This Internet Booster Software Will Speed Up Your Internet by Rightly Optmizing It

Internet – is something which has become difficult to define these days, thanks to such wide use of it.

Internet has become an integral part of most of our lives. We can’t imagine life without it.


Speed – who doesn’t love it? With such a hectic life, no body has patience to wait and wants to get done things quickly.

Imagine a buffering video right before an interesting sequence while watching a movie, and you will end up yelling “Oh God! Not again”.

Faster Internet is what we all like to have. But tweaking an Internet connection to make it faster can be quite the troublesome experience.


Many users find it hard to understand the necessary settings to optimize their Internet connection speed.

This is particularly true for beginners and people with little knowledge of networking concepts.


Well, now no one needs to scratch their head too much as we have an awesome tool to optimize our Internet speed in accordance to our computer configuration  and connection we have. It’s called Auslogics Internet Optimizer , and it does all these at absolutely no cost.


Auslogics Internet Optimizer

Is a comprehensive Internet connection optimization tool that tweaks several system and application specific settings to improve the speed and reliability of the Internet connection.


While you normally cannot get more speed than you have subscribed to your ISP, why not get the most out of the current connection you have.

Auslogics Internet Optimizer has two modes of optimization they are: Auto Optimization and the Manual Optimization mode.


While manual optimization mode has been designed for advanced users for manually tweaking their Internet connection, the auto optimization feature is meant for beginners.


Optimize in just few clicks..

1. Download the Auslogics Internet Optimizer setup file.


2. Just launch the program, choose your Internet connection speed you have.

Internet Booster - Speed Up Internet


3. Click on “Analyze” button . This will start an analysis of your connection to identify areas which can be improved for enhancing the Internet speed.

Internet Booster - Speed Up Internet


4. Once the analysis is done, Auslogics Internet Optimizer will display a list of settings that can be optimized. You can select some or all of the available options and click Optimize.

Internet Booster - Speed Up Internet


5.  Now your Internet connection is optimized for the best performance. Click on “Reboot Now” for all the changes to be applied.

Internet Booster - Speed Up Internet

You can also click the “View detailed report” option to see the changes that have been applied to your system.

The log file will be displayed in your default Internet browser. This is good to keep track of how things changed in case something stops working.


Manual Optimization

If you prefer Manual Optimization,  Auslogics Internet Optimizer will display every settings and allows you to configure it yourself.

The settings are well designed with most important ones at the top, followed by detailed global and application specific parameter listings.

There’s plenty on offer here . Windows-specific tweaks, the full range of TCP/IP, WinSock and DNS settings, and even some useful browser-specific tweaks for IE, Firefox and Opera.

No Chrome support yet, but that’s still an impressive 88 configuration options.

Internet Booster - Speed Up Internet

Most parameters are listed with descriptions that aid the user in the configuration.

Inexperienced users will however have difficulties picking the optimal value for their Internet connection in this mode.


Last Thoughts

The program appeared to improve my laptop’s speed by around 12%. I tested it on 12% is a small but welcome gain.

Auslogics Internet Optimizer backs up your original settings before it makes any tweaks, so if you don’t like the changes that are made by this software then you can easily get back your default settings


Just click on File >> Rescue Centre and restore the last backup.

Internet Booster - Speed Up Internet

However it is better to create a restore point before using this tool.

Auslogics Internet Optimizer is a wonderful tool to have on your computer. It is very helpful to beginners and other novice users who are new to computers and Internet.

A must try tool I would say.

A similar tool like this is TCP Optimizer. You can even try that.




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  1. This is just amazing! My average speed went from 0.75MB/sto 1.29MB/s! Yaaayyyyyyyyy! Thanks a lot! 🙂


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  3. thanks. this really is an internet booster. it speed up my internet connection. now my internet is very fast

  4. akato chishi

    hey, bro my internet download manager trial period is going to expire soon. would you provide me license key

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  6. Dear NickhilChakraborthy,
    My pranams to u . I stumbled upon your site when i was trying to find out my net surf usage limit and speed etc., .Your site is wonderful for people like me who are not tech savy .

    Please clarify if it’s safe to use these softwares and many more which i might request from you soon . ?? pl do not mistake me .

    Let me know which among the two Net Booster you mentioned is the Best for Windows xp for my pc .and hope it does not do any damage to my comp settings existings.

    Pl mention free websites for downloading movies – indian language and english . and – free games for pc and mobile . for my personal usage only .am sure i will be surfing your site quite often !!

    God Bless you for your Free Help to All of us .

    Thank you And Regards,

    • Ravi, this software is safe to use.
      Thank you for all your wishes, I am glad you liked our website.

      There are various websites for watching movies online. & provide genuine movies to watch. There are other websites which offer latest hindi movies like and english movies – which I don’t recommend as they promote piracy.

  7. Dear nikhil,
    Thank you for your reply .
    You did not mention which among the two is the best to speed up internet and optimising it for better performance .

    Please guide me -1 ) how to seperate only audio content from some of the songs i hear in youtube videos , especially Some Devotional songs and transfer it to a CD and my Mobile for personal listening .

    2) How to increase the sound volume in some of the songs downloaded ?

    what kind of queries you can / wish to guide us .? Everything that I might be asking you in future for guidance is purely for Personal use only and no business motive in it .


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