Five BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC

▶ First-person shooter games have always been the most loved genre in gaming.

▶ Here in this article, I have picked out the best of the BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC that will certainly give you a few jaw-dropping moments. Enjoy the thrill and action to the fullest.

▶ Take a look at these games listed below and let me know the games have you already played and like the most.

Also, let me know those games which you really like and I have missed to list here.

When it comes to game genres, First-Person Shooters are one of the most loved ones.


Playing first-person shooter games like Half-life 2, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero has always been a rich, enjoyable experiences, capturing the hearts and trigger fingers of gamers worldwide.

Time and again, this genre of game has proved it to be the best in the class.


Here in this article, I have picked out the best of the BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC that will certainly give you all the thrill and action you need.

So grab a few bucks to buy theses awesome games as I take you through the journey of the 5 coolest must-have First-Person Shooter Games!


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Five BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC


5. GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007 stands 5th in our quest of best first-person shooter games for PC.

My name is Bond, James Bond!

We all remember these lines from one of the worlds best spies, James Bond. Don’t we?

Well this game is based on the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye, but has quite a few changes in the plot made to fit with the current style of James Bond films.

Although Pierce Brosnan starred as Bond in GoldenEye game during the 1997, the new version features the subsequent Bond actor Daniel Craig.

We all know that the Bond is sent over a mission and so do the players playing this game.

Completing certain missions within particular target times enables the player to unlock bonus cheat options which make various changes to the graphics and gameplay,

Amazing video effects, graphics and sound makes the game a crazy gamers choice.

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4. BioShock 2BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC bioshock 2

BioShock 2 stands 4th in our quest of best first-person shooter games for PC.

BioShock 2 is a survival horror first-person shooter game that has the most engaging premises in a game to date.

The game is set in the fictional underwater dystopia of Rapture.

The city of Rapture was once a thriving metropolis with all sorts of cutting-edge technology.

Your character is one of those Big Daddies and your aim is precisely to find the Little Sister you were paired with.

In BioShock 2, The player explores Rapture and fights off Splicers, the remaining psychotic human population of the city.

To fight, the player uses a combination of the environment, weapons, Plasmids and Tonics.

If you are wondering what Plasmids and Tonics are, then, Plasmids and Tonics are special genetic re-encoding liquids that grant the user active or passive abilities.

As the player explores Rapture, they will collect ammo, health and EVE (a liquid used to power Plasmid use), recovery items, and money.

BioShock 2 features a story driven multi-player mode where the player takes on the role of a citizen of Rapture. Multi-player comes in 7 different modes, two of which have a single and team based mode.

With smart, scary gameplay and a refreshingly mature storyline, BioShock is definitely the game you should play.

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3. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero stands 3rd in our quest of best first-person shooter games for PC.

I have been playing this game from past 9 years and have been an expert in it.

Of lately, I rarely play it due to lack of time.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, called CS:CZ by its crazy fans is a tactical action game which is a complete thrill to play.

You will be challenged by computer bots that are intelligent enough to give you some tough fight in the missions which will be in different locations all over the globe.

There are different modes of play. One is the mission mode where you will be the squad leader of an elite counter-terrorist group. You will use specialized maneuvers and weapon skills to complete over 20 new missions, each containing numerous objectives.

The maps include harsh jungle environments to severe arctic terrains, from unforgiving deserts to dangerous international city streets.

The mission will be to rescue hostages and escort them to safety or to locate and defuse bombs.

In the non-mission mode or custom mode, you can be either be a terrorist or counter-terrorist, choose the number of players, weapons and map to play. The mission is similar to above mode.

CS:CZ advances the award-winning Counter-Strike series by introducing single-player action and special enhancements for online play.

Powered by an enriched Half-Life engine, CS:CZ introduces new game technologies including highly-detailed models, atmospheric enhancements such as snow and rain, and many more dynamic special effects.

On the whole I would say, CS:CZ all depends on your ability to think quickly and strategically! Have fun playing.

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2. Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareBEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC call of duty 4 modern warfare

Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare stands 2nd in our quest of best first-person shooter games for PC.

This new action-thriller game from the award-winning team Infinity Ward, is definitely worth every penny you pay for it.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare delivers the most intense and cinematic action featuring stunning next-generation graphics and sound experience ever to the gamers.

Armed with an arsenal of most advanced, authentic and powerful modern day firepower, this game is a feast for people who like warfare kind of games.

Players will be sent to some of the most treacherous locations around the globe to take on a rogue enemy group threatening the world.

The player might be a U.S. Marine or a British S.A.S. soldier fighting through an unfolding story full of twists and turns.

Here the players use coordinated land and air strikes on a battlefield where speed, accuracy, and communication are essential to defeat the enemies and be victorious.

Call of Duty 4 also delivers an added depth of multi-player action with an all-new community of persistent and customizable gameplay.

Modern Warfare has grabbed the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide, it was such a craze that it became a phenomenon almost overnight. Try it today.

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1. Half-Life 2

BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC Half-Life 2Half-Life 2 stands 1st in our quest of best first-person shooter games for PC.

It’s tough to find a game that is more spell-binding than Half-Life 2.

From the very moment you find yourself riding that train into the City 17, you will feel the vibes all over you.

The players here generally start without any items and slowly build up an arsenal over the course of the game.

The player will have to face a diverse set of enemies with all different tactics and attacks.

However, on constantly playing over a period of time, one can take over enemies with ease.

Half-Life 2 has won 40+ “Game of the Year” awards and some publications and websites have named it the “Game of the Decade”.

It has been sold over 14 million copies by Jan 2012. If you have not yet played this game, this is the right time to try.

Let me tell you, Half-Life 2 is an experience more than it’s a game.

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Last Thoughts

Well there are several other BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC I missed here to list.

I had decided to pick the best 5 games to share with you only after doing complete research for 5 days on them.


Most of the games listed above are affordable and are also available to buy online. They are simply cool and a must try ones.

Even adults should play these games. It gives you all thrill and is definitely fun. A relaxation after the day long work.


Parents, specially, if you are a father of a young kid playing any of such games, play with them and check-out how you feel! It will be great.


Let me know the favorite game you like in the comments below.


33 Comments to Five BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC

  1. Hi nikhil
    i want play this game. Bt unfortunately my pc has very low config. Plz suggest me. Which games are suit for me.
    my config is-
    P4 motherboard
    RAM- 512
    OS- Xp Sp-3(pro)

    • Frankly telling, Your PC configuration is too low to play any of the 5 games.

      You need to have atleast 1 GB RAM and a probably a core 2 duo processor.

      If you like first-person shooter games, you can try playing few online games. Just Google “play first-person shooter games online” and you surely find few very good games.

    • sure you can.i have 512 ram and i have played the best in this list on my need a ripped game for your pc and thats all!try finding it on tpb

  2. hi Nikhil my PC configuration is :
    P4 2.60GHZ
    HD:40 GB
    Video Memory:128 MB
    OS-XP SP3
    RAM-1 GB

    Let me know whether i can play any other game except CS.

  3. All games are nice..but the best which i like is CS i.e counter strike..i have been playing this game since 7-8 years love this game like hell..and the other game call of duty is all good one..Thanks for your valuable information Nikhil.

  4. hi Nikhil my PC configuration is :
    Processor: Intel(R) core(TM)2Duo CPU 2.80GHz
    RAM: 3.00 GB
    System is Window 7, 32 Bit Operating System
    Hard Disk : 500 GB

    Please suggest me which games are applicable for my pc from above…Because I don’t hav Graphic Card.
    As i hav heard name and fame about your account from my friend Naresh and i am really Intrested in ur account Bcoz It is easy to download softwares and games from Ur website and no need to follow any procedures…
    Thanks you….Plz..Reply…!!!!

  5. Hi,Nikhil
    Can i download thee games for free?
    Can you send me the links.
    Thank you!!! Do Reply..

  6. Chittaranjan Ghosh

    hiii Nikhil sir….
    can u suggest me which one among these games suits my system config…
    Processor- Intel core 2 duo
    Ram- 1GB
    O.S- Windows Vista
    Hard Disk- 120 GB
    Direct X 9.0


  7. My Favourite Games:

    1–> GTA (Specially Vice City & GTA IV)
    2–> Counter Strike: Condition Zero
    3–> Need For Speed All like Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit 2, Underground
    4–> Call Of Duty
    5–> Hitman

  8. hey..i have 1gb ram..e7400 2.8gh cor to duo procesor and 128mb intel onboard may i able to play cod4???

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