NanoLight Bulb : The Most Energy-Efficient Light Bulb of the World Today

▶ You may have not payed attention to the light bulbs at your place.

▶ Have you noticed the way the light bulbs are evolving? It was first the incandescent bulbs, then fluorescent tubes, then CFLs and now we have LEDs.

▶ One such LED that is pretty awesome is NanoLight Bulb. Being designed by three graduates from the University of Toronto, it is currently the most-energy efficient light bulb in the world today.

▶ It consumes very less power while providing bright light in all directions.

▶ The makers claim it to be having a shelf-life of 30 years. Looks like the bulb of next-generation is finally here.

▶ Don’t forget to watch the video at the end of this article.


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Why would you be interested in mere Light bulbs?

Here at Technojourney, I am constantly trying to bring some latest developments and trends in technology to you guys.

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Today’s article may not sound very interesting to most of you! Why would you be interested in mere light bulbs? I understand that!

But, don’t you want to know how the light bulbs would look in the future? Don’t you want to get a glimpse of it before everyone else does?

Of course, you would want to, right! We humans always want to stay ahead of others in curiosity and knowledge. We are born to learn!


Well, in this article, let’s take a look at one of the next-generation light bulbs. I will try to tell you how it works, how it’s made, how energy-efficient it is and why you should definitely buy one!

And if you were just wondering what is it called, they call it NanoLight Bulb.



NanoLight Bulb : The Most Energy-Efficient Light Bulb


In a world that has alarming levels of pollution and ever-increasing global warming, a need to conserve more energy by taking up many green initiatives are the only paths ahead.

Using energy-efficient lighting is the primary of them all.


Gone are those days when we used incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tube lights which consumed high power. There has been constant research and development to provide users with the most energy-efficient light bulbs.

An outcome of one such research is the NanoLight Bulb. This bulb was made by 3 graduates from the University of Toronto namely Tom Rodinger, Gimmy Chu, and Christian Yan who believed they can change the world with a light bulb.

They have already raised more than $227,000 with a Kickstarter campaign and are expecting some more funds.


NanoLight Bulb consumes a mere 12 watts of power but generates the same amount of light as a 100-watt incandescent bulb. Now, that is incredible, right!

Unlike other LED bulbs, NanoLight bulb doesn’t waste too much energy in the form of heat. This bulb doesn’t even have a heat sink.

Well, this is the reason NanoLight Bulb is currently called the most energy-efficient light bulb in the world today!


Manufacturing NanoLight bulbs will be done by robots. Once, the assembling is done, the bulbs will be thoroughly checked and then shipped.

These bulbs can be used in any part of the world, that can be either indoor or outdoor.

The makers claim the shelf life of NanoLight Bulb to be 30 years. However, only time will tell this.


This picture below will give you a great idea on how much you could potentially save on your power bills using a NanoLight Bulb.

NanoLight Bulb most energy efficient



Last Thoughts

By cutting down electricity bills and CO2 emissions, NanoLight Bulb definitely looks like the bulb of the future.

NanoLight Bulbs are omnidirectional and hence allows for an even distribution of bright light in all directions.


Well, you should definitely take a look at this video to know how the bulb is made and how it works:


Now that you know you can save hugely on your electricity bills, you should definitely buy one as soon as this hits the market.

What do you think? Will you change all your bulbs at your place with a NanoLight bulb in the future? Let me know them from the comments


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