How to get the Contact Details of Unknown Phone Numbers?

▶ Bugged of unknown callers? Want to easily get the contact details of unknown phone numbers? It’s easy now!

▶ Unlike other services, this one actually works!

▶ Meet Truecaller, a trusted and reliable global phone directory that can tell you the contact details of unknown phone numbers in a few clicks.

▶ Truecaller also has apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone and Symbian.

▶ This app is just awesome and is a must have on your Smartphone.

▶ This is a must read article for every one. Spend a few minutes and you will know where the technology has headed.


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Irritating Unknow Phone Numbers

“Tring Tring, Tring Tring” (OK, whatever ringtone you have) it’s 2am and your phone suddenly starts ringing. You pick up the call but no one talks. After 5 minutes, the phone rings again, you pick the call, but no one talks. This would happen a few more times and you will start going nuts about it.

You want to know the person disturbing  your sleep. You will start fuming with anger and feel like hitting the person who is doing this. But sadly, you don’t know who he/she is or where the person is located?

All you will do is just bear their torture and curse them whenever they ring you. May be, if the situation goes out of hand, few of you will even lodge a formal Police complaint against the person.


But, guess what! That will not be the case anymore. You might have read about several such articles before that promised you to reveal contact details of unknown phone numbers and not worked. But this one actually works and it’s FREE!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Truecaller, a trusted and reliable global phone directory that can tell you the contact details of unknown phone numbers in a few clicks.

Truecaller is not just an online service, but you also have apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry and Symbian.

It is a global service and anyone from different parts of the world like India, US, UK, Australia, Canada or any country for that matter can make use of this service to find out the contact details of unknown phone numbers.


I know a lot of stuff must have started going through your mind like –

  • How will this even work?
  • Does it have my personal number?
  • Is this some kind of magic?

Well, you will have to read the complete article to understand all that!

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How Truecaller works?

Now, most of you would be thinking – “No ways, Truecaller cannot have my phone number at any cost”. Guess what! Even I thought the same way you did. How can someone have my complete details along with my phone number? But Truecaller proved me wrong. This is what I saw, and couldn’t believe my eyes.

get the contact details of unknown phone numbers


The video below will tell you more about how Truecaller works.

Hope you were able to understand how this thing works from the above video and need no more explanation on that.



How to get the Contact Details of Unknown Phone Numbers?

Now without wasting some more time of yours, let me quickly tell you how to use Truecaller online and on your phone.



1. Visit the Trucaller web page here.

2. Enter the phone number of which you want to find the contact details.

3. It will ask you to sign in using Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo. Sign in using any of this service. But I recommend using Facebook. If you watched the video above, you will know why Facebook.

4. Now, you will need to enter the Phone number again and click on the blue search icon.

5. Voila! You can’t believe your eyes right! You will have the complete details of the person with name, phone number, service provider, state and country

But sometimes, it is possible that Turecaller will not show you anything if it doesn’t have the number in its database. Again, this is rare!



1. The first thing you need to do is to install the app on your Smartphone.

2. Here are the download links:

3. Once you have installed the app, you will have to confirm your region.

4. Next, you can get the contact details of unknown phone number from the main screen.


The app runs in the background and kicks in every time you get a call.

It displays the name and related information whenever you get a call that may be from a know number or an unknown one.

After you’re done with the call, you can even save the number to your contacts on the phone.


Close your eyes, you don’t want to be reading thisTruecaller tries to locate the caller’s location making use of the Google Maps. Oops!! You know the consequences!

The can also sync all the numbers in your contacts with missing information like pictures, address and other details.

The “Call Filter” tab lets you blacklist unwanted numbers, this way you will be warned by Truecaller every time you get a call from the blacklisted number.



Many Uses of Truecaller

1. No more stalkers.

2. When you get a missed call from some unknown number, you can first check the name of the caller using the app and then call them back only if necessary.

3. Just by using the name, you can find the phone number and other details of a person, but this is a paid service and you will need to buy Truecaller credits. You can find pricing details here.

4. You can know if a person is lying to you about their location.

5. Keep the Telemarketers and other bothering people away.

And a lot more uses which I don’t want to list.


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Last Thoughts

Truecaller works seamlessly every single time. While it doesn’t always recognize landline numbers, it gets almost every mobile number right, every single time.

There are more than 11 million users on Truecaller today and the top five users are based in India, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

While reading this article, I am sure one thing would have continuously run at the backdrop of your mind – Privacy. If you are more concerned about your privacy and don’t want Truecaller to list your phone number, you can unlist it here:

I hope you were able to find contact details of unknown phone numbers that were bothering you all these days.

I am sure you will have lots to say about Truecaller. Let me know them from the comments below.


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  1. thanks nikhil,

    i saw this app in my android phone play store but that time i couldn’t get the use off this application.Now after reading ur article, i have immediately download it. Thanks to you

  2. There is one thing you have to credit Nikhil with. This man IS crazy…. considering the things he keeps sharing with us here!!!!!! Thanks, Nikhil, for one more piece of information….. just love it! WOW!!!!!

  3. Hmm, I read the whole article, saw the whole video, but I still don’t understand how does it get the unknown number when I get an unknown number call. Is it like if that number is submitted to the truecaller database and I have truecaller open in the background I will be able to see the number?

    • yes, that is how it should work Arben. Or you can just swipe to your right on the main screen of the app and then click on the unknown number to get the details.

      but always know that you should have an active Internet connection, it also depends on the speed of the connection.

  4. Page doesn’t open after selecting Facebook tab.. Its shows “HEZ” word left side corner of the screen………

  5. Good morning dear Nikhil bro!!.I tried many numbers shows no matches found indicates only name shows mentioned as above.Is it possible to know the name of the number holder?

  6. bhanu pratap

    This trick works great .this is the best app for girls to know about that who call them . but what we boys do about this hack release .

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