9 Best Online Virus Scanners To Check Your Computer For Infections

▶ Sometimes you would require to have a second opinion about your PC’s security status and a Online Virus Scanner can help you in that.

▶ Free Online Virus Scanners have been around for a while. They require no special settings and occupy very less space on your hard disk which makes them more desirable and easy-to-use.

▶ This article has a list of 9 Online Virus Scanners ranked in descending order.

▶ Pick the one you like and scan your desktop/laptop today to find if you have some malware or virus hidden in your system.



Most of you would have had some sort of experience with virus or malware on your computer. If you have not had, then lucky you. But you can never be too safe on the Internet, especially if you don’t have an antivirus or Internet security suite installed on your computer.


Free Online Virus Scanners have been around for a while, and whilst they are no match for antivirus or Internet Security suites they certainly have their uses.

Sometimes when you quickly want to check your PC for unnatural behaviour or as a routine check, Online Virus Scanners will come in handy.


One of the primary reasons why Online Virus Scanners are preferred these days is due to the reason that they are very simple to use and hardly take any disk space of your PC.



Best Online Virus Scanners

Below you will find 9 websites to scan your computer for any trails of viruses, Trojans or other worms.

Some of these sites will ask you to download and install a small piece of file and run the scan while some offer direct scanning with a click of button.

Let the scanning begin!



9. Quick Heal Online Scanquick heal free online virus scanner tool download

At number 9 is the Quick Heal Online Scan.

With a very good antivirus engine and everyday updates to its virus database Quick Heal Online Scan has exceptional detection rates.

Adding up along with this is its heuristic analysis feature which further helps in detecting unknown viruses too.

But the greatest draw back of this scanner is that it is browser specific. It works only on IE 6.0 and higher versions and not on Firefox, Chrome, Opera or other browsers.

I know it sounds ridiculous but that is how it works, it makes use of the  Microsoft ActiveX technology.

When you click on the big green “Scan Now” button, you will be asked to install an add-on, you will need to further Install ActiveX Control and download a small file and launch it.

Quick Heal Online Scan Link



8. Trend Micro House CallBest Online Virus Scanners

At number 8 is House Call form Trend Micro.

House Call  is Trend Micro’s most popular and reliable on-demand antivirus software scanner.

It can quickly identify and fix a wide range of threats including viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware.

House Call is completely browser independent, which means you can access it from any web browser.

What makes it more flexible is the Full scan and custom scan options, in addition to Quick Scan.

While custom scan allow users to specify which folders to scan, Quick scan option offers targeted scanning of critical system areas and active threats.

House Call also addresses rootkits and other sophisticated threats.

All you need to do is click on the “Download HouseCall” (32 & 64 bit) to download a small file called HousecallLauncher.exe. Just double-click on it to quickly start scanning your PC.

Trend Micro House Call Link



7. F-Secure Online Scannerf-secure free online virus scanner download

This stands 7th in our quest of Best Online Virus Scanners.

The F-Secure Online Scanner uses the Java platform to check your PC for various worms and malware present in it.

This scanner can run on any browser provided you have Java installed and JavaScript enabled in it.

Once you visit their website, you will have to click on the big green “Online Scanner” button, then scroll down, accept the license terms by checking the box and then click “Run Check“.

You will need to authorize the Java applet to run before the scanner will launch in a separate window.

You can then choose between Quick Scan, Full Scan and a customized My Scan.

Once you’ve chosen the scanner, it will take some time to update the virus definitions and next your PC will be checked.

F-Secure Online Scanner Link



6. Panda ActiveScanBest Online Virus Scanners

At number 6 is the Panda ActiveScan.

It is like a having a second opinion to scan your PC via Panda ActiveScan.

Panda is a trusted security software maker in the market.

The Panda ActiveScan can detect all types of malware, vulnerabilities and unknown threats. It is easy-to-use and always up-to-date against the latest threats.

Unfortunately, ActiveScan will only work with Internet Explorer or Firefox, although Panda recommends you install the IE Tab Classic extension for compatibility if you’re running Chrome.

Use the Quick Scan feature if you want to quickly scan critical aspects of your computer else you can choose the Full Scan.

Once you chose the Scan, you will be prompted to download either an extension if you’re running Firefox or an ActiveX control if you are running Internet Explorer.

The scanner will update its definitions and then run the scan of your choice.

Panda ActiveScan Link



5. Symantec Security Checknorton free online virus scanner download

Symantec Security Check stands 5th in our quest of Best Online Virus Scanner.

Symantec is one of the world’s largest seller of security applications.

Symantec Security Check tests your computer’s exposure to a wide range of online threats.

It’s an effective tool to detect wide range of worms and viruses.

It has 2 options namely Security Scan and Virus Scan. The Security Scan can be used to detect whether your computer is safe from online threats while Virus Scan can be used to check whether your computer is free of viruses.

To start running any of these scan you will need to click on the “START” button.

The biggest drawback of Symantec Security Check is that it is only compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape and Safari.

Symantec Security Check Link



4. Mcafee Security Scan PlusBest Online Virus Scanners

At number 4 is Mcafee Security Scan Plus.

This tool is very differenet from the others you read above.

Mcafee Security Scan Plus checks whether your computer has up-to-date antivirus, firewall and web security software so you always know if your computer is safe.

It scans for threats such as malware, Trojans, and unwanted programs actively running on your computer. It even scans your browser history for suspicious activity.

It scans your computer in under two minutes, never slowing down your work or play.

In addition, you can customise how often you want your computer scanned. When a scan is complete, you’ll see the status of your security protection.

If problems are detected, McAfee will provide security solution recommendations.

Mcafee Security Scan Plus Link



3. ESET Online Virus Scannereset free online virus scanner download

This stands 3rd in our quest of Best Online Virus Scanners.

ESET is one of the biggest security brands. Their products run on most of the computers around the world.

ESET Online Virus Scanner is a fine on-demand tool to check your computer against viruses, worms and spyware.

All you need to do is just visit their website and click on “Run ESET Online Scanner” button to start scanning.

The scanner is specially optimized for Internet Explorer while Chrome and Firefox users will need to download and run a small utility file before starting the scan.

The scanner downloads the virus database and scans your PC in just few minutes.

ESET Online Virus Scanner Link



2. Bitdefender QuickScanBest Online Virus Scanners

Bitdfender QuickScan stands at number 2 in our quest of the Best Online Virus Scanners.

It uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to detect active malware on your system, in under a minute.

Since QuickScan focuses on active e-threats, the product uses just a fraction of the system resources needed by a regular virus scan and requires no time-consuming virus signature updates, as the detection process is performed by remote Bitdefender servers.

This free scanner will work in all major browsers, and requires a quick addon to be installed before you can scan.

Simply visit the site, click Scan Now, agree to the installation and accept the EULA.

Your PC will then be scanned in a very quick time to let you know whether or not you have got any viruses, Trojans or other malware hiding in your PC’s memory.

Bitdefender QuickScan Link



1. Kapersky Security ScanBest Online Virus Scanners kaspersky free download 2013

At number 1 is one of my most loved tool – Kaspersky Security Scan.

Kaspersky Security Scan is a great tool for scanning your PC in order to detect an active infection, software vulnerabilities and other non-malware security problems.

If virus, malware, spyware or any other threats are present on your hard drive, Kaspersky Security Scan will easily find it.

It makes use of the cloud technology to provide information in real-time.

It again has 2 types of scans namely Full Scan and Quick Scan. A Full Scan checks the whole PC, including removable devices and the entire hard drive. A Quick Scan checks only critical areas that can be more vulnerable – such as system memory.

By default, Kaspersky Security Scan will perform three regular scans per week.

All you have to do is download a simple file of few bytes to your PC and launch it.

Once the scan is complete, it provides advice on how to remedy any security problems that have been identified by Kaspersky Security Scan.

Kaspersky Security Scan Link



Last Thoughts

Online Virus scanners are a great way to search your computer to find out if it is infected with viruses, worms or Trojan.

They require no special settings and occupy very less space on your hard disk. This makes them more desirable and easy-to-use.


But you should remember that Online Virus Scanners are still no match to having a dedicated antivirus installed on your PC.

There’s plenty of completely free antivirus solutions out there which do a very good job.

Checkout : FREE Best Antivirus Software Download for Windows


Let me tell you my secret to security on Internet – Common Sense. Use it more to be attacked less.

Checkout : Seven Quick Online Security Tips


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