Shocking: 50 Reasons Why You Should Not Shop at Flipkart Anymore!

▶ Of late, some of my readers wrote to me about their bad experiences with Flipkart.

▶ Some of my friends who previously went gaga about Flipkart now talked bad about them.

▶ Wondering what could all these be, I decided to investigate. And after a small research, I was shaken! Literally! I was so terrified, all that I said was – “Oh! God. Really? Tell me I am dreaming!”

▶ Why did I say so? What did I see? You read it for self..

Fan Alert: If you are an adherent fan of Flipkart or someone who works for them, then please don’t read this as you may get a mild heart-attack. If you still decide to read, please visit your nearby hospital and then do it. All the best to you!



NOTE:  I was once a great fanboy of Flipkart. I made all my online purchases from them. I trusted them with products and services. I was very happy that an Indian company was able to do what Amazon did in the US.

But sadly, not anymore! Many readers wrote to me alleging fraud and pathetic customer service from Flipkart. I didn’t believe it initially. But, out of curiosity, I conducted a small research on Flipkart, their products and services. What I found was devastating! Truly devastating. This is some unbelievable stuff!

A small research which I conducted over 4 days revealed how Flipkart has changed from better to worse. I can’t believe I am writing this. But I had to do it.  To me, my readers come first. Rest, I just don’t care.

And yeah, I don’t work for Amazon, no, not even for Snap Deal or any other e-retailer.  I work for justice and for rights of the common man.



Really Flipkart? Is this you anymore..?

There was a time when even Flipkart sneezed, people said – Wow, that’s a nice one! They were the pioneers of Indian e-commerce industry. Yeah, sort of! They started off with a few lakhs of business everymonth in 2007 to hundreds of crores today.

They were doing absolutely great. Free deliveries, shipments on time, quality products & better customer interaction. Everything was just impeccable.


But sadly, things changed after Flipkart became a market place in early 2013. They allowed third-party merchants/sellers to sell goods on their site. In an urgency to make more money, increase their product catalog and mimic Amazon, they allowed all kinds of pathetic merchants to get into their site without proper flag checks. The result? The merchants today have made an irreparable damage to the image of the brand “Flipkart”.

We all buy products for the brand name “Flipkart”. But the sellers or merchants who sell products here have gradually eroded the confidence and trust we had in Flipkart. And now, there is a big question mark on the credibility of Flipkart!


Not experienced anything like that from Flipkart? See it for self..



50 Reasons Why You Should Not Shop at Flipkart Anymore

(Click on the images to enlarge)


#1 Stone not Phone

Next time when you open your Flipkart package. Please keep your fingers crossed. You never know what’s inside it.

Yeah, you read that right! They sent 2 pieces of stone instead of a Rs.20,000 worth iPod. Let the Music Play!

Stone not Phone



#2 Delivery Charges? #EPIC FAIL

a.Buying a Rs.37 Soap? Add Rs.40 as Delivery charges to it.

Want to buy 10 Soaps worth Rs.370? Simply add Rs.400 as delivery charges to it. Just try this. Go here, and add 10 soaps to your cart..

They usually deliver goods with jets. That’s the reason they charge you a premium delivery fees. But the question is – Do you have a runway nearby? Oops!

Delivery Charges? #EPIC FAIL

b. #Epic Fail2. Actual Price of this mouse pad is Rs.19, but they charge you Rs.90 extra. Yeah, what did you think? Delivery charges, of course!

Delivery Charges? #EPIC FAIL


c. If you just thought that the delivery charges are on the total billing amount, then you are wrong. You are charged for each product you buy.



#3 They call it 100% Genuine

You felt that you get pirated books only at your nearest traffic signal? Check this out.

They call it 100% Genuine



#4 SnapDeal & eBay Inside

I just can’t take this. Really Flipkart? No company would even want to imagine something like this! This shows how aware you are of what you are selling.

a. Sometimes, if you ordered products from Flipkart, they come in a SnapDeal baggage.
SnapDeal & eBay Inside


b. And sometimes, in a eBay package also. Indeed, Flipkart is very generous in promoting competition and make a fool of itself.
SnapDeal & eBay Inside



#5 Old is Gold

Some one said it but Flipkart follows it.

A lot of customers have recently cried foul for receiving old and used stuff from Flipkart.

a. Here is a sample.
Old is Gold


b. Here is more..
used items

c. Here is some more..

used items sold


#6 Rivals Sell Cheaper

Price is an important factor for most of us. When the rivals of Flipkart sell the same goods at a lower price, why buy from Flipkart?

a.  A Rs. 3500 difference is huge!
Rivals Sell Cheaper


b. The prices are higher even after discounts.
Rivals Sell Cheaper



#7 Promises are Made to be Broken!

So are deliveries. They never reach you on time. No, not even if it’s your birthday!

a. These days, they say 7-10 days, but they ship it within a month. Sometimes, never.

promises broken


b. If you can’t deliver, then why take orders?


c.They literally say they are not committed on delivery time. It’s like – “No commitment boss, it will come when it has to come. OK!”
Promises are Made to be Broken



#8 Paid Rs.90 extra for Next day Delivery?

You will still not get it anyway!
Paid Rs.90 extra for Next day Delivery


b. Again!

next day delivery



#9 VFM!

Now this is what they call VFM – Value For Money. Absolutely, a Music album worth Rs.2,12,500! May be, I should sell both the Kidneys to buy this Music album, I guess!

vfm - value for money



#10 Dare to Gift!

a. They don’t care even if You lose face!

gifting someone forget it


b. The gifts come with a bill. Perfect!
Dare to Gift


c. The gifts are delivered just 4-5 days after the occasion. And sometimes within the month. Yeah, you guessed it right – Traffic jams to blame.

flipkart gifts



#11 No, they are not from Sunday Bazaar!

a. Some one has given you the wrong information. The goods at Flipkart are 100% genuine. They don’t get them from Sunday bazaar!

they are not from Sunday Bazaar


b. Oh ho! The JBL guys couldn’t identify their own product, I guess. Flipkart sells only 100% genuine products.

sunday buzzar fake products


c. It definitely cannot get any worse!
they are not from Sunday Bazaar



#12 Customer Satis-fiction!

a. No, they don’t do this always. But sometimes, when they are bored, you know..

bad customer service


b. Please wait for 24 Hours!

pathetic customer service


c. These days almost every other person calling Flipkart customer service says its – Worst, more Worst and most Worst… and yeah, something like that..
Customer Satis-fiction



#13 So you asked for a Re-Fund?

a. That’s Rs 49,438. Whoa! And they blocked it?

flipkart blocked money


b. It will be definitely returned. Just wait for few more years!
asked for a Re-Fund


c. Customers are now calling it as Scamkart!

refund scam kart



#14 The Great “Return Policy”!

a. They will never come.

flipkart return policy


b. You got it at last!
Return Policy


c. Stop this harassment thing Flipkart! Harassing customers for every other thing? Just a big shame!



d. That is what they would say in the end.



e. Go for it Flipkart. Eat all their money.

flipkart doesn't pick up faulty items



#15 MRP – My Retail Price! #FRAUD

Yeah, MRP at Flipkart means “My Retail Price”. They fix it the way they want.

a. This is Fraud.

flipkart mrp fraud


b. This is against the law.



c. Well done Flipkart. Eat, eat all their money!

flipkart mrp fraud


d. This is real bad!

Flipkart crime


#16 Buy 10. Get billed for 20

The computers must be old. They must have forgot simple addition! It’s not the fault of Flipkart! Come on..

Buy 10. Get billed for 20



#17 Customers exposed

Customers are king. So, they use them in Ads.

Customers exposed flipkart



#18 Spam

Selling personal information to third-parties?

flipkart spam



#19 Discounts are an eye-wash

a. Of course, there are discounts. Who said no! But, Flipkart just doubles the price before they offer you one.

Discounts are an eye-wash


b. That is what the discounts are all about. Increase price and then discount them.



c. Intelligent!

Discounts are an eye-wash flipkart



#20 Deals, Freebies, Competitions and Offers can be fake

a. Now, this is what we call pure business! Well done Flipkart. You continue doing this. People won’t get to know all these stuff.

fake deals


b. You still believe in SALES? SALES – Special Amount for Long-ago Expired Stocks!

fake marketing


c. May be, they love freebies more than you! So, they keep it for themselves.

fake free gifts


d. They love talking to customers I guess!

offer fake


e. Sometimes, you will need to go to their warehouse (don’t know where in India) to pick up your gifts!




#21 No, I didn’t Order these..

a. Flipkart can repeatedly send you wrong products. Not just once, but twice, thrice and even multiple times.

flipkart wrong items


b. They don’t always do it. But sometimes.. you know!

fraud during refund


c. If they send you the wrong product even the third time, then…. please send it back. They will send you a new wrong product again..

flipkart wrong



#22 Even the Book Publishers are Annoyed..


flipkart publisher annoyed



#23 Your Orders get cancelled on their own! #FREAKISH

a. Proof 1

your Orders get cancelled on their own


b. Proof 2



c. Proof 3




#24 No Point in Pre-ordering

There is absolutely no-point in per-ordering as you get the product only when it is available to everyone!

No Point in Pre-ordering


No Point in Pre-ordering flipkart



#25 It’s Flipkart which writes the reviews, not the Customers!

a. If you are not writing them, then they will do it.

Flipkart which writes the reviews


b. Oh no! They must have missed that bit. They usually are very good in writing fake reviews.



c. See, they agreed! Good guys.

Flipkart which writes the reviews



#26 They delete bad reviews written by customers

a. “Life is like a good review. If you like good reviews, then delete the bad reviews. Because, good people like good reviews and bad people also like good reviews. If bad people like good reviews, and good people like bad reviews, they will still delete the bad reviews and keep the good reviews. (No, even I didn’t get it)

delete bad reviews written by customers


b. They delete it! Yes, they are good at it.




#27 You have no Freedom of Speech!

a. That’s Democracy for you!

You have no Freedom of Speech


You have no Freedom of Speech


b. Do you call it a review, if you write it as per someone’s demand?




#28 They have no idea about the gadgets they sell!

HTC One 801e doesn’t support expandable memory. Now, what should one do with that 8GB memory card? And, they call it the Offer!

These guys have no idea on what they are selling! May be, they feel everything is every other thing.

They have no idea about the gadgets




#29 Fake Banners!

Sometimes, Flipkart shows fake banners to attract customers. But certainly, customers are annoyed once they get to know that it’s fake.

Fake Banners



#30 Time Waste!

They certainly don’t value customers time. Discontinued products are still shown in search.

serach waste



#31 Not our Authorized Partners!

Big Brands don’t Endorse Flipkart. They say they are not the authorized partners.

Not our Authorized Partners



#32 They Hide Product Description

a. Next time, if you don’t see proper information about the product. Ignore it.

Hide Product Description


b. Else, you will be definitely disappointed like thousands of other customers.




#33 You are Blacklisted

a. If some day, if you see your account being blacklisted for some reason, be prepared for it.

blacklist flipkart


b. But, I find this very annoying. No customer would ever return if they are blacklisted.

You are Blacklisted



#34 Forget late delivery. To Some locations, they don’t even Deliver!

a. Don’t threaten Flipkart!

they don’t even Deliver


b. See.. they are Afriad! I said you…




#35  Limit on Order Value? #GodSaveFlipkart

This is crazy. Don’t you want orders of more value Flipkart?

Limit on Order Value



#36 They don’t have the Latest Products

latest not available



#37  Out-of-Stock!

A lot of products they have are out-of-stock.

out of stock1

out of stock



#38 Is that a brand? I have never heard of it!

Only God knows some of the brands sold on Flipkart.

unknown brand



#39 Innumerable Glitches!

May be they are not all that good at coding.

Flipkart has innumerable errors while using the website. The website really tests the customer’s patience!

a. This glitch even exposed the code!

Innumerable Glitches errors flipkart

b. The cart failed.



c. Wallet payment failed.




#40 Nothing there!

Sometimes, even if the delivery is on time, there would be nothing in the package.

nothing in the package



#41 Healthy to Unhealthy

Even the healthy will become unhealthy with such an experience from Flipkart’s healthcare products.




#42 Price Rise before the Sun rise

On Flipkart, you never know when prices rise. The product which you saw being sold at Rs. 1999 today will be Rs.2999 next day.

a. Yeah, they do that!

Price Rise before the Sun rise


b. A sudden increase!

price rise2


c. They keep rising it till you guys stop buying!

price increase



#43 Voila! Double Acting?

I have never seen this happen anywhere. This is unique to Flipkart I guess. However, this is ridiculous!

The same phone with all same specification has two different prices!

double acting

varied prices same product flipkart



#44 Cash Back!

But wait, Cash Back means, cash is back with Flipkart. Not you!

cash back offer



#45 EMI

a. If you had no money and opted EMI to buy a product, beware!

emi not working flipkart


b. Once you have brought the product, it’s your head ache. They don’t care!




#46 And you were Happy when you got their Vouchers

a. This is to the Companies giving Flipkart Vouchers to their employees – Stop giving it! Else, the employees will be demotivated and frustrated!

 voucher from flipkart waste


b. Vouchers… Are they worth?

voucher 2


c. If it’s just WS Retail, then why don’t you mention that!

voucher 3



#47 Payment Gateway Problems!

a. The payment gateway seems to be testing customer’s bank balance.

cheating during payment gateway


b. It needs a quick fix at the outset!

gateway cheating



#48 Going Down! Mayday Mayday!

a. The site is down at times.

flipkart is down


b. Certainly, customers are disappointed.

flipkart down 2


c. They definitely need to upgrade their infrastructure.

flipkart down 3



#49 At Flipkart, God’s Must Be Crazy!

a. This HTC phone was used by lord Shiva. So, it was priced at Rs.1,89,999. But Flipkart was kind enough to offer a 91% discount on it. Bow down for the lord! Courtesy and kindness at its peak!

unbelivable flipkart


b. You got the message at least!

god 2


c. That’s Flipkart for you!

god 3


d. That’s the way their customer service work. It’s crazy!

god 4


e. As I said, God’s Must Be Crazy!

god 5


f. Rs.40,272 for this David Beckham book!

god 6


g. Suggesting Hitler’s autobiography to kids? Unbelievable! No parent would ever want their kid to be another Hitler!

god 7a

god 7



#50 Today, People feel..

a. FAIL1

last 1


b. FAIL2

last 2


c. FAIL3

last 3


d. FAIL4

last 4


e. FAIL5

last 5


f. FAIL6

last 6


g. FAIL 7

last 7



Piece Of Advice To Flipkart

No, this was not to hurt you! This was only to show where you guys have reached today. At times, when you have grown so big that you cannot see your back, you definitely need someone to tap you and say – “Look, this is where you have headed an if this continues, you will be soon gone”.

And that is all I meant. I would be very happy if you took a leaf of this page and try to repair the damage that you guys have done to yourself.

And if you ask me what you guys need to do? You know the answer to that! Of course, you are better at your business. However, I would like to point out a few things. I feel your problems are your merchants. Put a stringent quality check on them. Create a dedicated team that helps your merchants in developing their services on products and shipping. Make the merchants understand what quality/service the customers of modern Indian prefer. Have a weekly review with them. Throw all your fraudulent sellers who don’t abide by the standards. I see most of your sellers have around 50-70% positive feedback. This means out of every 10 customers, 4-5 are unhappy. You must an should act upon his. Every customer counts. This way, half of your problems should be solved.

The retail industry is all about quality & service. Get back to your olden days of great quality & service. It’s not about having the largest catalog with some fraud merchants. It’s about having a limited catalog, but good merchants.


Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand how difficult it is to put things in place. But you have no choice! Else, competition will eat you up. Remember what Google did to Yahoo?

And last thing, don’t promise if you can’t deliver. No, promises are not made to be broken. A promise is always a promise.

Hope this helps!


Last Thoughts

There are thousands who say Flipkart cheated them. There are millions who say their promises were broken. In a country with a billion population, it would not be late before everyone gets to know this!

And please don’t share this with your friends or relatives! Let them suffer too.. Why just you and me? (kidding). You guys know what to do with it. Whoa! Just make sure you don’t make this viral and crash the website.

Looking at all this stuff, I am sure you would have decided something by now!

Well, what was your experience with Flipkart? Let everyone know them from the comments section below..


29 Comments to Shocking: 50 Reasons Why You Should Not Shop at Flipkart Anymore!

    • i usually buy products from flipkart from the seller WS retail , which is the company of flipkart group , till now i am sure that i am not cheated, as nikhil and others stated the other merchants has dethroned the reputation 0f flipkart, i have not purchased from merchants other than ws retail from flipkart.and my humble advice to all is please buy from ws retail only , from my experience i am sure you will not be cheated, its true my heart

  1. Shrinivasan P

    So far, I have never been disappointed by Flipkart, either while ordering or while delivery by payment or COD. It IS true that some items are more expensive on flipkart, but it is for us to check through various websites and order. The most expensive item that I bought was an Asus Laptop for Rs.34999 ( I bought it on COD), order processed and delivered promptly without any issues. One keyboard (Lenovo) developed a problem, a minor one I could live without, yet when I asked for a replacement, it was done. I have bought books, CDs, a motherboard and various items like blades, trimmer, mixer etc., Not a huge buyer !
    Yet, in my account there are some items that I have never ordered, (only browsed them) and on query with flipkart they said ” Don’t worry, we will not bill you for them” , they must be software glitches !
    It is possible that to compete with Amazon they expanded recklessly including merchants of dubious character who delivered used/defective items for which flipkart must take responsibility and correct if they want to be in the marketplace !
    I believe that the entrepreneurs who started flipkart are waiting to be bought by Amazon so they can retire rich !

  2. Naresh Mintri

    Thank you, Nikhil, for one more informative article. As it is, me personally, am wary of online buying. Never know what to expect in that sealed packet on COD purchases, and the delivery man won’t let you open and see what’s inside. Having read your article… way I am going to buy online. Was planning to order a couple of books, now better walk down to Oxford/Crossword and the like and [a a little more, or like you mentioned, search for one in the street corner for the pirated edition (naaa….don’t believe in it myself). Hope these online people understand they cannot take you for ride always!

    • I am happy that it helped Naresh. Not all online retailers are bad, but then, such things happen too.. I would suggest every one to be careful while buying something online. If possible, it would be always be great to buy it from your neatest store.

  3. Nikhil Gupta

    Everything you mentioned is cent percent accurate & not fake.

    I totally agree with you regarding summary that Flipkart needs to look into merchants quality check otherwise they will be ruined.

    BTW i am still a Flipkart customer & they never let me down( be it delivery time , refunds , replacements, customer support etc. , i have tried all the aspects of online shopping)

    Except this time that they delayed my Moto G shipment by 7 days citing they have huge demand & needs to procure more from Motorola(i got My flip cover before phone itself) 🙁

    But the thing is that i only buy from WS Retail , none other seller & i lives in DELHI-NCR( may be that’s the reason i never suffered from any of the above problems mainly related to delivery time in non metros & products not genuine( by other sellers of course, never saw a fake product review on Internet delivered by WS Retail & never experienced one )

    Sellers other than WS Retail do mark their prices higher much much higher that Market price, so one should never buys from them.

    Moreover they seriously need to look at their Infrastructure & inventory management team.

  4. i myself brought some books, electronic items such as batteries, headphones…etc and never got a problem and was very satisfied with that because all the products were delivered in time. but recently i ordered a book and it was delivered on time but to my shock it was a duplicate one which has been photocopied on very very cheap paper and the dvd provided with it was not working.

    i requested for the return and waiting to get a response.

    but the info that was provided above was real as i know that some of the things happened to my friends.
    but what i think is that this is the problem that has occurred due to the fake resellers and the flipkart has to follow all the suggestions that were mentioned above(by you)

  5. That is a perfect example how to axe your own legs…. Awesome post…. I love it and try to spread the news as far as possible.

  6. WS Retail are Blackmailers. They said to my friend (who was annoyed of receiving defective product form Flipkart then asked to contact retailer) not to annoy Flipkart as no one is there to entertain him. and to adjust with what he got….Simple isn’t it?

  7. Yes these are correct, see this… Dayan 5 Zhanchi – Speed Cube in flipkart price is Rs.1899 and its in ebay ( Dayan Zhanchi 55mm STICKERLESS Speed cube) is Rs.839 its too fraud.. call it as FraudKart..

  8. Dharmesh Bafna

    Superb Article, I can see how much hard work you did to prepare this post,
    I don’t have any bad experience with flipkart, but I didn’t find any intresting deal on it, amazon and shopclues provide much better deals so I shop there.

  9. Deepak Dwivedi

    As they say- “Prevention is better than cure”, you indeed have done a wonderful job…
    Hats off to you Brother… 🙂

  10. I’ve been buying from them for a while, especially books and recently bought a watch. And thankfully never had any problem.
    But one of my classmates had been deceived last year and she’s yet to be refunded. I really hope they listen to your suggestions.
    Snapdeal can also better themselves by choosing a strict delivery service, the 3rd party they had chose are sometimes really pathetic and few delivery guys were really rude when they delivered the goods one month late! :/

  11. Sourabh Singh

    I Had ordered a Lumia 1320 from flipkart. It had some display issues. I raised a replacement request, they did respond and a new phone was delivered to me which was again a defective product. There was a scratch on the Glass and not just a scratch, a severe one like a scratch due to a sharp object and also the display had a white spot inside. I did not raise a return request again, thought what if they deliver something worse than this. After sometime I ordered Moto E’s, since they are the only seller and its not available anywhere else, I had ordered 4 within a month, by this time they had blacklisted me which I didn’t know. After that all my new orders were being cancelled without any reason given to me. So finally after cancellation of a order I contacted the Customer care, I was shocked to hear what they had to say. They said “Sir you are a re seller and we don’t sell to re sellers”. How the heck did I become a re seller from a customer!! Pathetic. Just because I ordered a particular product multiple times they think I am a re seller. They have not mentioned it anywhere about the limitations on buying any particular product. How would I know if I am doing wrong. I had been shopping since 2012 as a loyal customer and this is how they behave, not anymore now. NEVER.

  12. Well, I usually buy from Flipkart..I have purchased books, external hard drives, even my samsung phone…Have got no problems with it. No problem and when I did, these books were priced lower than other websites….

    However, recently I wanted to buy the screenwriter’s bible by david trottier..First thing, there was no picture. Second thing, it was priced at 1698 whereas on Amazon it was 1504. so purchased it on Amazon instead as on Amazon I could have a sneak peek and also there was a picture. Thirdly, the book listed on Flipkart was not by WS Retail…so I do not buy from any other company other than WS Retail which is a popular merchant on Flipkart….

    If you are buying from Flipkart, only buy from WS Retail…There are other good sellers of course (I don’t remember their names but I can recognize them when they appear)…but yea, most other sellers are bad…Buy from Amazon instead..Recently I purchased a phone and now this book from there….Good service.

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