Get Discounts and Freebies on Quick Heal Products with their Innovative Concept

▶ Quick Heal in their latest campaign wants to tell PC and phone users that their gadgets are of no use without a good security app installed in it.

▶ And to convey this, there are all set to make 101 crazy videos with some interesting memes.

▶ Also, if you were planning to buy Quick Heal products, then this is the right time to do it. You can now get 10.1% off on all Quick Heal Products.

▶ You can also win some cool T-shirts, Shoppers Stop vouchers and SanDisk flash drive.

▶ Continue reading to know what’s in store for you.



Use your Laptop as Chopping Board!

Quick Heal, an Indian based PC and mobile security products maker has come up with an innovative concept that no other security firm in the world has ever done.

In their new website, Quick Heal is trying to tell people about what happens to their gadgets if they don’t have an antivirus application installed on it.

Not just this, they are offering a 10.1% discount on their products along with various cool freebies.

So, in this post, let’s take a quick look at what’s in store for you.

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I have always told you that security is the most important aspect of any gadget for that matter. That may be your computer or Smartphone. Without having  a security app, you are always at risk of getting hacked and losing important data.

You may want to remember how hundreds of bank accounts of individuals were hacked and their money was transferred just a few weeks ago. All these incidents largely happen due to the carelessness of people towards security on their phone and PC.

So, in short, Quick Heal wants to tell people that without having an antivirus software installed on your gadgets, it is of no use.

And to tell you that, Quick Heal has launched a new website where they are making use of creative videos and memes.


10.1% Discount on Quick Heal Products

As a part of their new promotion, Quick Heal is offering a 10.1 percent discount on their various products.

Those of you who wanted to buy Quick Heal, maybe this is the time to do it.

quick heal discount



101 Hilarious Videos

To depict the use of gadgets without an antivirus app, Quick Heal plans to make 101 videos. At the time of writing this post, there were 3 videos that were posted on the website.


Take a look at few videos,

In this video, the laptop is used as a board to chop vegetables


Here, a tablet is used to play table tennis.


Hope you enjoyed watching these videos.  You can watch more such videos on their website in the days to come.


Thought-provoking Memes

Memes memes everywhere.  Almost 50% of social media websites today are all filled with memes. The memes have become a fun way to convey meaningful messages.

Rightly, Quick Heal has also made use of memes to deliver messages to the users.  Here are some of the funny and interesting one’s for you.

meme quick heal


20130602090627memes (9)


Get Discounts and Freebies on Quick Heal Products with their Innovative Concept


meme 7


Win Cool Freebies

Quick Heal is also running a contest on Twitter trough which you can win cool T-shirts, Shoppers Stop vouchers and SanDisk flash drive.

All you have to do is just tweet and you may be one of the lucky winners.

More details on this can be found on their new website.


Last Thoughts

Frankly, I think Quick Heal has done a great job at creating an awareness among users on what happens to their gadgets without proper security apps.

Making good use of multimedia like videos and images to convey this message makes it all more interesting.

Also, you can make use of their discounts before the offer expires.

All in all, well done Quick Heal. All the best to your innovative campaign from our side.


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