Watch Youtube videos like a TV right from your desktop with Minitube

What is Minitube ?

Minitube is a free, lightweight, and easy to handle desktop application that can give users TV-like experience when watching video from YouTube.

How it works ?

Just type what you want to watch and you will be provided with an endless video stream that automatically queues up YouTube’s most relevant videos for you and play non-stop, until you tell the program to stop.

Whats more with this application?

  • The program does not need users to install Flash Player to watch any YouTube movies.
  • It supports High Definition videos up to 1080p. With this video quality, users can just go on full screen and watch their favorite videos.
  • Users can Download their favorite video clips to their computer with just a click. The videos will be saved in MPEG4 format.
  • You can copy the YouTube link , if you want to share a given video with a friend.

What’s not in this ?

Currently Minitube works only on Mac and Linux flavors. The application for windows is still underway.

How to install this application?

Installing Minitube is relatively simple. Just head over to Minitube’s homepage and find the download for your platform.

Mac users:
this program actually works on PowerPC Macs. There is also a demo version available.

Linux users:
There are Linux installation instructions provided in the website itself. Here you’ll find a PPA for Ubuntu users and various other packages, as well as instructions that should work for most flavors.

If you feel that you will mess up with this, then know that there’s a portable package for every Linux distro at PortableLinuxApps.


Now type any word, then sit back and watch a series of videos from YouTube, the perfect way to relax after a long day work.


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