Best Alternatives to Megaupload and Filesonic File Hosting

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Best Alternatives to Megaupload and Filesonic File Hosting .

▶ If you were searching for some better alternatives to Megaupload or Filesonic, then we have simplified that for you :

Megaupload died just a few days back. The seriousness of the issue is so high that it has sent shivers to other file storage sites.


In an apparent attempt to escape from legal actions, many file storing sites are taking tough actions.


A good example of this is Filesonic. It has disabled its file sharing functions and now allow users to access only their own files. has blocked US access to its site entirely.


People who were using Megaupload or Filesonic for storing files or downloads are now left with the task of finding a comparable file hosting service.


You can now stop your search as we have already done it on your behalf. There are few good alternative sites that can help you.



Here they are..

1>> Mediafire : Is the best filehosting service currently on web. It is free and simple to use. It has no annoying waiting periods.

The best thing about MediaFire is that you can start uploading files right away, without even having to create a user account.

Just drag the files and begin uploading.

However one big disadvantage is that the maximum file size for free accounts is just 200 MB.

Best Alternatives to Megaupload and Filesonic File Hosting



2>> RapidShare : even though most hate RapidShare for their longer waiting periods and limited download options, the scenario has changed  now. They have reduced waiting time and higher availability.

You need to create an account before you can start hosting files on it.

Rapidshare has no file size limitations.

No parallel downloads and waiting times are the down side of this file hosting service.



3>> 4Shared : is a pretty good file sharing service with some very cool features. One worth mentioning feature of 4Shared is that music files uploaded can be streamed online.

You need to create an account before uploading files.

4Shared will let you have up to 10 GB of free space. The maximum file size allowed to upload is 2GB.

4shared - alternative to megaupload

4>> Oron : lets you upload files with a size of up to 400 MB directly without having an account.

The users who have registered for free plan can upload files with a size of up to 1 GB.

You get a storage space of 25GB on registering, which is pretty good.

The disadvantage of Oron is similar to Fileserve. No parallel downloads and also the download speeds are relatively lower when compared to Fileserve.

oron - megaupload alternative



Cloud Storage Services..

These are some of the cloud storage services that can be used to store both private and public data.

1>> Microsoft SkyDrive : is a free file storage service that gives users 25GB of free storage.

The maximum file size is up to 100MB.

With SkyDrive, you can easily share individual files via email or on social networks.



2>> Dropbox : Dropbox is one of the best developed online storage solutions, and is very user friendly as well as having tons of great features.

 Dropbox gives users 2GB of storage for free, and lets users share files with anyone via their public folder, or other Dropbox users through email invitation.


3>> Box
: Like Dropbox, Box is primarily a cloud storage service, as opposed to a straight file-sharing service.

Users get 5GB for free, and can share via a direct link to a file, or can invite users to view the contents of an entire folder by email.

Free users can only upload files 25MB or smaller.



4>> Minus : it is one of the easiest options available to share your files.

Minus lets users who sign up for an account to simply drag and drop any file.

The maximum file size is 2GB and the storage space given is up to 50GB.



5>> Amazon Cloud Drive : Like a no-frills version of Dropbox or Box, Amazon’s Cloud Drive gives 5GB of storage space for free.

Max file size is 2GB. The biggest downside is that no files sharing allowed (unless you give someone your Amazon password, of course).


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  1. I personally hated both megaupload, rapidshare AND most of all hotfile…I used to have alot of my stuff on RS, but then their service went down to crap…then switched to hotfile, who’s servers crashed & lost ALL my files…then megaupload which omg i can’t believe what happened.

    now I have all my files on:

    …decent sized allowance, and it gives my users direct-links…which they love….so far, it’s been better than sonic, MU and HF COMBINED!!!

  2. sletrock

    why don’t you have in this list? It’s free and its speeds are much faster than the sites you have listed?!

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