MYO Armband : The Next Generation Gesture-Control Gadget that will Blow you Away

▶ Technology is just incredible. Today, a huge chunk of research goes on how humans can interact with objects in the days to come.

▶ While touch is already popular among masses, a new technology is taking over it. And that is Gesture control.

▶ With gesture-control at its heart, a new device is entering the market to enthrall the masses called “MYO Armband”.

▶ MYO makes all other gesture control devices look just pale. What makes MYO such an amazing device? Is it the future of control systems?

▶ To know the answers, you will have to read this interesting article. And yes, don’t forget to watch the video at the end.


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The Next Generation Technology – Gesture Control


Technology is incredibly evolving every day. Even as I am writing this article, there might be a new technology evolving to make our lives all more interesting and awesome.

It was jut a few years back that Apple introduced touchscreen phones. And look what has happened today! The touch based devices have taken over the world.

Even as touchscreen devices evolve, a new technology is waiting to take over it – Gesture control.

Yes, I feel the Gesture-control would become the technology of the next generation. You might be well aware of Microsoft’s Kinect which supports camera-based gesture control to play games. Don’t you love playing games with your gestures instead of the old boring button-control?

You may also want to remember Mr. Pranav Mistry here. He was a pioneer in gesture control. You will love this video if you have to not seen it before.

Well, Gesture control refers to controlling things using your body gestures like a wave of the hand, flick of a finger, movement of eyes and more such body gestures.

And now, we have a new addition to this – MYO Armband. This makes all other gesture-control devices look pale.

Why, what makes MYO Armband so special and different? Let’s find out..



MYO Armband

MYO comes from the Greek word “μυο”, for muscle. It is an armband that is dubbed the next generation of gesture control. Developed by Thalmic Labs, MYO uses a combination of motion sensors and muscle activity sensors to track your gestures.

To use the MYO, you need to strap it somewhere above your elbow and perform the gestures to issue commands.

Myo Armband


If you’re thinking what’s inside this armband, then let me tell you – MYO has a Bluetooth 4.0 for communication, a few lithium-ion batteries keep it running, and a low-powered ARM CPU for computation. For accurate gesture recognition, Thalmic Labs have incorporated their own proprietary muscle scanning technology.

Perhaps, this is a far better gesture recognition device as the user need not always look at the camera or stay right next to the communicating device. The only dependency here is the Bluetooth, which can be found in most of the gadgets today.

Thalmic Labs say that the armband will currently work with Windows and Mac OS. The support for  iOS and Android is coming soon.


Now talking about the application of MYO Armband, you can scroll pages up and down, switch between applications on desktop by swiping, play/pause music, increase volume and so on.

MYO Armband is also set to change the way games are played. For instance, in the video, a gamer could just extend his hands in such a way that he is holding a gun, and then fire at the enemy.


It has the potential to be used in even more applications in the future like a TV remote to switch between channels, turn on/off lights and more. I feel crazy if I start imagining about potential applications of this Armband. I leave it to your imagination!


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Last Thoughts

Every year, some or the other thing comes along that makes people say – Look! The future is here! MYO Armband resembles how future control systems will look.

Thalmic Labs say the MYO Armband is so fast, that it can react to the electrical signal in the muscle a moment before the gesture is completed, making it seem as if the device is reading your mind.


While the arm band itself won’t be available until late into the year, the company is making the API available today for iOS and Android developers in hopes that they’ll create applications for it.

If you want to get your hands on the limited number of MYO arm bands upon release, you can preorder a unit today from their official website for $149.


An awesome video below shows you the direction in which the Thalmic Labs are thinking. What do you think? Is this the next-generation technology?



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  1. I salute the developer. That is why it is said that nothing is impossible. In today’s technological advancement, every day we may find one or the other new unbelievable thing coming up. Thanks DADA for sharing.

    • Tue Bhusan. And did you notice Indians in the video? I feel happy to see Indians along with American counterparts leading the technological development in the world. Hats off to them..

  2. ajay patel

    Excellent article sir,
    sorry to say but you have made mistake in title by writing “GETSURE” instead of “GESTURE”.
    I saw Parnav’s video about gesture control on ‘TAD TALKS’.It is just gerat…

  3. bhanu pratap

    unbelievable really cool gizmo . brilliant developer .thank-you to give the post about this gadget.

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