Vodafone 3G FAQs and other likely questions answered

With the launch of Vodafone 3G, I know a lot would be running through your minds. Well, in this post, I have made an attempt to answer all such familiar questions or queries that will help you.

Lets start this with knowing what exactly is 3G.
3G is the next generation communication technology that gives you the power of higher speeds to enjoy multimedia services , internet access, social networks, stream videos, live TV, video calls and more.


1> Do I need to buy a separate SIM card to use 3G services ?
No, your existing SIM card will work absolutely fine. All you need to have is a 3G compatible phone that is connected to Vodafone 3G network.

2> Is 3G either for Prepaid or Postpaid ?
Vodafone 3G is for both Prepaid and Postpaid users.

3> Where can I register complaints on 3G or ask service related queries?
You will have to call up the existing customer care only. No dedicated helpline is currently available.

4> Do I need to have a separate mobile phone/handset to use 3G services?
You need not have a separate handset only if your current handset supports 3G ( HSPA is preferred ). Else, you will have to buy the one that supports Vodafone 3G.

5> Is my cell phone 3G compatible ?
Just check it here with 2 simple steps. ( for both airtel and Vodafone)

6> If I need a new 3G phone then do I need to buy it only from Vodafone or any open market handset will also work fine ?
No, not necessarily from Vodafone only, any 3G enabled handset (with 3G HSPA or HSPA+ for higher speeds) from anywhere will do.

7> How to configure 3G on my phone ?
The configuring is simple and generally communicated by a message and an associated call from Vodafone.

8> Do I need a specific type of handset for making video calls or can I use my existing 3G compatible device ?
In order to make a video call, it is very necessary that your handset should have a camera on the front side of the phone facing you & phone screen, these phones normally have dual cameras & are popularly known by dual camera phones, if your handset already has a front top camera then you don’t need a new / separate phone & can make video calls.

9> Any idea on data usage when I make a video call ?
Video call does not use data channels on Vodafone 3G network but accesses voice channels therefore you will not be consuming any data usage but get billed according to the number of minutes spoken multiplied by the rate per minute.

10> How much does a Video call charge ?
The charges will be on a per minute basis and will be communicated to you by Vodafone once you activate 3G on your phone.

11> Can I make a video call while using other operator network while roaming?
Yes, definitely!

12> How much will I be charged to make a video call while roaming ?
Charges will be based on roaming.

13> Is it necessary for both caller and receiver to have a 3G phone & service to be to make & receive video calls ?
Yes !

14> Can I make a video call to other operator customer having 3G phone & is also connected on Vodafone 3G network ?

15> I am unable to make a video call despite of having the required handset & Vodafone 3G network is connected, what will I do ?

  • check if the person you are trying to call also has a video compatible 3G phone & even he is connected to the Vodafone 3G network
  • if the problem persists, call up the customer care for more help.

16> Can I connect my handset to my PC or laptop to use 3G services & access internet as a fast speed ? (tethering)
Yes. The charges will be applicable as per the tariff plan you activate.

17> What is a 3G data card / USB dongles ?
3G Data cards / USB dongles are meant for accessing internet and emails at anytime and from anywhere.It provides Simple and instant internet access at mega fast speeds up to 21.1 Mbps. 3 Thus your Lap top become truly mobile.

18> What are the uses of 3G ?

  • Multimedia streaming & download
  • High speed mobile broadband
  • Video calling
  • Live TV
  • Download of large email attachments very fast
  • Video call conference

19> Does 3G improve my voice quality automatically ?
No, the voice quality is the same as earlier.

20> How will Vodafone provide 3G services in circles where it does not have 3G spectrum ?
Vodafone has also kept the options open to work mutually with other providers with 3G-license.

21> What happens when I move from 3G to 2G network ?
When a user moves from 3G to 2G network then all the service supported on Vodafone 3G network like, video call, high speed internet access, etc will not be available, the user will get basic service like what he gets now.

Well these are the some of the FAQs that I have tried to answer. Feel free to ask your doubts below in the comment box. I will make a sincere attempt to answer them ASAP.


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  1. can i use my BSNL 3g Data card to access Vodafone network or can i use my 3g BSNL Data card by Vodafone network instead of using BSNL Plan

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