Transparent Smartphones : You May Soon Have One!

▶ Do Transparent Smartphones really exist?

▶ The answer is – Yes! Transparent Smartphones do exist!

▶ You might have heard of a few fake stories about Transparent Smartphones, but the one you read here today doesn’t belong to them.

▶ To know the answers to these questions:

  • Who developed it? Apple or Samsung?
  • How does it work?
  • Will it have all features and functionality of a normal Smartphone?
  • When can I buy one?

You will have to read this interesting article.

▶ And after reading it, do let me know what you have to say about Transparent Smartphones? Do you intend to buy one?


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Transparent Smartphones – Do they even Exist?

I am sure most of you would be damn curious on reading the title of this article.

You might have previously heard a few fake stories about Transparent Smartphones but this is not one among them.

Today, I will introduce you to one of the most interesting stories you would have ever read on Technojourney.  No points for guessing, it’s already in the title – Transparent Smartphones.


The first commercial mobile phone was launched somewhere in the mid of the 19th century. It looked big with hard buttons and a huge stick antenna. Of course, it served the purpose but looked really weird. But that’s how things start. Right?

And see what has happened today! That big mobile phone has transformed into a super-cool Smartphone which can do a lot of stuff compared to its predecessor.


Today, Smartphones have started to outnumber PC’s. Most of the tasks which PC’s used to handle are easily handled by Smartphones. Experts believe that Smartphones are the devices of next-generation and are here to stay.

All that is fine. Smartphones are awesome! We all agree upon that, but have you noticed one thing?

There is not much development in the display technology of Smartphones.  Every phone has the same touch technology. Just a few apps and features vary among them.


People are eagerly waiting to see something new. Touch-screens are old now and people are desperately up for a change.

And, guess what! The change is here!

No, it’s not Apple or Samsung that is bringing the change, instead, it’s a the Taiwanese arm of a US company called Polytron Technologies.

Let me tell you, Polytron Technologies is not a new company or a startup. It is a world leader and manufacturer of optical and electronic vision glass


Well, what have Polytron Technologies done? Is it something astonishing? Will it change the next-generation display technology? Can I own a Transparent Smartphone? You will have to continue reading the article for the answers.

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Transparent Smartphones : You May Soon Have One!

smartphones that are transparent

Polytron Technologies have made the first working Transparent Smartphone prototype. And it will be within a year or two that they intend to bring it to the market. It has taken 6 years of hard work and research to develop this awesome technology.

The display of the phone is very important as that’s the first thing we always notice. We pay keen attention to screen size, resolution and the display technology before buying any phone for that matter.

And with Transparent Smartphones entering the market shortly, we are all set to witness a new revolution in the mobile world.


Polytron Technologies has used its proprietary Polyvision Privacy glass in manufacturing the body, and liquid crystal molecules in the OLED display.

And if you just started wondering how this display works, then let me tell you – The liquid crystal molecules present in the display are lined up by the electricity which results in the formation of images and text.

To be more specific – When the power or electricity is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented that scatters incident light and the screen becomes opaque. But when electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up, the incident light passes through, and the screen looks clear.”

There is much more to it and is too technical to understand. Let’s not scratch too much right now!


This see-through phone is ultra lightweight and is said to have all those features and functionality which today’s Smartphones offer.

Polytron said that the Transparent Smartphone will have touch-screens on both sides of the device.

The phone will contain some non-transparent parts such as the battery, SIM card, micro SD card and more but they will all be pushed to the bottom of the phone and will be made opaque.

More details about the phone are yet to be revealed and I will update the post once it is done.


Last Thoughts

A Transparent Smartphone will definitely make your heart go hopping around with joy.

It would be mesmerizing experience for using something like this in the near future.

Doesn’t this idea of a Transparent Smartphone sound exciting to you?

What do you have to say about this incredible technology? Pour in your comments below.


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  1. sharing such wonderful tech news with us….. you prove why we call you awesome….. just great….

  2. We’ve had Mr. India walking through invisible. We’ve seen see-through dresses. Now we see see-through smart-phones. What next? The poor head spins…….
    Thanks for bringing us these information in advance.

  3. I never believed about transparent phones
    you made all to believe it
    and the cost may not be within our expectations..right??

    • Even I didn’t believe it earlier. But now, we all need to believe that Transparent Phones exist.
      The cost is said to be less than an iPhone Prasu. Initially, on the launch, the cost would be high, later, it will definitely go down.

  4. Om Prakash

    WoW! Great article.. Thanks for sharing it with us.. I always recommend my friends to use TechnoJourney […]

  5. ajay patel

    Awesome post sir,
    Smart technology makes smart phones. And Only Smart man can disclose it. Thank you…

  6. its ril amazing. before steve jobs died this was his idea for iphone 5s.
    he died with his brain lololo!

  7. bhanu pratap

    thanks for this good fiction post .
    but we use silicon crystalline as the semi conductor material which has anisotropic properties due to that this is not possible that the mobile will became transparent . but if we use amorphous silicon than this will be possible .
    thanks for this post

  8. bhanu pratap

    dear Nikhil Chakravarthi
    the Polytron Technologies” are in the present only developing electronic and optical vision glass.

    and the video of transparent mobile is fake
    such as before release Samsung s4 have projection key board but after the relase there is no projection light key board
    but thanks for telling me about the Polytron Technologies

      • bhanu pratap

        dear friend in that network link the verge and huffingtonpost only said that they are working on the development of the transparent mobile and the research are going
        for many times . and they wont succeed.
        they said that working concept for a transparent mobile phone has provided a glimpse into – an through – the future of consumer tech.
        they only develop the concept of switchable glass only .

        thanks for that link to give a new concept about switchable glass

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