10 PC Cleaning Tips that Microsoft will Never Tell You

▶ Here are some of the coolest PC Cleaning Tips that will help you keep your PC clutter free .

▶ Does your Windows takes more time to startup? Even simple applications run slowly?

▶ Does your PC crash frequently or hang?

▶ Then, its time you fix your PC! Keeping your PC running at its peak is always an important task.

▶ Failing to keep your PC optimized is like sitting on a bomb which can explode anytime.

▶ Well, as a part of “Clean Your Computer Day”, lets take a look at 10 tips that will help you keep your PC up and running.



PC Cleaning Tips

“Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness”

Even your computer likes to look clean and good. A clean and clutter free computer will always perform better than its counterparts that are messy.

When I mean a clean computer, please don’t take the literal meaning! I meant clean from inside. A computer which has no unwanted stuff and is regularly optimized with a tuning software like System Mechanic, Advanced SystemCare, Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC or Tuneup Utilities.

Well, lets see some of the PC cleaning tips that will help you keep your PC running in its peak.



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10 PC Cleaning Tips You Should Always Follow

1. Delete unused, unwanted or duplicate files and folders.

This is the first and foremost thing you must do. Why keep things that are unnecessary and unwanted and make a mess on your computer? Always delete unwanted files, folders and other stuff which you feel are not necessary on your PC.

If you find it difficult to do the task manually, you can make use of a few PC Cleaner applications like System Mechanic and Advanced SystemCare to help you. They come with options to remove junk files and this can recover a lot of lost space on your hard disk. They even help you find duplicate files and also remove Internet junk.


2. Organize your files.

You would obviously not like that garbage dumped in front of your house right? Then why dump files into PC without properly organizing them?

Spending a few minutes while organizing the file can save you hours while searching for the same. A  logical way of saving files with proper file names by neatly organizing them in a folder makes a lot of sense.


3. Defragment your hard drive.

A hard disk has data stored haphazardly in various sectors on it. Defragmenting the hard drive brings all the data together making the data accessible faster.

This has a direct impact on the speed of your computer. A defragmented hard drive can be easily accessed by system making the programs run faster and more efficient.

While there is an in-built function in Windows to help you defragment hard drive called Disk Defragmenter, there are lots of other tools that you can try too.


4. Back up your files and other important stuff once in every 45 days.

Sometimes the data in your PC become more important than the PC itself. A critical business data or other important files could be worth much more than your computer.

Even though this has nothing in particular to do with the PC cleaning but it is a good habit to follow. So, regularly backing up your data will help you get back the lost files and programs easily.

You can either backup to a portable hard disk or use cloud storage services like skydrive, dropbox, mega or mediafire.

There are also services like CrashPlan, that can automatically backup data to various locations easily.


5. Uninstall Applications or programs that you no longer need or use.

Unwanted or unused applications/softwares occupy a lot of space on the hard disk. Some of these applications can be installed even without your knowledge. So, once in every 2 months, check your installed application on your system. Just go to control panel and then choose Uninstall a Program to easily find and remove unwanted programs.

This does free up a lot of space for sure. There are a few applications like Geek Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller that can help you remove softwares without any traces left in the registry. You can try them as well.


6. Clean your system Registry once in a week without a miss.

Many of you would not know what a registry means? A registry is the central of a computer which contains essential hardware and software instructions that are accessed continuously while the PC is running.

There is still a lot of confusion in the industry regarding the use of Registry Cleaners and its impact on the computer, but trust me, I have been using it on all my PC’s for years and never had a single system crash since then.

Using a Registry Cleaner will remove invalid or out-of-date registry settings from your system and thus keep your PC up and running always.

To name a few very good registry cleaning softwares – Uniblue Registry Booster, System Mechanic, Advanced SystemCare, CCleaner etc.


7. Do a disk clean up once every month

 Disk Cleaner is a built-in function in your Windows which will check your disk partitions for bad sectors and unwanted files and clean them up.

This way it keeps your hard-disk healthy and running without much fuss. Using this feature every month will avoid your hard-disk from crashing.


8. Further improve your computer’s startup time by removing unnecessary startup items.

Many programs launch themselves when you start your computer without your knowledge. This makes your start-up late and frustrating. In some computers this can go even over 8-10 minutes.

You can stop such programs from loading by just typing msconfig in the program search(Windows 8, 7 and Vista) or click on Run and then type msconfig (Windows XP). A new window called System Configuration opens where you will have to visit the startup tab and then untick the programs which you don’t want to load at the start-up.

Some of the applications like System Mechanic and Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC do have this feature built into them. You can directly control the start-up programs using these softwares.


9. Remove unnecessary shortcuts and files on your desktop.

Desktop is the face of your computer. Many recent studies have pointed out that keeping the desktop organized and clean with minimal shortcuts, files or icons increases productivity.

So, remove all those unwanted shortcut icons that you have on the desktop and make it look beautiful and clutter free.


10. Last but not least, for a complete PC clean up, don’t forget your PC’s outside.

Yeah, this one is simple and a bit of physical exercise to all you computer geeks who never even move your body once you sit on that royal computer chair of yours.

Clean the screen, dust the keyboard, clean the mouse and clean the table too. After all, your computer deserves some pampering too.


Last Thoughts

Cleanliness is a very important aspect of every one’s life. Don’t you remember your kindergarten teacher telling you how important it was to be clean and keep your surroundings clean?

Same way keeping your PC clean has become very important in a completely computerized world today.

Hope these simple PC Cleaning Tips help you in this. Let me know if you have more tips to be shared with our readers from the comments below.


29 Comments to 10 PC Cleaning Tips that Microsoft will Never Tell You

  1. Thanks, Nikhil, for another set of tips. I have been having this issue of slowing down and “not responding” of late. No amount of CCleaner, SpeedUpMyPc or Defragmentation has helped. Simply at a loss. And I don’t have any files in my D and E-Drives here, all in my external drive. Still this is happening. Will try all the tips you have given and hope it helps me.

  2. Thanks a lot . i am already same tips .
    i want to tell some more tips about PC
    1) Add more RAM memory modules in motherboard with correct type like DDR2 or DDR3 in all the slots
    2) Distribute maximum RAM modules equally in all the slots without compramise
    3) Update the latest BIOS firmware to motherboard , downlaod from board manufacturer website
    4)Install latest chipset driver and restart
    5)Install latest graphics or vga driver , audio driver , lan driver
    6)Allow separate hard disk for operating system fully
    7)Use another harddisk for Data storage
    8)Apply thermal paste between processor top and heatsin)
    9)Remove dirts and debris from motherboard , by blowing air
    10)Before installing any games or softwares , please see the system requirements to run the softwares , details can be obtained in manufacturer website
    11) Add more RAM module to printer ,In HP printers , there is a options to upgarde RAM
    12) Use 64 bit operating system for more efficiency to use much RAM memory and give performance

  3. I have shared it on fb g+ and twtr…and more……pls count on me..for this awesome software…..Nikhil bro hope u wll not make me sad at this time…..thank u


    excellant article as always by the great Mr.Nikhil Chakravarthi(CEO technojourney) but hope that you will also give some tips & information about important aspects like networking & network security & firewall & router & modem security & latest viruses & worms & botnets & trojans & rootkits

  5. Thanx for this, these are very useful tips, although we know few of these , still we feel lazy to follow. Anyway, thank you once again.

  6. You left out one important item:
    11. Find out where all your disk space went

    Directory Report looks just like the MS-Explorer but always shows the folder size. This makes it easy to drill down to problem directories. This will allow you to find data files left over even if you uninstall programs.

    Plus Directory Report can do: 1. Delete unused, unwanted or duplicate files and folders

  7. Hey Nikhil… I have one question yr. what different is between 64 bit and 32 bit. how it is doing work? please explain bro.

    • Hay Saif.
      Nice question. In a 64 bit OS, the processor can take upto 64 bits to process at a given time. Where as in a 32 bit processor, the processor takes just 32 bits to process. In simple terms, a 64 bit processor does twice the job of a 32 bit processor..

  8. Hai saif ,

    1) windows 7 32 bit operating system cam take maximum RAM 4GB memory
    2) But 64 bit operating system can handle upto 192 GB RAM memory
    3)64 bit more responsible for running several applications at a time
    4)Processor must support 64 instructions set , see technical specifications and the mothreboard also should support ruuning 64 bit os
    5)I recommend you ,go for 64bit os only
    6) Dont worry , 32 bit appliactios can run on 64 bit os,via WOW6432node

  9. bhanu pratap

    Nikhil Chakravarthi
    thanks for this valuable post by this post now i can fully optimize my pc

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