HyTAQ is a Robot that can Fly and even Move on Land

▶ This robot designed by the engineers of Illinois Institute of Technology’s Robotics Lab can not only fly but even move on land.

▶ Of course, we’ve seen loads of remote-controlled robots over the years. But this one is special.

▶ It can operate on both aerial and terrestrial environments.

▶ It is crash-resistant and more energy-efficient.

▶ Not even gusty winds can stop this robot.

▶ This is a true engineering marvel.



Of course, we’ve seen loads of remote-controlled robots over the years.

We’ve seen remote-controlled robots that can fly; we have also seen remote-controlled robots that can move on land. But, what we have not seen is a remote-controlled robot that can both fly and move on land.

You read that right! Here in this article today, you will know more about a robot called HyTAQ – Hybrid Terrestrial and Aerial Quadrotor.

HyTAQ is a Robot that can Fly and even Move on Land.




HyTAQ stands for Hybrid Terrestrial and Aerial Quadrotor.

If you are wondering what a Quadrotor is, then let me tell you – Quadrotor, also called a quadrotor helicopter or quadcopter is lifted and propelled by four rotors, unlike most helicopters.

These vehicles use an electronic control system and electronic sensors to stabilize the aircraft.

With their small size and agile maneuverability, these quadrotors can be flown indoors as well as outdoors


This cool little Quadrotor was designed by Arash Kalantari and Matthew Spenko, engineers from the robotics laboratory at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

As I said earlier, this robot can not only fly but even move on the ground. All this is possible because of a rolling cage that allows the robot to roll easily on the ground.

The cage also makes HyTAQ a crash-resistant Quadrotor. It further acts as a shock absorber and can avoid HyTAQ banging into walls.

The cage is made from a combination of polycarbonate and carbon fiber and has a long axle that is attached to the sides of the Quadrotor flying machine. While the primary purpose of the cage is to allow ground mobility, it does actually protect the rotors.

HyTAQ is a Robot that can Fly and even Move on Land


The engineers say that this Quadrotor can operate in both indoor and outdoor environments. Even the Wind gusts can’t forbid its motion.

You would have now know the difference between a normal Quadrotor and HyTAQ, but there is a very important difference you might have not thought about – Energy Consumption. HyTAQ is more energy-efficient when compared to other aerial-only robots.

The experiments carried out by the engineers showed that HyTAQ can travel four times more and operate almost six times longer than any normal aerial-only vehicles.

During terrestrial locomotion or when rolling on land, the robot only needs to overcome rolling resistance and consumes much less energy compared to the aerial mode.

“This solves one of the most vexing problems of quadrotors and rotorcraft in general—their short operation time,” they said.


HyTAQ moves seamlessly from ground to air and back again. It also solves one of the most challenging problems in terrestrial robot design -obstacle avoidance. When an obstacle is encountered, the robot simply flies over it.

Another success factor in its design, was indeed the cage.Adding a rolling cage to the quadrotor makes terrestrial locomotion possible using the same actuator set and control system.


See the Robot in full action below:



Last Thoughts

The HyTAQ is capable of operating on just about any surface.

Now this is what we call some great thinking. HyTAQ is truly a engineering marvel.

What do you feel about this cool robot? Leave your comments below.


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