made no mistake in generation of the bill and sent me a bill of Rs 1150 for the services that very never provided.

    Call Center staff has no knowledge about product. Docomo Call center ask you to call Photon Call center and vice-versa.

    Even executive promises are fake and nobody listens.

    Also Tata Docomo 3G services are very poor and many time there is network congestion and you are unable to connect to internet.

    I strongly recommend not to think about buying this product.


  13. Sony Prabhakar

    I have an ipad2. I want to use tata docomo wi fi hub. Will it work for iPad 2?


    Sonu prabhakar

  14. Prabakaran

    What are the other unlocked products available on markets in order to use other service providers. If available please specify them.


    I have a M Blaze Dongle and a Photon+ 2G Dongle. Which WiFi Hub you suggest. Will it work at Chennai where I am located. I am open to buying a New Datacard / Dongle if I get Wifi Connection enabling me to connect 5 Devices at a time as claimed by these Hubs and if the Hub does not support the Two dongles that I already have. Will highly appreciate a reply…Thanks

  16. How can i change my hub’s wifi password…. it is set to its default since i bought it …….

  17. hi,when i connect to my tata docomo wifi hub…..there is a website opened….but on the right it is asking for a administrator password …..which password i have to login with…plz reply….i have to change my settings..

  18. Hrishikesh

    Dear Nikhil,

    I forgot my Wifi login password, is there any way i could get it.I have formatted my laptop & it is asking for Zyxel password and am unable to recollect it.Could you please suggest me a way to get it.I have tata docomo wifi connection through router with 128 kbps speed.


  19. hi , my friend bought a toshiba thrive tablet from future shop thinking she could use it at her camp which does not have internetservice.She thought that since she had a port USB that she could just buy an internet key but was told now by Futureshop that she needed a 3 g hub.She is now confused and asked me for help. I am wondering if the Tata Docomo 3 G Wi-Fi Hub is the best way for her to go. She is open to suggestions. Thanks

  20. jithendra

    Not sure why people are going behind this mifi device which is locked to the service provider. Think that if you want to change the service provider you will be incurring a huge loss.

    Rather than go with some unlocked mifi device like.

  21. Hi Nikhil,
    Is the wifi signal from this hub strong enough to go through walls/ doors? Will the hub connect two ipads in two different rooms (less than 30 feet away), but not in the line of sight of the hub.
    In short, can this replace a wifi router in a small flat?

    P.S. Tata Docomo guys refuse to give any demo of the device or confirm availability of 3g signal with good strength in my flat.

  22. Sony Prabhakar

    Dear nikhil, I want to use AIRTEL 3G SIM CARD for high speed Internet in my TATA DOCOMO WIFI HUB. how can I use other network sim in this WIFI HUB? Kindly tell me how to unlock this device in order to use other NETWORK SIM CARD for high speed Internet service. Because tata docomo has a very limited 3G services in India therefore I want to switch to other network like AIRTEL 3G.

    Reply me soon


  23. Hi All,

    Docomo wifi is waste connection … no customer care, no tech assistants..

    i never seen such waste connetion

  24. I am planning to purchase a Nexus 7 soon which is a WiFi only tablet….I live in a hostel,so I don’t have pc/laptop with me….Can You Tell Me All The Devices (Like This One) Which I Can Use To Get Maximum Speed At Resonable Prices…

  25. Dear Nikhil
    We have been using the Tata Docomo wifi hub for seven months and were quite happy for the first few. Last two months without much change in our usage the cost has gone up from 1400 to 5000 rs. Could it be that someone has hacked into our connection?

    We have changed the password now and are hoping this makes a difference

    Also, is there some way that we can track our data usage per day so we can know whether indeed we are using as much as they say we are?


    • Hey Manisha, I don’t think it was hacked. Make sure you don’t watch a lot of videos and do the downloads. That takes a lot of your bandwidth.
      As far as I know, you can’t track everyday usage. Their customer support would be more than willing to help you with the issue you have with them 🙂

    • How do i set a password for Tata Docomo Wifi hub? I’m using the default password 12345 but thats common for every device. How to change it? Will Tata Docomo respond please? +Tataphoton #tatadocomo

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