Find out If Your Email Accounts have been Secretly Compromised in Latest Hacker Attacks

▶ More than 154 million users accounts of Yahoo, Adobe, Sony, Vodafone and many other prominent companies were compromised recently.

▶ If you had an account with any of these sites, you may probably want to check out if your email id was one among those that were compromised.

▶ Hackers normally use such accounts and their details for many unlawful purposes.

▶ To find out if your email id was secretly compromised, continue reading..

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Do you watch YouTube videos?

Well, then you must be having Adobe Flash installed on your PC/tablet/Smartphone or whatever device you use to watch videos.

No, nothing wrong with that! You can watch as many videos as you want. But, did you know that more than 150 million Adobe accounts were hacked recently in the month of October. And, if you had an account with Adobe which you used to download Flash, then, your email address could be among those that were pwned during the recent hacker breach.

Pwned – in hacker terminology means owning i.e. your information such as name, username, email address, passwords, credit card and other details are now owned by hackers and they can use these details for any unlawful purposes.

Not just Adobe, millions of email accounts from Yahoo, Sony, Vodafone and others were hacked recently. Even as companies scramble to increase their security protocols, they still continued to be hacked.


The Real Problem..

Some of you might not care if your Adobe or Sony account got hacked unless and until you had some credit card or bank-related information with them. I know, you would simply go ahead and reset your password and forget it.

But, the real problem is that most users use the same email and password combination across different accounts for different websites. If you followed the same, then a hacker getting access to your Adobe or Sony account could also get access to your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and many other key accounts. Then, the consequences could be really devastating!

Not just this, most would be not even aware that their information was compromised.


Have I Been Pwned? is a website which has all the databases of recent hacked accounts. Using this website, you can find out if your email account was among those that were pwned.

Just visit the website here and enter your email address, and click on “pwned?” as seen in the picture below.


If your email address is safe and the details have not been leaked, it says – “Good news – no pwnage found.


In case if your email id has been compromised, you’ll get a warning in red. It indicates which account’s email id was pwned, say it was of Adobe, Sony, Yahoo or other.



What if my Email ID is Compromised?

The very first thing to do is to check if you have used the same email id on other accounts too?

Next, change the password and other information immediately.

As a best practice, please use a different email and password combination for different websites. Also, it is always better to create and use a new email id for all non-important accounts on the web.

If you feel it’s difficult to remember and keep up with different emails and their passwords, you can use online password managers like LastPass, KeePass etc.


Last Thoughts

Such hacking incidents will not end in the near future. As the online security increases, so will the skill sets of hackers.

So, next time you hear of any such hacking incidents, make a point to visit and check if your email and other related details have been compromised.

I would suggest you bookmark the website today!


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