Completely Backup Your Hard Disk and Partitions with AOMEI Backuper

In a nutshell

▶ Sometimes, the PCs crash without any intimation. So, it is your duty to completely backup your Hard Disk and Partitions to face situations like crash and data loss.

▶ AOMEI Backuper will help you backup your hard disk and partitions without much fuss. It is a simple and easy to use Windows tool that can be used by any level of user. What makes it more interesting is that, it’s FREE.

▶ It can do various functions like system backup, disk backup, partition backup, system restore, disk/partition restore, disk partition clone and more.

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▶ So, next time your PC crashes, you know what to do!

▶ AOMEI Backuper is completely compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.

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Completely Backup Your Hard Disk and Partitions

I keep saying this always – “Data is just damn important”. You can repair a crashed computer, but you cannot get back the lost data. It may be crucial financial data, photos of loved ones, music or some important softwares and games.


Well, no one can guarantee that your data can be 100% safe. Not, unless and until you are using a PC tuneup software like SpeedUpMyPC 2013, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate or System Mechanic. Even after having these softwares, you may still end-up having a crashed laptop and losing all the data you had.


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Well, then what could be the possible solution?

As our elders always say – “Prevention is better than cure”, it’s always a great idea to backup all the important data to the cloud or to an external hardisk rather than being gloomy after losing all the data.

But again, doing all this manually every day is a tedious job. With hardly any time left in our day-to-day life, we always see if a task can be automated or done in a few clicks.

And yes, there is a tool that can help you to completely backup and in a few clicks. A simple tool called AOMEI Backuper can help you with this.

Lets see what all this simple tool can do to help you completely backup your Hard Disk and Partitions.



AOMEI Backuper – Completely BackUp Your Hard Disk and Partitions

Is a professional free backup and restore software solution for Windows PC that can be easily used by most of the common users without any hassles. It does various tasks like system backup, disk backup, partition backup, system restore, disk/partition restore, disk partition clone and more.

It has a very friendly user interface and you will not find any difficulty in using this tool.

Once the software is installed and ready to use, you will see the main window has 5 different tabs namely Home, Backup, Restore, Clone and Utilities all sensibly organized.

Completely Backup Your Hard Disk and Partitions



Now, let’s take a dip further and check the application in detail.


The Backup section handles all the backup functions and has 3 more options:

  • Disk Backup: This backups your hard disk, external hard disk, USB disk, and even other storage devices.
  • Partition Backup: It helps you backup a partition. (for e.g C drive, D drive, E drive etc.) You can even backup multiple partitions or volumes to an image file.
  • System Backup: This is a 1-click backup of system drive, including system files and installed softwares. The magic of this feature is that, it doesn’t even interrupt your running PC.



When your system faces a problem and you want to restore data, you can make use of this Restore option. With this feature, you can easily restore your computer to a previous state when your PC was fine and working.

The Restore function has 3 options namely:

  • System Recovery: This helps you restore system partition and thus make your PC boot without problems.
  • Disk and Partition Recovery: It helps you recover the whole hard disk drive or any specified  partitions/volumes.
  • Selective file restores: This feature helps you selectively restore individual files or folders from a backup image.



There would be situations where you would want to replace your hard drive or even upgrade it. The Clone feature comes in handy during such situations.

It further has 2 options:

  • Disk Clone: This helps you copy one hard drive to another. It allows you to resize partitions while cloning. It even works with SSDs.
  • Partition/Volume Clone: It helps you easily create an exact duplicate of partition/volume and move it to a new partition/volume.


Utilities – more features:

  • AOMEI Bacuper can create incremental or differential backups. This makes you completely backup your Hard Disk and Partitions in less time and obviously less storage space.
  • You can set a password for each of the backup you create to prevent unauthorized access. This encryption feature is definitely a great security feature.
  • You can compress an image file using an industry leading compression algorithm of your choice in order to make the file take up less disk space.
  • You can check the data integrity of image file to ensure the backups can be restored successfully.
  • You can split backups into proper sizes so as to fit the storage media.
  • You can create a bootable rescue media (e.g. CD, DVD or USB) to restore the system drive when the Windows is not booting.


The AOMEI Backuper does have a few notable weaknesses though. For example, you can’t create and save backup jobs to carry out particular tasks you intend to do. You can’t schedule a specific backup to run it unattended, you must initiate a backup manually every time. However, you should not hesitate to completely backup your hard disk and partitions keeping in mind the consequences you will face after you have lost all the data.


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OS Compatibility: AOMEI Backuper is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 (32 and 64 bit).

System Requirements:

  • 1 GHz or higher processor.
  • 512MB RAM or higher.
  • Minimum 300 MB free hard disk space.

Storage Devices:

Supports all storage devices recognized by Windows, such as IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSD, USB external disks, Hardware RAID and so on. Moreover, supports MBR and GPT style, and fully support capacities greater than 2TB.



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Final Thoughts – Completely Backup Your Hard Disk and Partitions

From the technology’s view, AOMEI Backupper provides all the basic tech of partition backup and restore, like any other Windows backup tool.

This software managed to create and restore images of my test machine without any trouble. I must say that it’s definitely an effective tool. If you can live without a scheduler then AOMEI Backuper could be very helpful.


If you have any queries, feedback or comments, then, you are always welcome to share them with me in the comments section below.

Hope you make use of this software and completely backup your hard disk and partitions easily.


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  1. Thanks, Nikhil, for one more suggestion. I have a question, before I start working with this software.

    Where precisely does this backup happen? Is it a cloud storage? I try and backup all my files, frequently onto a external hard disk, but then that too is unsafe. Cloud storage systems are good, can be accessed from anywhere, but then the when backing up, you may have ,ossified a file and don’t remember which when backing up, so cannot copy/paste and save, like for an external drive.

    How will this work?

    Sharing it on FB/Twitter.

    Your suggestions, please.

  2. Hello Mr. Nikhil,

    Can we take a backup of a system using this software and restore in another system.

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