Glowing Plants will soon Replace Lights at Your Home with no Electricity!

▶ Some day, your home will have no light bulbs, but just plants.

▶ Yes, the plants will light up your home and streets.

▶ Now, if you can’t believe this, you have no other way than reading this article.

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“Glowing Plants? Are you Kidding Me?”

Most of you would not even have thought about something like this.

glowing plants


My first reaction was –

Glowing Plants? Are you kidding me?”

I said to myself that this is not possible. At least, not with plants. Can the plants glow? Will they light up homes and streets in the future? That too without electricity! Well, this left me thinking all week.


I was so excited that I read hundreds of articles online to know whether this was possible.

While some of the articles said that it was not possible and scientists failed in doing so, most said that the scientists were successfully able to make such plants right in 1980’s. But for some unforeseeable reason, they didn’t continue producing such plants.


Now in the year 2013, we have a new Bioengineering project that has taken over from where it was left in 1980’s. This project has all that is necessary to be a successful one in creating glowing plants that can provide us with a sustainable light source.


The Glowing Plant project is already a big hit and has raised more than $370,000 funds to further expand its research.

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Who are the Makers of these Amazing Plants?

By now, you must have started wondering who are those awesome people responsible for this project?


Well, there are 3 key people behind making these amazing plants, namely:

1. Antony Evans, a tech entrepreneur

2. Omri Amirav-Drory, a synthetic biologist and

3. Kyle Taylor, a botany expert

A research team led by these 3 people plans to create glowing-plants by making use of the improved DNA sequencing and printing techniques.

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How will the Plants Glow?

Now, truly, I don’t want you to be reading all the chemistry stuff on my technology website and I really didn’t like chemistry in my school. However, I will let you know a few things about it.

The Glowing Plant project was inspired by a firefly.

Fireflies have an enzyme called luciferase that is made of a chemical called luciferin. This chemical combines with oxygen to create light.

Now, the research team intends to extract the luciferin and inject it into the plants with various advanced techniques. This involves DNA sequencing and printing .

Since it is pretty difficult to achieve all these bio-engineering task in complex plants, researchers have chosen a small and simple plant named Arabidopsis as it is easy to experiment with.

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Glowing Plants to Light Up your Home

Now the whole concept of making such plants is to replace lights in your home and streets.

Will it not sound crazy to be walking in a street that is lit by plants and not bulbs?

I would love to walk in such street one day! Even at home, the idea seems very cool.

If you are someone who lives in the US or Europe, you can as well buy the plants and related stuff here.


Last Thoughts

Personally, I am very excited about the Glowing Plant project.

If you found this article to be interesting, then do share it with your friends and family.

Some of you can even show off your knowledge about this project with your classmates or colleagues. They will surely envy you.


You should definitely take a look at this video:


What do you feel about this project? Will altering DNA in plants give rise to new species?

Do you think it will have an impact on our Planet? Do you support this project? Let me know your thoughts from the comments section below.


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  2. awesome man… then we have our costs saved.. yipeeeee…..
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  3. This is amazing! Hope i get to see them while I am still roving this planet!

    Thanks for another share!

  4. These plants existed in the world of PANDORA from the movie, AVATAR, if u can remember..
    So the dreams are coming true….

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